Simple exercises for potency

Simple exercise for potency

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  • How do you know it's time to think about your health?
  • Daily gymnastics
    • common method of exercise
    • Additional exercises

aware of yourself physically and sexually healthy wants every man.And when one begins violations in this area, the man immediately panics.

Improved potency

Do not frantically rush to the pharmacy for pills.You should begin with the smaller.And exercise can help to increase potency to do without medicines.

How do you know it's time to think about your health?

What are the early signs of erectile dysfunction?Decreased sexual desire, lack of morning erection, inability to achieve required hardness and increase penis size, premature ejaculation.

Exercises against stagnation in the blood One reason for these symptoms is a stagnation of blood in the pelvic area.A sedentary lifestyle, misuse of alcohol and cigarettes, the wrong diet - these are the main causes of disorders in the genital area of ​​men. Exercise to increase potency will help to overcome all the probl

ems and then to find themselves in the ranks. But it is not just about sport, but about the specially designed exercises, connected to the complex.

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Daily gymnastics

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common method of exercise

These exercises for potency should be performed on a daily basis, strictly between meals, starting with 10 reps for each, gradually increasing the number of repetitions andapproaches.

Gymnastic exercises

  1. Imitation combatant step.Hands along the body, back straight, your knees as high as possible to the chest rise.
  2. From a standing position you must crouch and perform slow stress-relaxation of the gluteal muscles.
  3. for 30-60 seconds to perform jogging on the spot, while leaving the floor only heels, knees move forward.It is important to firmly press the socks floor.
  4. lifting the pelvis from a lying position on the back.Under the back better podstelit gymnastic mat.Legs bent, heels are on the floor, arms extended along the body.This exercise is very important for improving blood circulation in the pelvic area and genitals.The pelvis should be lifted until it stops.
  5. Exercise "Birch".Lie on your back, raise rectified in line with the legs and pelvis outstretched toes to the ceiling.Hold in this position is necessary during 30-60 seconds.
  6. For this exercise you will need a rubber ball.Starting position - as in exercise №4.Squeeze the ball with the power of the knees and keep the muscle contraction to 10 seconds.Repeat 10-12 times.
  7. Another simple exercise from a lying position.Legs bent at the knees, slightly apart, heels on the floor, arms extended along the body.Tense and relax the muscles located between the anus and the scrotum, simulating the retention of the urge to urinate.It is important to try not to strain your glutes.
  8. all known since childhood, "bicycle".Lie on your back straight, lift both legs at an angle of 90 ° and twist imaginary pedal 30-60 seconds.
  9. last exercise for the potency of the complex is performed while sitting on a chair.Back straight, body slightly tilted forward.It is necessary to stretch and relax the muscles, as in Exercise №5, leaving gluteal muscles relaxed.Muscle tension should be up to the individual maximum.
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Additional exercises

Train muscles This set of exercises to raise the potency will be easy to carry out those who are familiar with yoga.They are performed too strictly between meals.

  1. Lie on your back, legs straight, arms extended along the body.Slowly raise the legs up and bring them behind your head.To perform a complete exercise toes should touch the floor behind your head.But an inexperienced person can be difficult to perform on the first try it.Therefore, to begin with will be enough to get the toes to the wall behind his head, and gradually reduce the wear on the floor.Be sure to do everything slowly, controlling each muscle, deeply inhaling and exhaling.
  2. Make "cobra".Lie on your stomach, body straight, arms bent at the level of the armpits, elbows looking up.On the inhale lift the head and chest, straightening arms, abdomen pressed to the floor.
  3. Lying on his stomach, clutching at the ankles and straighten them, lifting the torso and lower legs with his hands.After a few swaying movements of the body, slowly lower in the supine position.
  4. Stand, feet placed shoulder-width apart.On the exhale is a slight tilt forward, his hands placed on the knees.Then, after inhaling the breath delayed and drawn into the lower abdomen and anus.The number of repetitions - from minimum to 12.
  5. Sitting on a chair, put his hands on the back, to perform slow circular rotation of the pelvis with the simultaneous retraction of the anus muscle.10-12 repetitions per set.
  6. Finally the recommended exercise to restore the potency - a movement raised her hips to the side on the principle of the pendulum from the lying position.Legs bent at the knees, hands behind his head.


Initially exercises to enhance potency may seem difficult doable, funny or silly, but experts guarantee: after 8-10days of daily half-hour workout, you marvel at the result.

main thing in this issue - the regularity and care in each muscle.

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