Compare the solutions to improve the potency

Compare the solutions to improve the potency

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  • Compare Viagra action, Levitra and Cialis
  • Features medication for impotence
  • restrictions when selecting drugs
  • Prostaglandin E for sexual power
  • Comparison of nutritional supplements for impotence
    • means for rapid effect
    • Means for a course of treatment

Variety of causes of impotence leads to the use of drugs,having different mechanisms of action.Their effect may be directed at maintaining an erection for a certain time, and to reduce inflammation and restore complete male reproductive system.Modern drugs are made to improve the potency synthetic or natural basis.

The drug Viagra

They differ on the mechanism of application, can be introduced into the urethra or with a needle directly into the cavernous tissue of the penis, or be designed for oral administration.

Compare Viagra action, Levitra and Cialis

often Viagra, Levitra and Cialis is the first oral medication prescribed for erectile dysfunction.Most men

have trouble maintaining an erection sufficient, carry them without the side effects and immediately feel the result.

action of all three drugs: Sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra or Staxyn) and tadalafil (Cialis) - based on increasing levels of nitric oxide, a substance that is produced in the body.Nitric oxide widens and relaxes the blood vessels of the penis, helping to achieve an erection and keep it for a long time.These drugs do not increase sexual desire, but only cause an erection in response to sexual stimuli (a kind of naked female body or affection).

Admission vardenafil While these drugs to increase potency operate in the same way, each of them is different in chemical composition.The differences affect the rate and duration of drug action, as well as identify possible side effects.

Your doctor must take into account all the factors, individually selecting therapy for each patient.Certain health problems cause an opportunity of reception of a drug.It should also consider the risk of interactions with other drugs.

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Features medication for impotence

Each drug has a particular administration.Viagra can be taken at any time of the day, in between meals, but not more than once per day.Levitra and Cialis as the drink during the meal, and without reference to food intake, but also once a day.

time effects of the drug - an important factor for intimate life planning.Viagra starts working after 30-60 minutes, and enhances potency for 5 hours.Without sexual stimulation medication does not work, so that unplanned and uncontrolled erection should not be afraid.

Levitra adopted at any time, ensure that during the eight hours of the penis responds to arousal erection.

The use of tadalafil Within 15 minutes of the drug substance come into force, because it is more suitable for spontaneous sex acts, as well as helping with impotence and diabetes mellitus.Vardenafil is also available in the form of tablets that dissolve on the tongue (Staxyn).

Cialis supports the ability to get an erection about 36 hours and is the most convenient for a full sex life of men older than 18 years.When using Cialis you can drink alcohol and any food.

For more information on the principles of action of this group of medications you can learn from the video.

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restrictions when selecting drugs

Oral formulations to enhance the potency of the most easy to use, but not everyone is allowed a man to health.The doctor is forbidden to use synthetic promoters, if any:

  • heart problems (aortic stenosis, left ventricular obstruction), angina, arrhythmia, or myocardial weathered;
  • persistent violation of blood pressure (hypotension or hypertension);
  • after stroke for six months;
  • certain eye diseases, hepatic and renal failure with the need of dialysis.

start their own medications is strictly forbidden to consult a physician and complete examination.

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Prostaglandin E for sexual power

erectile disfunction Alprostadil (Alprostadil) is available as a solution for injection and suppository for insertion into the urethra.The probability of successfully achieving erections after intracavernous injection of 80%, and after intrauretalnogo - about 40%.

These drugs act to raise the potency of men, regardless of age and causes disease.Prostaglandin increases blood flow to the genitals and ensure an erection after 5-20 minutes.Alprostadil action continues for an hour, and the erection can be maintained after ejaculation.It is recommended to use them no more than three times a week and can withstand a break in the 24 hours after each application.

Alprostadil is categorically not suitable for men with allergic reactions to the main component, and any other substance (food, medicines) as well as patients with priapism and penile implants.It can not be used along with other nutritional supplements.

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Comparison of nutritional supplements for impotence

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means for rapid effect

considered dietary supplements have the properties of synthetic regulators potency, but provide an erection in a short time due to the action of natural substances.

Impotence Laveron returns potency and increases orgasmic sensations.Chinese dodder, plantain, hibiscus, lotus, garlic, astragalus, ginseng, ginkgo biloba and other herbal ingredients increase the ability to get an erection.The drug works only during sexual arousal for 6 hours in 40-60 minutes after administration.It is better to use "Laveron" for an hour before a meal or after a half hour after.

homeopathic preparation "Impaza" contains antibodies to endothelial NO-synthase affinity-purified.The ability to achieve an erection is returned after a 12-week course.The dose of reception varies: to enhance the potency of taking a pill every two days, and for the treatment of impotence - two pills a day.

rate effect persists for six months.In order to provide a short-term surge of masculine strength, we can take two tablets Impaza two hours before sexual intercourse.Preparations for the recovery of potency effective impotence of various etiologies, and allowed men with cardiovascular disease, which can not be received at the synthetic drugs.

Action "Orgazeksa" is based on vegetable ingredients of Chinese wolfberry fruit, licorice root and ginseng, ginkgo biloba, tomato seeds, red raspberries and garlic.The drug relaxes the walls of the pelvic vessels, improving the ability to get an erection, and acting on the nervous system, enhances sexual desire and satisfaction.

Apply "Orgazeks" should be one hour before sexual intercourse with a break in the day.In the case of organic pathology, leading to impotence, the dose is doubled.The duration of exposure to the drug is maintained for about 48 hours.

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Means for a course of treatment

Препарат "Импаза" Capsules "Ogopleks" affect male reproductive system with a mixture (20: 1) water- and fat-soluble extracts of pollen.They charge the body with minerals, amino acids, prostaglandins, vitamins.Designed for the prevention of potency drugs such as "Ogopleks", capable of reducing inflammation, congestion in the prostate, improving its blood supply and removing edema.After treatment normalized performance of the reproductive system: number of ejaculations, and the level of excitability spermogeneza, as well as premature ejaculation.

strength of the Chinese Cordyceps, Tibetan wolfberry seeds busennika with royal jelly and reindeer antlers collected in preparation "Majik Staff" for the treatment of impotence.Taking daily capsule before lunch, you can prolong and improve the quality of erections, to get rid of premature ejaculation, enhance libido.Initially, the drug should start with two capsules, and then select the dose, evaluating results.

Herbal preparations to stimulate the potency, not all patients are equally tolerated.


In the case of allergies to certain ingredients necessary to abandon them in favor of another method of treatment. nervousness and irritability, arrhythmia and hypertension, vascular disease and insomnia are contraindications to the use of stimulants.Consult a doctor it is necessary.