Compare tablets from prostatitis

Compare tablets from prostatitis

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  • Essential drugs against inflammation of the prostate gland
  • options of therapy for each form of the disease
    • In acute bacterial form
    • against chronic bacterial form
    • in asymptomatic prostatitis
    • against non-bacterial prostatitis
  • Herbal preparations and their effectiveness

Any treatment of prostatitis, in particular, drug, based ondiagnostic results.


Depending on the detection of white blood cells in the urine, as well as pathogen infection and existing symptoms of prostatitis are appointed pills.

Essential drugs against inflammation of the prostate gland

Successful treatment of prostatitis of any etiology is always complex, and its effectiveness depends on well-conducted survey.Patients faced with a number of symptoms, which is directed against the action of the following drugs:

Treatment with antibiotics

  1. Antibiotics - it is the first choice for prostatitis caused by bacterial infection.The drug is prescribed depending on th
    e type of bacteria, which are defined by bacterial inoculation test.Patients with severe symptoms antibiotics are administered intravenously.Usually, antibacterial tablets for the treatment of prostatitis take for four to six nedel.Inogda prolonged therapy to prevent recurrence.Your doctor may change and combine antibiotics if the exact cause of the inflammation is unknown, but they must be taken strictly according to the indication.
  2. Alpha-blockers help relax the bladder neck and the muscle fibers at the site of the prostate and bladder connection.Preparations tamsulosin, terazosin and doxazosin facilitate pain when urinating.Side effects include headache, decreased blood pressure, because it is not necessary to self-medicate.
  3. Painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen, make life easier for many patients with prostatitis.However, the administration of drugs and dosage should be discussed with your doctor, because the abuse of analgesics is fraught with other problems.
  4. Hormonal drugs are aimed at reducing the level of testosterone, which stimulates growth of prostate tissue.The treatment stabilizes hormones, reduced signs of inflammation.
  5. Muscle relaxants affect the striated muscles of the perineum.This tension in the area provokes constant pain and discomfort.Reduced muscle tone necessary for chronic prostatitis and pelvic pain.
  6. Phytotherapy or herbal remedies contain various natural composition: extracts, pollen, essential oils.Their effect is a multivalent, depending on the formulation.Often, natural pills prostate comprehensively facilitate the course of the disease, relieve pain, inflammation and swelling.
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treatment options for each form of the disease

Antibiotic therapy assigned against a particular pathogen, quickly accelerates healing, reduces the signs of intoxication and prevent complications.

Doctor decides what the tablet from prostatitis assign the patient only after analysis.Often, the laboratory provides the results of bacteriological examination five days after swabbing.

doctor has the right to prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics to start fighting infection.

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In acute bacterial form

The hospitalization of seriously ill inflammation cause of Gram-negative bacteria are coliform and Enterococci, Klebsiella, Proteus, and Pseudomonas.Occasionally encountered in prostatic secretions Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus faecalis, Chlamydia and anaerobic bacteria.

Because antibiotics are the primary treatment option, namely tetracyclines (ciprofloxacin, doxycycline), co-trimoxazole and quinolones.Men at risk of sexually transmitted diseases by also undergoing treatment against chlamydia infection.

seriously ill (eg, sepsis) should be hospitalized for parenteral antibiotics, usually broad-spectrum: cephalosporins and aminoglycosides.

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against chronic bacterial form

effectiveness of treatment with antibiotics is limited due to the inability of many drugs penetrate the epithelium of the prostate gland during inflammation.The cause of the disease are most often gram-negative microorganisms, such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis.Against them are appointed mostly doxycycline, minocycline and erythromycin within two weeks.

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In asymptomatic prostatitis

PSA levels return to normal after a 14-day course of antibiotics, but this treatment is prescribed only to patients with asymptomatic chronic prostatitis.

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against non-bacterial prostatitis

Pelvic pain Studies show that symptoms of chronic pelvic pain syndrome subside after antibiotics.Because doctors prescribe to patients two-week course of antibacterial drugs, even if tests did not reveal any traces of infection.

In the case of the stability of the disease alpha-blockers are used to treat, eliminate the root cause of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis - reverse current of urine from the urethra into the ducts of the prostate gland.Relaxed muscles urethra relieves symptoms associated with painful and impaired urination.

third alternative therapy are anti-inflammatory tablets with prostatitis, which suppress in prostate tissue immunological reactions that contribute to inflammation.In addition, the analgesic action relieves patients with pain in the crotch and waist.

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Herbal preparations and their effectiveness

It is in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, doctors supplement the basic therapy herbal remedies.


based on natural extracts produced many products of famous brands.

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