How does the prostate of conceiving a child?

How does the prostate of conceiving a child?

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  • The negative effects of the disease
  • If the process is running
    • Effects on ability to fertilize
  • infertility Say "No"!
    • restoring force
    • Positive results

question of procreation care every married couple.The consequence of weak potency is infertility, prostatitis, and therefore conceiving a child have a direct relationship, as the reproductive function of men is ensured not only by bodies such as the penis and testicles, and prostate and other organs of the endocrine system.


negative consequences

prostate diseases directly affect the status of semen:

  • controls the allocation;
  • provides normal viscosity;
  • improves the activity of sperm;
  • regulates the composition and acid-base balance;

In order to understand whether the prostatitis affects the conception, it is necessary to take into account the importance and the weight of the body in the mechanism of fertilization.When inflammation of the pros

tate violated all processes in which it is involved, resulting in the inevitable consequences.

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If the process is running

As is known, depending on the duration of the disease, prostatitis is classified into acute and chronic.If not initially respond to inflammation in the male reproductive capacity further decreases and in the worst case - disappears.This is why chronic prostatitis and conception can not be in the Union, asinflammation gradually reduces male sexual activity that leads to low potency and sexual dysfunction.

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Effects on ability to fertilize

Conception To restore reproductive capacity, it is necessary to understand consistently as prostatitis affects the conception, at which stage there is a failure, the level at which there was a failure that needs to be "repair. "

Inflammation of the prostate leads to:

  • venous congestion, swelling organ, circulatory problems;
  • dystrophic and metabolic disturbances at cellular and tissue level;
  • violation of urination, which complicates the work of urogenital organs;
  • uncomfortable, painful sensations;
  • sexual weakness;
  • stagnation ejaculate, violation of the rheological properties of the semen;

Effect of prostatitis encompasses not only the sexual sphere, but also psycho-emotional.After all, sexual dysfunction can lead to disorders of the nervous system that increasingly aggravates the condition of men.

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infertility Say "No"!

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restoring force

Diagnostics Early diagnosis and adequate medical therapy increases the chances of a victory over the disease. Therefore every man must actively fight to pass the course of treatment, comply with all the necessary recommendations.Many couples are interested in Urology and Andrology, is it possible to conceive a child with prostatitis, whether really pregnant woman if her husband inflammation of the prostate.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of fertilization is reduced to zero, sinceaffected the prostate can not perform its function, which means that reproductive capacity is very low.Therefore, only the treatment and prevention of further work could restore reproductive system.

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Positive results

After traversed a course of antibiotic therapy, the use of traditional medicine, nutrition, and other methods of prostate treatment, each man should compare urination, pain intensity, the desire to have sex, duration of erection and ejaculation.These figures testify to the effectiveness of treatment, as well as help at any stage to adjust the assigned therapy.

Equally important laboratory indicators that assess the status of male reproductive health.Tests prescribed by the doctor before and after treatment.It is mandatory to rent general and biochemical blood tests, conducted bacterial urine culture to determine the presence of infectious agents, and, of course, examine the seminal fluid (semen) to assess the viability and activity of sperm.


According to statistics, young men with initially diagnosed prostatitis after treatment in most cases restore fertility.But do not forget that the prevention of recurrence and chronicity of the process is also necessary for normal conception of the child.

It is therefore important to adhere to certain aspects:

  • eliminate bad habits (alcohol, smoking);
  • not eat greasy, spicy, acidic foods;
  • satiate your diet with vitamins, minerals, micro and macro;
  • exercise;
  • reduce the influence of stress factors;

If you monitor your health, in time to take the necessary measures to comply with the maximum power mode, sleep and health, infertility is not to become an obstacle to a happy family life.

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