The use of dietary supplements to increase potency

Use supplements to increase potency

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  • difference between dietary supplements from drugs
  • Than they can be useful?
  • main components of dietary supplements
    • Risks reception
    • Selection Rules

number of natural products, offering once and for all get rid of impotence is increasing day by day.However, none of dietary supplements to increase potency does not pass as close monitoring as approved medications.

Supplements for potency

Efficiency miracle pill remains the manufacturer's conscience.

BUD unlike drugs

  1. appearance of medicines on sale precede clinical trials that reveal their effectiveness and side effects.
  2. Bada, unlike medicines, Rosstrandarta receive a certificate confirming their quality, but not useful.
  3. sale of dietary supplements made any outlets not only pharmacies that equates them with the usual food.
  4. Retailers dietary supplements often do not have a medical education, to explain to the buyer the advantages and disadvantages of funds.

Increased potency Supplements for potency are the second name - food supplements, which are sold without a prescription.This means only one thing: the means of action can not be guaranteed.The formulations are based on internal research and knowledge of the manufacturer, which for some reason not to invest in pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Therefore, dietary supplements can be considered as a source of nutrients, beneficial effects on men's health.

is assumed that a certain combination they have a stronger effect, but evidence of this manufacturer can provide.

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Than they can be useful?

The use of dietary supplements dietary supplements to increase potency, as well as for other purposes, are a mixture of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and extracts that have proven effective in different situations.They can be considered well-known folk remedies for impotence.Their effects on cells can be confirmed in the laboratory, but not tested in patients.The chemical composition suggests that the substance will restore potency.

main benefit of dietary supplements is that they resemble the powerful vitamin and nutrient cocktail for the body:

  1. When impotence caused by stress, fatigue, dietary supplements to increase potency stands a good way to strengthen the complex of all organs.
  2. Many chronic diseases, reduce sexual function, and receive useful trace elements it is part of the treatment.
  3. of aging occurs at the cellular level, reducing virility.Some dietary supplements slow negative processes in cells.
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main components of dietary supplements

Effects of the use of dietary supplements There are some nutrients that actually have a healing effect on the male reproductive system, but it witnessed scanty or informal clinical research:

  1. With Palmetto (matter of berriessaw palmetto) has shown efficacy in prostate hyperplasia and reduced libido.
  2. The amino acid L-carnitine improves the endurance of the body and eliminates the symptoms of depression.
  3. Red Ginseng increases the elasticity of blood vessels and reduces the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  4. Coenzyme Q-10 improves the quality of sperm, protects the blood vessels.
  5. Fish oil increases the level of HDL (good cholesterol), cleans the arteries, therefore reducing the risk of impotence.
  6. Quercetin increases physical endurance, eliminates the stress of blood vessels and helps erection.
  7. Vitamin E called vitamin masculinity, as it normalizes the blood flow in the penis.
  8. Zinc supports testosterone, sperm motility and supports the libido at a high level.

reasonable selected range to increase potency is able to compensate for the lack of useful elements with poor diet.


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Risks reception

Many supplements have been withdrawn from sale because they contain substances suchas sildenafil (the active ingredient of Viagra), but are positioned as absolutely natural means.Some of the components of dietary supplements may dangerously interact with other medications taken by a man.Besides remains high risk of side effects that are associated with dose of herbal medicines.

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Selection Rules

dietary supplements for impotence should be appointed physician, based on data on the causes of the disease and the general state of men's health. the only way to protect yourself from illegal drugs and waste of money.