Psychological impotency and its cure

Psychological impotency and its cure

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  • exclusively male disease
  • phobic neurosis - a cause or a consequence of impotence?
  • «psychic paralysis»
  • correction of erectile dysfunction

exclusively male disease

According to modern concepts, erectile dysfunction - the inability to achieve or maintain an adequate erection of the penis which is necessary in order to achieve a harmoniousand full sexual intercourse.

Causes of impotence

first mention of sexual disorders in men are found even in the most ancient myths and legends.The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates described as psychological impotence form and the result of excessive concern for man's duties in the absence of female attention.

Undoubtedly, the mental factor plays an important role in the development of erectile dysfunction, leading to persistent and prolonged sexual disorders.

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phobic neurosis - a cause or a consequence of impotence?

In most cases, impotence is due to psychogenic erectile cent

ral mechanism of suppression.The main conditions leading to the development of erectile dysfunction include: neuroses, situational characteristics and dependence on psychotropic substances.As the main predisposing factor of impotence is considered a neurosis, which can cause not only functional but also organic dysfunction.

phobic neurosis fear of sexual contact with a woman in a man forms a nonexistent disease, suppresses his psychological state, closing the vicious circle of neurosis in the development, which no longer appears as a cause, but as a result invented phobia.Once failing, the man painfully captures their attention on it, because of what losing a confidence in the mistaken belief that these failures will haunt him constantly.Especially severe violations observed during the first sexual intercourse unsuccessful young men.

Mental disorders at this age can lead eventually to the inability to maintain an erection until the end of sexual intercourse and to the appearance of premature ejaculation. In general, the way it happens, the next sexual acts really are unsuccessful, but it does not occur because of a defect in the sexual function of men, and are the result of an elementary obsession with a single case.Exactly it develops nervousness and irritability, leading to persistent disorder potency.

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«psychic paralysis»

known that psihoimpotentsiya characterizes the spiritual status of man.It is associated with emotions such as jealousy, shame, indecision, hatred, shyness, anxiety, anger, fear, and panic fear of being insolvent sexually.This latter provision is the leading cause of disorders of erectile function.

Mental paralysis Psychological impotence develops in men who impose excessive demands to themselves by comparing their sexual activity with a quantitative indicator (the number of sex acts per week, day).This attitude towards himself raises uncertainty and nervousness, which, undoubtedly, ever lead to failure, the repetition of which only consolidate confidence in the presence of an imaginary problem.

frequent impediment to the accomplishment of normal sexual intercourse is the emotional stress caused by the complexes and low self-esteem of men.Thus, psychic impotence acts consequence of dissatisfaction with their appearance: weight, body type, individual features of the structure of the genital organs (length and thickness of the penis during an erection), the scars on the body and in the genital area.The cause of emotional stress can become pathological idealization of the partner: a man sure is not worthy of such a woman, she constantly tries to prove their sexual viability, and thereby fails.

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correction of erectile dysfunction

Before addressing the issue of how to get rid of psychological impotence, a man must first of all to perceive their condition.Because the fact of sexual failure stress has a powerful influence, the leading treatment for psychogenic impotence is psychotherapy.Before cure psychological impotence, it is necessary to eliminate the factors negatively affecting erection, to normalize life and sexual activity mode.

Sexual failure main goal pursued by psychotherapy - is the man to help overcome the fear of sexual failure, so a discussion of the problem with a therapist is recommended in conjunction with a partner.Since psychological impotence often leads to acute neurosis, the sedatives (tranquilizers) are appointed at the first stage of treatment.Tranquilizers relieve internal stress, anxiety and fear, which are major pathogens of male sexual dysfunction.The drugs are taken only once for a few hours before intercourse.

If erectile dysfunction is a manifestation of endogenous or pathological depression, in such cases, antidepressants and anxiolytics are appointed.toning and bracing means can be assigned also to relieve stress.

In general, in the form of psychogenic erectile dysfunction effective any therapy aimed at achieving an erection.Treatment also includes psychological impotence: intracavernosal injection therapy with prostaglandin, a local negative pressure (vacuum constrictor method).To overcome the psychological barrier once (or short course) can be used drugs briefly increase potency, which often instantly restore sexual dysfunction.Since the mere sight of an erect penis gives a man confidence and just have a powerful therapeutic effect.


should be remembered that only a comprehensive treatment, be sure to include a method of psychotherapy, can help normalize psychological status and full recovery of sexual activity.

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