Why there is a weak potency and what to do in such cases ?

Why there is a weak potency and what to do in such cases?

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  • Secrets of male power
  • Where does sexual energy?
  • What will help restore confidence in yourself?
  • movement - life!
  • Forget that this man's weakness

Secrets of male power

What is the potency and how to keep it active?This question is raised by all men, because "potentia" means "strength."In other words, this sexy men as possible.Violation in the function of sexual activity is called the weak potency. This disorder, which is characterized by a decrease in libido, which may soon lead to psychological disorders and personality.

Weak erection

weak potency is one of the reasons couples divorce, the suppression of the general condition, reduced performance, vitality and mood.After all, sex life regains a significant role in the life of any man, as in the young and middle age.

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Where does sexual energy?

Realizing that the reduction in male libido leads to a loss of influence in the society, ou

r ancestors began to wonder what to do and how to help?Initially I thought it was for the weak men, it's a vice, an incurable illness.But tracing for those who were not indifferent to their health, all the forces fighting with the problem, looking for the path of healing, and decided that the weakening of potency can win!

For this study the effects of various factors on the physical, psychological and sexual status of men.First discovered the causes of weak potency and impaired sexual possibilities:

Symptoms of impotence

  • alcohol, smoking, drugs;
  • stressors, depression;
  • irregular sexual life;
  • poor nutrition;
  • decreased physical activity, physical inactivity;
  • fatigue;
  • overweight, obesity;
  • related infectious or inflammatory processes of genitals;

alcohol and nicotine adversely affect germ cells and on vascular wall, lowering their tone, thereby prevent the occurrence of a normal erection.Stress factors in the psycho-physiological level block sexual performance.Irregular sexual life leads to a hormonal crash.Poor nutrition does not provide adequate saturation of the organism with vitamins, macro- and microelements, peptides, essential amino acids, without which normally can not pass any of the physiological processes in our body.

Physical inactivity, excess weight leads to a weakening of sexual attraction.Therefore, if you have a weakened potency, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to all the items listed above, find a level at which there was a failure, and actively deal with the problem!

For more information about the causes of disease, see the video.

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What will help restore confidence in yourself?

Self-confidence Home never lose courage and always hope for the best.Nowadays we know many ways to regain strength, vitality, activity, male pride!Since ancient times used the gifts of nature.Now very popular herbal infusions, such as galangal, ginseng, rose hips, chamomile.With a tonic effect, improving blood circulation and digestion, accelerate the excretion of toxic products of metabolism, cleansing the body from contaminating factors, herbal tinctures restore the healthy functioning of your body!

An important role is also played and food!This fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, seafood.Recently, high performance products demonstrate bee production:

  • bee honey;
  • royal jelly;
  • honey balm;
  • bee pollen;
  • propolis;
  • royal jelly.

Improved potency They stimulate the activity of the sex glands, strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate the body, purify the blood, stimulate the production of hemoglobin, promote better tissue regeneration.Special action has royal jelly, which tones the body, improves efficiency, increases vitality, stimulates the metabolism, activates trophic and regenerative processes, saturates the body with carbohydrates, polypeptides, macromolecule, amino acids.

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movement - life!

As John Locke, « gymnastics extend human youth ».And it's true!Active movements are the key to good physical and sexual health.Physical inactivity and overweight - causes weakening of potency.The weakening of the muscle activity leads to disturbances in the processes of digestion, the immune response, reduced physical and mental performance, rapid fatigue and, ultimately, depletion and clogging the body.

Overweight and obesity have a detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system, promote the deposition of cholesterol and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, leading to hypertension and is a provoking factor in the occurrence of weak potency.


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Forget that this man's weakness

weak potency problem is urgent and substantial with moreancient times to the present day.The older a man becomes, the more he feels her approach on yourself.Dynamic stormy life, full of emotions and stress, lack of sleep and chronic fatigue provokes diseases of genitals!Even finding out why there is a weak potency, we can not completely eradicate the ailment of our lives!But we know that to prevent and stop it in our power, and it would be foolish on our part not to use it.

Truth remains the fact that your health is completely alone in your hands!Therefore it is necessary to reflect and listen to the wisdom of the ancient proverb " in a healthy body - healthy spirit »!