Chronic congestive prostatitis and its treatment

chronic congestive prostatitis and its treatment

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  • What contributes to stagnant of prostatitis?
  • manifestations of congestive prostatitis
  • Methods of diagnosis of the disease
  • consequences of the disease
  • Treatment of congestive form

congestive prostatitis - not so rare diseases!This type of prostatitis is diagnosed in 80-90% of patients who complained of pelvic pain.Taking into account the contextual factors of the disease, the diagnosis of congestive (stagnant) prostatitis increasingly established in patients after 25-30 years, the disease is rapidly getting younger.


What contributes to stagnant of prostatitis?

These statistics are due to factors such as:

  • presence of irregular sexual life of a man or a complete lack of it;
  • fibrous adhesions, presence of stones in the prostate itself, leading to incomplete emptying duct gland during ejaculation;
  • the presence of varicose veins of the pelvic organs;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • poor blood supply to the
    prostate gland;
  • often practice prolonged or interrupted intercourse.

Sedentary lifestyle indirectly can be regarded as the effects of alcohol and nicotine in the development of congestive prostatitis, as they significantly impair blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

congestive prostatitis refers to forms of non-bacterial prostatitis.We can say that the expression of the inflammatory process with him there. In this disease, the clinical manifestations occur as a result of stagnation secretion of the prostate or stagnation of blood in the venous line of the pelvic organs.

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manifestations of congestive prostatitis

should be understood that as predisposing factors do not appear quickly, and very acute disease arises.More precisely congestive prostatitis - a chronic congestive prostatitis.Often a man does not pay adequate attention gradually increasing symptoms of congestive prostatitis, which contributes to the severe consequences of the disease.

main clinical symptoms are mainly related to pathological processes occurring in the urogenital system.Congestive prostatitis rarely results in significant impairment of general condition of man, it is not accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature.

  1. Initially the patient begins to disturb the painful and difficult urination.Pain moderate, pulling character.No feeling of complete emptying of the bladder after urination.
  2. Less congestive prostatitis is accompanied by a painful act of defecation.
  3. parallel gradually lead to abnormalities in male reproductive function.Reduced sexual desire, sexual intercourse is accompanied by painful sensations.With the development of the disease problems begin with erectile function.Significantly reduces the sensitivity of the penis receptors, erection slows down and brings the previously inherent brightness and pleasure.That's when men only seek a doctor-urologist.
  4. suffers and psycho-emotional state of the patient: there is irritability, depressed mood, reduced self-esteem.
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diagnostic methods disease

determine the presence of congestive prostatitis is not very easy.The clinical picture is often identical with many diseases of the genitourinary system: bacterial prostatitis, prostate adenoma, bacterial uretroprostatit and many others.other. It is impossible to establish a clear diagnosis, not comprehensively surveyed the patient.

This will help the designated doctor and studies:

Rectal prostate study

  1. Rectal palpation of the prostate research.
  2. Laboratory evaluation of prostatic secretions.prostate congestion will cause a thickening of the prostatic secretions.After massaging the prostate secret stands lumps.
  3. Bacteriological analyzes of urine and prostatic secretions.These studies will help to eliminate the microbial factor in the development of chronic prostatitis.
  4. transrectal ultrasound of the prostate (TRUS).Close contact ultrasonic sensor is at the same time ultrasound accurately estimate the size and consistency of the prostate, to determine the presence of fibrous adhesions and stones in the prostate itself and, of course, assess the extent of the lesion and bloodstream, which led to stagnant prostatitis.
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disease Late or improperly prescribed treatment congestive chronic prostatitis can cause the following complications:

  • pyelonephritis and renal failure;
  • impotence and infertility;
  • formation of cysts and stones in the prostate tissues;
  • incontinence;
  • adenoma and prostate cancer.
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Treatment of congestive form


At the beginning of the treatment of this type of disease patients have to be patient with chronic prostatitis the congestion will not be able to cope for 5-7 days.

first step is to eliminate the identified predisposing factors to the development of the disease.We must fundamentally change their way of life:

  1. patient to normalize sex life.
  2. Increase physical activity.
  3. refuse spicy and fatty foods, coffee and alcohol.
  4. Ensure optimum weight.

Because of drugs appropriate to the use of anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, immunomodulatory drugs and drugs that will correct the blood supply to the prostate gland.Good therapeutic effects have prostate massage, electrical, electrophoresis of enzymes, ultrasound therapy and LOD.


main time to seek qualified help, adhere to medical recommendations and applying every effort to prevent the occurrence of severe complications.