What is chronic prostatitis and how to avoid it ?

What is chronic prostatitis and how to avoid it?

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  • The main symptoms of chronic prostatitis
  • What are the main causes of this disease?
  • What consequences can lead chronic form of this male disease?

World statistics states that such a disease as prostatitis, worried about more than 60% of adult men.And over the years, this figure is increasing.Moreover, the "rejuvenation" of the trend since 2010 of the disease, more and more young men aged 20-30 years suffer from prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis is also gaining momentum.
Chronic prostatitis in men

The main symptoms of chronic prostatitis

Prostatitis - is a disease that progresses very quickly.The form of chronic prostatitis may occur as soon as the man saw the first signs of the disease.This is one reason why this disease can cause very unpleasant health consequences.

Chronic prostatitis may be not very noticeable symptoms for which it is difficult to determine whether this rather serious problem:

  • reduction of male power;
  • minor discomfort when urinating;
  • sharp attacks of pain, a burning sensation in the groin, which are very fast;
  • frequent urination;
  • general weakness, drowsiness;
  • irritability;
  • constant nervous tension - it may seem that such a condition is associated with problems at work or in your personal life, it is rarely identified as a symptom of the disease.

When the manifestation of the first symptoms of prostatitis and chronic prostatitis is very important both to be examined as soon as possible at the urologist, who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.After

feature of these diseases in men it is that in many cases the patient feels their signs only in the initial stages.In the later stages of the urinary tract inflammation progresses quite smoothly and imperceptibly, respectively, can only reveal his diagnosis.

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What are the main causes of this disease?

main reasons for the fact that men develop chronic prostatitis, is:

  • frequent hypothermia;
  • very active sex life or, on the contrary, frequent abstinence;
  • passive way of life - a complete lack of sports always leads to negative consequences, man must perform at least basic exercises regularly to maintain good health;
  • inflammation in the urinary system - a very serious symptom that can develop into male infertility;
  • disorders of blood circulation in the prostate;
  • hormonal failure;
  • dependence on alcohol or drugs, smoking;
  • weakened immune system;
  • age-related changes in the body.

In most cases, the above factors lead to the fact that developing acute prostatitis, which is already over time, if you do not hold the proper treatment becomes chronic prostatitis.

To accurately determine the form of this disease, you need to pass a series of tests and undergo ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs.From the results obtained will depend on how to treat the disease and what it will need to take drugs.In this regard, one can not hope for themselves and to self-medicate.

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What consequences can lead chronic form of this male disease?

Treatment of chronic prostatitis If prostatitis symptoms were pronounced and treatment for this was provided late or not at the proper level, there is a very high risk of developing other diseases of the reproductive system: cystitis, vesiculitis and others.

Chronic prostatitis has a strong influence on the sexual life of men.The consequences of this disease include such unpleasant phenomena as weak erection or complete impotence, premature ejaculation.Scheme of treatment of these complications is very complicated and does not always produce the expected result.

very dangerous consequence of the disease is also urinary retention.This can lead to an inflammatory process in the bladder, resulting in sterility occur.

not so dangerous to health, but also an unpleasant consequence of a poor psychological state of the patient - constant stress, irritability, nervousness.

To avoid such complications, chronic prostatitis treatment requires immediate.It is worth noting that there are a lot of folk treatments for this disease.Possibly, they can to some extent alleviate the patient's condition.But full recovery is necessarily necessary to consult a urologist.As mentioned above, only the doctor will prescribe medication local action, which will remove the aggravation quickly.


Thus, chronic prostatitis - this is a very serious disease in men, which should be treated immediately, as soon as the first symptoms began to show.The aggravation of the disease can lead to very unpleasant consequences for the male body.

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