Good exercise for prostate

useful exercise for prostate

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  • Physical activity - an effective way to combat prostatitis
    • What effect provides physical activity?
    • The advantages of this method of treatment
  • Physiotherapy
    • effective complex
    • methods of oriental medicine

has long been known that sport and active lifestyle - the bestaides in combating any disease.It was not an exception and prostatitis.In domestic and foreign medical centers actively engage in the treatment of this pathology specially designed complex exercise that allows to achieve the best possible result much faster.What is so useful exercise for prostatitis?What impact do they have on the human body?

Exercise with prostatitis

Physical activity - an effective way to combat prostatitis

Exercise for prostate have both preventive and therapeutic effect. They are recommended to carry out the men who are at risk, and those who have been diagnosed with prostatitis.

In the early stages of disease development exercise in conjunction with

medication and physiotherapy treatments contribute to the overall recovery of the patient, in the last stages - facilitate pain and suppress the symptoms manifested.

Physiotherapy prostatitis Exercises for prevention of prostatitis is several times lower likelihood of developing disease.If a man eats properly, is actively engaged in sports and carries out a complex of exercises prescribed for prostate, thereby preventing stagnation in it and improving blood circulation, prostate it is not terrible.

Exercise prostatitis include a set of actions designed to improve the flexibility of the spine and strengthening the hip muscles.Useful for prostate jogging, walking, squatting, "birch", abdominal exercises.Experts say that is considered to be the most effective restorative charge for prostate.From it should start each new day.

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What effect provides physical activity?

Exercises for prostate prostatitis improve circulation, and accordingly, the flow of blood to the organs of the urinary system, stimulate the nervous system, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and hip muscles, promote the elimination of the inflammatory process, increase the tone of the whole organism.They also contribute to improving the overall physical condition, facilitates the process of urination, reduce pain.

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The advantages of this method of treatment

Unlike other methods, exercise for the treatment of prostatitis is completely harmless and safe.They do not have side effects and the beneficial effect on the entire body.The only thing that should be considered before the training, - it is the presence of concomitant diseases in which physical activity contraindicated.

Therefore, before proceeding with the complex for prostate exercises, you should consult with your doctor.


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Exercise therapy for prostate indicated for all patients with a diagnosis of "inflammation of the prostate."A set of exercises is chosen individually by the attending physician taking into account the patient's general condition.Physical activity is not recommended for use in men with cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and high blood pressure.

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effective complex

Eastern medicine Here are the most effective exercises for the treatment of prostatitis:

  • need to stand up straight, put your feet shoulder width apart, knees forward in hand and slowly carry poluprisedaniya five to seven times;
  • from a standing position must be as high as possible to lift up every knee at least six times;
  • of crouch position to lean forward should straighten up, to dissolve in hand hand and pull the leg toward (exercise performed six to nine times);
  • need to lie down on his stomach and torso ride on a small ball, relying on the hands.Rolls to commit for three or four minutes;
  • need to sit on the ball and rolled it along the perineum, supporting his weight arms, gradually increasing the pressure.This exercise is performed for five minutes.

not considered to be less effective and yoga classes.


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methods of oriental medicine

In oriental medicine practice such techniques:

  • rubbing of the coccyx;
  • breathing exercises, and manipulation of the diaphragm;
  • rotation of the pelvis, and running in place;
  • simulate the movements of a cobra.

Exercise prostatitis are effective, so to them should not be treated lightly.