How smoking affects the potency and fertility ?

How smoking affects the potency and fertility?

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  • Psychology and Physiology
    • Nicotine tricks the brain
    • Psychological protection
  • Smoking or not?

fight against smoking is carried out in the world since the time of Columbus, that is more than five hundred years.And about 250 years ago, the Englishman John Hill spent the first formal clinical studies and published findings about the dangers of tobacco smoke on the human body.

The effect of smoking on potency

harmful effects of smoking can lead to many serious diagnoses.Oncological diseases, lesions of the visual and nervous system, sterility and impotence - that is, perhaps, the most serious of them.

How smoking affects the potency, it will become clear after reading the below material.

Psychology and Physiology

Doctors are two types depending on smoking: physiological, that is, the dependence of the organism, and psychological dependence of the brain.Why is this happening?

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Nicotine tricks the brain

The effects of smoking Smoke containing nicotine, which, by the way, is a real toxin gets into the lungs.From the lungs it gets into the blood, which brings it to the path of blood circulation in the brain.Once in the nerve cells, nicotine excites them, creating a mood enhancing impression, muscle tone, intellectual work and even illusory beneficial effect of smoking on potency.

nicotine actually replaces the function of the brain native substance - acetylcholine.This is one of the so-called neurotransmitter substances, conducting nervous impulses.And the more nicotine excites the nerve cells, the more reduced the number of brain neurotransmitters.In the future, they are no longer cope with its functions and the body asks doping in the form of smoking.

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Psychological protection

psychological dependence to understand and overcome much more difficult.Because the reasons for its numerous and unique.

In terms frantic pace of modern life no one is immune from stress.And having begun to smoke once a person gets used to the feeling of excitement, relief, satisfaction, achieved such a simple way.After quitting a person is faced with abstinence, in other words, this fragile, like a drug addict.

Smoking This happens because the body function, nicotine blunt, start to recover.

allocate Psychologists and other causes of addiction.Almost half of teenagers start smoking, to feel older and more confident.Most of them follow the example of smoking parents.Herd mentality: they fled - and I ran.Funny, but true: people often start smoking for the company, without thinking whether smoking affects the potency, the nervous system, or complexion.

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Smoking or not?

Erectile dysfunction and impotence in a simple way, is manifested by the fact that a man is not able to fully sexually active. Violation duration or no erection raises questions about the quality and style of life.Of course, no doctor will not say that only one smoking leads to impotence, but there is irrefutable evidence of the effects of nicotine on the reproductive system.

Carbon monoxide is released from the nicotine smoke and prevents oxygenated blood by binding to hemoglobin instead.Reduction of blood flow due to spasm of blood vessels of the penis will inevitably lead to problems with erection.It's a mechanical problem.But smoking and potency linked more seriously.

Tobacco addiction poisonous and narcotic substances from cigarettes have a huge impact on the blood vessels.Reduced elasticity, vascular occlusion due to atherosclerosis lead to a breach of the blood supply.And considering that the vessels of the penis and so thin, the problem can not be not considered significant.The essence of an erection is reduced to filling the cavernous bodies with blood.And the most important thing is that smoking is a cause of impotence is relevant at any age.

For those who think of posterity, it is also necessary to know that smoking adversely affects the quality and quantity of sperm.All the same carbon monoxide reduces the level of a protein indispensable for the formation of sperm, and can also damage the DNA of the sperm.


nicotine smoke slows the movement of sperm to the goal, which is not conducive to successful fertilization.