The main symptoms of prostatitis in men

main symptoms of prostatitis in men

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  • Where the disease begins?
  • If not treated
  • Diagnostics
  • Symptoms and treatment of chronic prostatitis
  • Trust doctors
  • Prevention

Prostatitis - this is a disease which affects a large part of theof the male population of the planet.This trouble caught off guard at any time.Usually strong half simply hesitate to tell us about the early symptoms of prostatitis in men and often do not know what to do with them.Therefore, the disease starts and cause significant harm to health.

Problems conceiving prostatitis

Let's look at some of the details of the disease and see what we do with this insidious disease.

Prostatitis - is inflammation of the prostate, and the chance to have their sick men at any age. particularly likely to develop in these situations:

  1. General hypothermia.You can fall into the hole, a long time to spend in the cold train, a little sit on the cold stone, or simply are not home in time to turn on the heating.
  2. Frequent constipatio
    n.The illness can cause not episodic constipation, and regular violations.
  3. Sedentary work.In the first place there is a risk of drivers, computer operators, that is, those who sit without the ability to get up and stretch their legs (or simply lazy) a day.
  4. excessive sexual activity or, on the contrary, long-term abstinence.
  5. sedentary lifestyle.
  6. chronic inflammatory disease of the body (for example, chronic bronchitis) and chronic infection (untreated caries, tonsillitis).
  7. Transferred urological and venereal diseases (urethritis, gonorrhea).
  8. Any other condition that can inhibit the body's immune system (regular lack of sleep, overtraining in athletes, irregular and inadequate nutrition, chronic stress, overwork, etc.).

All of the above is particularly true for men over 50 years.Few of them lead an active life, to the same at that age begins to change hormones, manifest different diseases, conditions are created for the emergence of stagnation processes and reduced immunity.Therefore, every man at the age recommended to regularly visit a urologist for examination.

Where the disease begins?

strangury The illness begins with an unpleasant and painful urination.There is a need to get up 1-2 times a night to the toilet.At this stage rarely turn to the urologist, though, if you start treatment at this stage, it will be minimal.

For some time there will be shooting or dragging pain in the perineum and suprapubic, chances are the pain in the penis and anus.Urination becomes frequent and painful, the urine becomes cloudy.Pain may occur during defecation.

Sometimes the patient notices the selection of white secretion drops in the morning.The body temperature rises to 38 degrees.It was during this period of the disease most often turn to the urologist.

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If not treated

If you do not provide first aid to the prostate and treatment is started, the condition is much worse.The temperature will be 39-40 degrees already.Pain will become very strong, painful urination sharply, urine will thin stream or drop by drop.The high probability of occurrence of acute urinary retention with the further development of renal failure.

It is worth noting that the symptoms prostatitis symptoms have other dangerous diseases, such as cystitis, benign tumors of the prostate, cancer of the bladder.

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At the reception at the urologist address to the urologist will be held on the prostate through the rectum investigation and analysis of her secret.It's not very pleasant, sometimes painful procedure (especially if the patient is not treated at an early stage of the disease).Often, patients are pulled with a campaign to the doctor because of this.

But the sooner will conduct a survey, the less unpleasant to palpation of the prostate gland.In addition, palpation itself is considered the treatment of prostatitis, because it reduces congestion in the prostate.

The laboratory will determine the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics, celebrated secret sowing on fertile ground and urinalysis.To fully confirm the diagnosis of the patient ultrasound examination will be held.As a general rule, to establish signs and prostatitis treatment to the urologist is not easy.

the early stages of treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis, ie at home.The patient will appoint antibiotics, thermal procedures on the perineum (hot compresses, warm sitz baths, and so on. D.), Candles with painkillers and prostate massage.In the period of treatment can not drink alcohol and spicy food.The treatment time is about 10 days.

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Symptoms and treatment of chronic prostatitis

A bad night say a few words about what the signs of a chronic prostatitis.The patient experiences a nagging and nagging pain in the perineum, rectum and genitals.The pain is worse after a long sitting, and subsides after light exercise and walk.It noted a burning sensation during urination.As a rule, a man does not sleep at night and becomes irritable.

Launched chronic prostatitis lead to inflammation of adjacent organs and many other troubles, including infertility.Chronic prostatitis is treated on an outpatient basis, but over a longer period.In addition to the above (heat treatments, antibiotics, candles), carried out prostate massage and reflexology.The patient is recommended to an active lifestyle, with the exception of its menu spicy foods and alcohol.

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Trust doctors

No need to try to learn how to determine the prostate, however, like other diseases, without a visit to the doctor.According to test results, the doctor will select the most effective drug for your case.Typically, home sick uses the antibiotic that will be on hand.

Analysis of urine for prostate This will lead to the fact that the disease is not cured, and go into the hidden or smoldering form with a subsequent transition to chronic prostatitis.If the disease has run, you will be hospitalized.The clinic will conduct a full course of antibiotic therapy and physiotherapy.The course of treatment in a hospital will be from 1 to 2 weeks and sometimes longer.

In any case, when the main symptoms of prostatitis occur, you should immediately seek professional medical help to avoid a chronic process.Because of chronic disease throughout can only reduce the frequency of exacerbations, but it is almost impossible to cure it completely.There are isolated cases where chronic prostatitis ended in complete recovery.Launched

or not finished the cure, it usually leads to a number of diseases that cause the most serious consequences.In order not to miss the early stage of the disease, stable pass semiannual survey specialists.


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Prevention Prostatitis - is the avoidance of the reasons that cause it.The following recommendations should take note:

  1. Try a long time to freeze.If you long to be on the street or in a cold room, take care of the appropriate clothing.
  2. When constipation do not torment yourself, and use laxatives.If you have a sedentary job, organize yourself a break every hour to get up and walk.
  3. regularly keep a sex life that will avoid a lot of problems, and not only prostatitis.
  4. regularly and eat well.
  5. Maintain an active lifestyle, not just sometimes get sick and think about your health.


Any doubts about the state of sexual health requires an immediate visit to a specialist, who will help in any way.Most importantly - do not be late.

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