The effects of prostatitis : Why is dangerous not to treat?

consequences of prostatitis: why not treat dangerous?

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  • Anatomy and physiology of prostate
  • Symptoms of prostatitis
  • Pros and cons inflammation
  • The more dangerous the disease
    • The acuteprostatitis
    • consequences of chronic disease

Like any other, the prostate inflammation is accompanied by the classic symptoms: Flushing, edema and tenderness.If you do not pay enough attention to the problem and ask for qualified help to the urologist, the effects of prostatitis can be severe, ranging from decreased libido and potency disorders and ending cancer.So, try to understand what is dangerous prostatitis.


term "prostatitis" when literally means inflammation of the prostate gland. inflammation causes can be as infectious agents (specific and nonspecific microorganisms, viruses), and stagnation in the pelvis (with a sedentary lifestyle, bowel disease, spine, etc.) or in the prostate itself (long absence of sexual relations,unresolved frequent erection, etc.


Anatomy and physiology of prostate

The prostate is located in the pelvis, located between the pubic symphysis and the ampoule of the rectum, the prostate base adjacent to the bladder neck and the tip - to the urogenital diaphragm.A thickness of the prostate urethra passes (urethra) and the vas deferens.

in prostate tissue immediately surrounding the urethra, contains a large number of muscle fibers, which by reducing the flow of urine into the urethra during erection and ejaculation is impossible.

Back pain in prostatitis Functional prostate tissue is composed of alveolar-tubular glands, ducts which are combined into larger and opens directly into the urethra.

The generated secret they squeeze the muscle fibers by cutting during ejaculation.A connective tissue component of the stroma of the gland, contains blood vessels, nerve fibers necessary for the supply and operation of the "working" cells numerous glands.

gland Blood supply comes from several small vessels, vessels branching from the bladder and rectum.

Introducing Prostate location, it's easier to understand why prostatitis occurs in men with certain symptoms.

Current pathological process may be acute or chronic.In acute prostatitis consequences in the case of ignoring the symptoms or attempt at self may not be the most pleasant.Inevitable transformation process of acute to chronic.A dangerous than chronic prostatitis, consider further.

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Symptoms of prostatitis

symptoms associated with edema and the rush of blood in the prostate gland:

Decreased sex drive

  1. Due to compression of the urethra enlarged breast tissue:
  • formed urinary disorders: As a rule, patientsThey complain of frequent, painful, small portions (dropwise) urination;
  • scarce clear discharge from the urethra.
  1. Because of the innervation of the prostate (accompanying nerve fibers) - the formation of prostate nerve plexus of the lower splanchnic nerve trunk, which causes:
  • lower abdominal pain in the perineum, which can be given in the suprapubic region;
  • decreased libido.
  1. Due to the compression of the vas deferens tissue edema, and also due to the inflammatory process leading to a decrease in the regulation of thyroid hormones (testosterone) occurs:
  • change the duration of sexual intercourse (rapid ejaculation or conversely, prolonged intercourse);
  • weak erection;
  • pain during ejaculation.

addition, organ perfusion feature, no major vascular own trunk leads to poor circulation in the gland and supports stagnation therein.This means that the prostatitis and its effects are quite complex in the treatment require a whole range of therapeutic measures.And without a professional approach of the complete recovery of speech can not go.

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Pros and cons inflammation

course, inflammation - it is inherent nature of the body to protect the process from damaging factor, aimed at its destruction.Herein lies the positive side of the process.

However, we should not forget that, first, tissue infiltrated with inflammatory cells, are killed along with the "pests," and in their place is always and in any organ is formed by connective scar tissue.Dimensions of the last is directly dependent on the area of ​​inflammation.

Prostate massage Second, inflammatory cells effectively cope not with all the damaging agents, many infectious agents have learned to cheat our immune system to defend itself and thus remain in the body for many years, making acute flaccid chronic process.

person may not know that he has a chronic disease, becauseexacerbation can proceed unnoticed until the effects will not develop prostatitis.

Third, damaging factor can be so strong that immune cells can not keep it and take acute inflammation.Fourth, when the current long-term chronic process of constantly updated glands epithelial cells may one day mutate and develop into malignant.

Thus, to summarize the effects of prostatitis and call.

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The more dangerous the disease

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Effects of acute prostatitis

  1. cystitis, urethritis, vesicles, epididymo-orchitis, pyelonephritis.
  2. abscess (pus formation of cavities in the tissue) of the prostate.
  3. Chronic prostatitis.
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consequences of chronic disease

  1. prostate fibrosis.
  2. Erectile dysfunction.
  3. Infertility.
  4. Renal failure.
  5. urolithiasis.
  6. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
  7. Prostate Cancer.

The same list can include reduced quality of life, the changing nature of (the appearance of aggressiveness, irritability, etc.), violation of family relationships and other disorders of the private sphere.


Timely access to a doctor and started a comprehensive treatment will eliminate the need to deal with the effects of prostatitis.