3 best ways how to quickly improve potency

3 best method of how to quickly improve potency

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  • define the terms
  • Factors that adversely affect
  • Ways to enhance potency
  • Medical correction of erectile dysfunction
  • Essential medicines
  • Special exercise
  • set of exercises to improve erections
  • Strength nutrition

What could be more important than sexualmen's health?According to statistics more than 50% of men in this country have sexual problems.this number is growing rapidly every day.The question of how to quickly increase the potency, are interested not only men in middle age, but also young people.

The fight against impotence

hostile environment, constant stress, nervous stress, health problems and unhealthy lifestyle are the main causes of the problem.How to prevent it?Try to understand.

define the terms

sexual potency - is the ability to implement the sexual act, which is determined by usefulness and speed of erection, duration of the act and its features.It can not be equated to the number of sexual acts and p

resence of desire.

ability of healthy men to full sexual intercourse is maintained until natural death.The belief that the male complex depends on the age, false.

There are several possible signs of a good potency in the stronger sex:

Good potency

  • average growth and a healthy weight;
  • full normal development;
  • different skin without defects and with a full scalp;
  • flawless coordination of movement and immediate response to various stimuli;
  • good sense of smell and high mental abilities;
  • low tone of voice, confidence.

There are a number of factors that have a negative effect on potency.We consider these in more detail.

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Factors that adversely affect

  • age and lifestyle;
  • addictions: alcohol abuse and smoking;
  • stress, neuro-psychiatric disorders, depression;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • taking certain medications;
  • diseases of the endocrine system: thyroid disease, diabetes, decreased secretion of sex hormones;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • brain tumor;
  • overheating or overcooling;
  • steroids when doing weight training;
  • overweight, injury;
  • irregular sexual life.

The psychological factor To understand how to quickly raise the potency, it is first necessary to determine which of the above factors were the main causes of the problem.Often, young people weak erection due to psychological factors: unstable psychological condition, constant nervous tension and stress.Men between the ages of eighty years of the main causes of disorders of potency are physical problems.To determine the exact cause of erectile dysfunction can only be a specialist, so if you have a problem, you must immediately contact him.

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Ways to enhance potency

There are three main ways that improve potency:

  • using medical procedures and equipment;
  • with the help of proper nutrition;
  • with special physical exercises.

Determine which of the following ways to increase erection will be the most effective, can only be a specialist, based on the individual characteristics of the male body.

In many cases, the problem is solved, these methods are used in combination.Often, doctors recommend their patients not only take special medication drugs, but to resort to physical exercise, eat right.In this case, the effect will not take long and will continue for a long time.

Consider the pros and cons of these methods increase the potency.

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Medical correction of erectile dysfunction

The recovery of erectile function virility by specific medications and procedures.They function in 95% of cases. These include:

  1. Medicines inhibitors of PDE5: "Levitra" and "Viagra".
  2. Injecting drugs into the urethra and the body cave.
  3. means plant-based, increase potency (ginseng, St. John's wort, pumpkin seeds, parsley roots).
  4. Psychotherapy.
  5. Treatment vacuum.
  6. Physiotherapy and massage.
  7. Surgical methods.

Any medicines to improve potency may be used only after examination and consultation with a physician.Self-medication leads to irreparable consequences, so do not risk their sexual and physical health.

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Essential medicines

In medical practice actively used several groups of drugs that effectively cope with the problem of reducing the erection.These include:

  • drugs, which include yohimbine;
  • bracing means;
  • preparations based on cantharidin.

They increase blood flow to the genitals, promote relaxation of smooth muscles, dilates blood vessels of the corpora cavernosa, increasing erection.The main advantage of these drugs - strengthening the existing potential.Unlike other means of improving potency, they do not create sexual desire by artificial means.

Long-term psychological overload period of action of drugs varies between 4-24 hours: the effect of "Viagra" is maintained for four hours, the effect of "Levitra" - up to 10 hours, the effect of "Zidena" - up to 24 hours.The dosage and frequency of administration appoints a doctor for each patient individually.

Increased potency using these drugs is not possible with angina, seizures, allergies, arrhythmias, bleeding tendency.They are also not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.

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Special exercise

On the men's complex is greatly influenced by lifestyle.Men who have a regular sex life, a proactive stance, moving work, do not abuse alcohol and smoking, sexual problems do not arise.

increase potency promote walking, jogging and other exercise.The effectiveness of these exercises is hundreds of times higher than the efficiency of the use of stimulants.Why?The answer is obvious: they are a natural way to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow to all organs, including the penis.

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set of exercises to improve erections

Improving erections Increasingly used in medical practice the following exercises to increase potency:

  1. Exercise the lower pelvis.They are several times improve sexual human performance, help to strengthen the muscles of the lower pelvis.Men need three times a day prodelyvat following steps: stopping urination for a few seconds and quickly relax.This training is very useful for a normal erection.
  2. exercises Kundalini Yoga.They increase muscle tone, improve sexual desire.To increase sexual activity of men allow cobra pose and butterflies.
  3. breathing exercises.They help to increase circulation and blood flow, which in turn provides a normal erection.

The video shows a number of very effective exercises.

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Strength nutrition

Proper nutrition - it is an essential component of a stable libido of every man.The body of the stronger sex should receive necessary amount of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other substances necessary to maintain full sexual activity, otherwise potency problems are inevitable.

The diet should consist of healthy men:

  • meat and dairy products;
  • carbohydrate foods in limited quantities;
  • seafood: oysters, fish, squid;
  • plant foods: figs, nuts, ginger, eggs;
  • fruits and vegetables.


They contain vitamins A, B and E that contribute to the production of testosterone and are responsible for a productive sexual sphere.

not know how to quickly restore potency?Use recommendations: lead an active lifestyle, give up bad habits, eat properly and be sure to find out the reasons that have led to such consequences.Do not give up on the support and the help of experts, since only they will be able to resume your normal sex quickly as possible.