Effect of protein potency in men

Effect of protein potency in men

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  • protein properties and m
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  • Myths and Reality
    • Misconception first
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    • deceive third
  • Individual contra

Today in vogue a healthy lifestyle.Healthy eating and sport gradually replaced beer and cigarettes.Large numbers of people began to visit the clubs and closely acquainted with sports nutrition.But the question is whether the potency of a protein affects, for many remains unclear or confusing.The growing popularity of the use of protein powder is associated with many myths and misconceptions.

Effect of protein

What is Protein?

Protein - a food additive, which consists almost entirely of protein, the concentration of which sometimes reaches 90%.In its structure is very low in fat and carbohydrates.In most cases it is used by athletes to build muscle.There are many kinds of additives, but the most common is whey intended for weight gain.

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protein properties and men's health

Let's look at the effect of the protein on the potency.The most common and, in addition, misperception, if it adversely affects on the body.Professional athletes have been outraged by such a suggestion, but eventually tired lead evidence in rebuttal.And very soon it became clear that the protein is not only safe, but also useful.

properties protein Presumably the bad reviews of the protein are associated with steroids.Here they really adversely affect potency.But if the protein quality, then it will not contain dangerous additives for men's health.Therefore, fears that the protein powder will have a negative effect on erection, unfounded.But this is only the case if you get a really high-quality powder.Content cheap imitations can be quite unpredictable.

Nevertheless, some guys say that it was after receiving the protein they observed weakening of erectile function.But experts have dispelled all doubts and fears about how protein affects the potency.

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Myths and Reality

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Misconception first

happens that soy protein, which is present in the composition of some gainers (protein powders) can actually cause minor side effects, and evena slight decrease in potency in the stronger sex.This can be explained by the fact that soy contains phytoestrogens, which in its effect similar to female hormones.But the protein began to act in this manner, it is necessary to use a huge amount.If you are still wary of estrogen, buy protein in the form of whey protein.

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Misconception second

Misconceptions about protein second error related to the fear of losing an erection protein, the so-called "placebo effect."If people believe in the healing or harmful effect of this or that means, in most cases it is the effect of the drug and will.If you have decided for themselves that after the use of protein supplements come impotence, it is likely it may happen.Therefore, do not be too insecure and monitor the progress of your thoughts about whether the proteins to affect potency.

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deceive third

Heavy exercise and insufficient recovery adversely affect potency.It is an indisputable fact.The more intense your training runs, the more your body needs a long rest.Always follow this rule, we should not forget the rest and sleep.The potency of the natural way will fall, if you train for wear and not restored at the proper level, and then did not need to shift the blame for impotence on the protein.It is necessary to make sure that the power load is balanced with the time period of rest.Then everything returns to normal.

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Individual contra

Protein and potency harm of protein is not comparable with what is causing damage to the body in reality: unhealthy lifestyle, unbalanced diet, bad habits, and more.But it is not quite true to say that Creatine is not harmful.Protein is contraindicated in individual intolerance to a protein that is very rare, as well as kidney disease.

We can conclude that all allegations of harm protein unfounded and it has no effect on men's health, especially their potency as protein and potency are not connected to each other.

If you do not have contraindications to receiving the protein, then the dosage used, he will bring you only benefits. should be noted that the powder is a natural product, which is made only from natural raw materials, and even allowed to use children and the elderly.


If often lacking cheese, fish, meat in your menu, it will fill the body the missing protein.Do not be afraid of protein, dear man, and potentially be mighty!

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