The natural increase in potency without pills

Natural enhancement potency without pills

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  • frightening diagnosis
  • correctly identify the cause of the disease
  • establish the cause, you can begin treatment
    • Harmonylife
    • reduces the influence of negative factors
    • Moderation in eating
    • Useful for men products
    • Walking and exercise
    • Reduce load and stress

A frightening diagnosis

Many diseases lurk men in our time.But what may sound worse than the diagnosis of impotence?It is terrible when a man in the full dawn of forces, begins to feel inferior, abandoned, unloved.Only the main and clear objective in life becomes a gain potency.Just then a man is ready to use any methods of treatment, to run for help to doctors.And only then he begins to deal with them.

Increased potency

What increases the potency?This issue does not allow a man to exist normally.During this period, the patient becomes very vulnerable psyche, exacerbating the deplorable situation before.

But there is no hopeless situations.We must remem

ber that you are not the only one facing this problem.It is necessary to look for and, certainly, to find the right treatments for impotence.It must be understood that the gain potency in men - the handiwork of men.

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correctly identify the cause of the disease

Decide to take the first step in treatment is often very difficult.But you have to go to the doctor, he helped to determine the cause of potency disorders.

They are divided into 3 major groups:

Means for potency

  1. Physical causes that occur in parallel or as a result of cardiovascular, neurological or endocrine diseases.
  2. Psychological reasons associated with impaired mental capacity self-assessment by the patient.Much depends on the relationship between the partners.
  3. Catching treatment of their chronic diseases tablets, few people pay attention to their effect on the body the genitourinary system.When administered some drugs may act as detrimental to the formation of the sperm themselves, and on the male libido.

Deal with the cause will help the attending physician, who knows all of your genetic predisposition, acute and chronic diseases.

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establish the cause, you can begin treatment

Drink tablet is much easier than a meaningful approach to the treatment of potency disorders.But!Tablets, dosage form, composed of chemicals, "foreign" to our body substances.They come not only to the sick body, and are carried by the bloodstream to every cell of virtually all organs.There they have their own side effects.

Drug treatment is capable of causing psychological dependence, and by eliminating the drug, we do not get cured the disease "in the square."But the main principle in the treatment - do no harm.

begin impotence treatment should be a lifestyle change.

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Harmony life

relationship should be built on love, trust and understanding.Not always refers to the number of quality.Avoid temporary, casual sex.

Increased potency in 80% of patients is provided in the right way of life.

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reduces the influence of negative factors

Harmony life Everyone is aware of the destructive effects of alcohol on the liver.A liver controls the normal activity of the sexual glands.As a consequence of this fact - reduction of the production of sex hormones.In a state of intoxication very tactile sensitivity is reduced, which leads to disruption of the process of ejaculation.

Nicotine impairs the microcirculation in the vessels of the pelvic organs, which not infrequently leads to thrombosis (blockage) blood vessels of the penis and the counter impotence.

result of drug use is the development of irreversible polyneuropathy.In this disease broken chain of nerve impulses is reduced to zero penile innervation.

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Moderation in eating

on strengthening the male potency greatly influences male power.Food should not only bring pleasure to taste, but also be useful.It should contain:

  1. Vitamins A, E and C, which improves blood circulation, nerve conduction, and stimulates the proper functioning of the sex glands.Sufficient
  2. microelements such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium.
  3. Digestible body proteins and carbohydrates.
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Useful for men products

Healthy foods Eat meat and fish, in which a lot of building material (protein) to cells and biologicheskiaktivnyh substances (pro-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids), which activate all metabolic processesorganism.Main dishes seasoned with spices (black pepper, coriander), enrich the diet with natural aphrodisiacs.From sweets eat honey, dried fruits and nuts.

Garnish for a real man will be salads, spinach, parsley, celery and parsnip.

use in everyday life and proven traditional methods.Drink herbal teas.They will help to tone all the systems of the body after a hard day's work.

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Walking and exercise

correct exercises and regular walks in the fresh air - great ways to enhance potency.

When walking man's body is enriched with oxygen, improves blood circulation in organs.Hold them together with his partner, and the harmony of relations will be strengthened.

developed a special set of exercises, which is used to increase male power.

  1. Exercise 1. step in place, lifting knees as high as possible.
  2. Exercise 2.Stoim, hands on his belt.Slowly start to bend the legs at the knee joints, parallel strongly tensing and relaxing the muscles of the buttock.
  3. Exercise 3. Perform a quick run on the spot, but the socks from the floor torn off, only the heel raised.
  4. Exercise 4. From a prone position, hands at your sides carry out a "bridge".


After the above-described exercise, significantly increases the blood circulation in the genital organs, improves erection.

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Reduce load and stress

Fight fatigue.Provide your body with a full sleep and recreation.Avoid both physical and mental overload.

Learn simply give health to his beloved, and for potency pills, you will not hear for a long time.

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