How does calculous prostatitis in men ?

How does calculous prostatitis in men?

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  • main causes
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis
    • Diagnostics complications
  • Treatment and prevention

Realizing the importance of the prostate (maintenance of reproductive function, regulation of quality seed secret, ensuring normal operation of the reproductive system), we can imagine how disorders develop in the body of a man with her illness.

Calculous prostatitis in men

The most common pathological process in the gland is the prostate, which can be acute or chronic, depending on the course duration.Unfortunately, in chronic inflammation complications arise, such as calculous prostatitis, epididymitis, urethritis, vesicles futility.

main causes

Stress - is one of the reasons for prostatitis As we have found out stones in the prostate are caused by long-term inflammation.The mechanism of occurrence of stones connected directly to the pathophysiological processes that occur in the prostate with the disease, caused:

  • irregular sexual life;
  • stressors;
  • hypothermia;
  • diseases of the genitourinary
  • dismissive attitude to the rules of personal hygiene;
  • addictions;
  • physical inactivity.

stone formation The most common inducers are irregular sexual life and reduced physical activity that lead to stagnation in the parenchyma of the prostate gland, infringement of biochemical reactions, blood circulation, resulting in accumulated calcification.The more disturbed homeostasis in the prostate, the larger stones formed.Their sizes range from 0.1 to 2.5 cm.

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Symptoms and Diagnosis

Diagnostics His symptoms calculous chronic prostatitis is similar to other forms of prostatitis, so not always possible to determine at what point the disease has started the mechanism of stone formationbut always keep in mind that due to inadequate treatment, exacerbation of the process, exacerbating the inflammation, the risk of accumulation of stones increases several times.

In general, patients complain of:

  • nagging dull pain of a permanent nature;
  • the complicated and painful urination;
  • hematuria (blood in the urine);
  • haematospermia (blood in semen);
  • pain during defecation;
  • critical violations in sexual activity;
  • decline in physical abilities;
  • general weakness.
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Diagnostics complications

Basically diagnosis based on digital rectal examination, in which deep in the prostate gland palpated dense formations, which correspond to the rocks.

Chronic calculous prostatitis also detected by ultrasound.It is necessary that the bladder was filled for better visualization.This method helps to determine the exact amount, the topography and size of stones.

the differential diagnosis with cancer pathology, tuberculosis used method of biopsy, which gives all the answers and eliminates doubts.


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Treatment and prevention

come first conservative therapy.Begin with the proper selection of diet, diet correction.Patients must be:

  • eliminate spicy food;
  • prohibit alcoholic beverages;
  • reduce fried, smoked, pickled products;
  • increase the protein and carbohydrate foods.

«gold standard» in inflammation of the prostate gland are antibiotics.Depending on the pathogen and the stage of disease, the treating physician selects the correct pharmacological group, calculates the dose and application of the term.


Treatment of calculous prostatitis includes additional procedures such as prostate massage, electrophoresis, ultrasound exposure and mechanotherapy.

Do not forget about the important factors that affect the condition of the prostate and urinary system as a whole: a healthy diet, regular sexual life, active exercise, relaxation and restful sleep! After completing at least a minimum of these rules, you will ensure the normal functioning of the body!

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