The most effective cure for prostatitis

most effective cure for pros

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  • Types of treatment depending on the form of the disease
  • treatment of acute forms
  • chronic stage
  • Preventionmeasures
  • New treatments

Modern medicine offers treatments for diseases such as prostatitis, drugs of different therapeutic effect.Even the most complex and severe manifestation of the disease may be cured in compliance with all the recommendations of the attending physician and applying the complex therapy.


Prostatitis is the most common urological disease, and is an inflammation of the prostate gland.According to statistics, suffer from it 3 out of 5 men aged from 20 to 50 years.Even in 16-18 years there is a possibility of inflammation of the prostate, for example because of the banal hypothermia pelvic area.Complications of the disease can be launched inflammatory diseases of other organs of the urogenital system, infertility, impotence, and prostate cancer.

not allocate the most effective cure for prostatitis, as the cause of the disease may be quite different.When infectious and non-infectious form of inflammation are various types of drugs and their combinations.Also, the choice of products affected by the presence of concomitant diseases, complications and the overall condition of the patient.

Types of treatment depending on the form of the disease

prostane Medications for the treatment of prostatitis have a wide variety of pharmaceutical forms.These drugs are produced in the form of tablets ( "prostane", "Vitaprost"), capsules ( "Prostamol-Uno", "Peponen"), injections ( "Prostatilen") and rectal suppositories ( "Prostatilen-zinc", "Vitaprost").By using drugs in combination, can achieve a more rapid recovery and long-term positive effect postterapevticheskogo.

The whole complex of medical procedures consists of antibacterial therapy, prostate massage, immune stimulation and physiotherapy.An important role in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland plays a patient's lifestyle adjustment.

Not long ago, the official medicine has recognized the effectiveness of the popular methods of combating prostatitis.Some finished dosage fees can be bought at the pharmacy, and others - to gather and prepare yourself.Such fitosbor should consist of anti-inflammatory, diuretic, relaxing and calming herbs, they are used in addition to the basic course of treatment is strictly under medical supervision.

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treatment of acute forms

Acute bacterial prostatitis or cause various pathogens.Symptoms of the disease are common intoxication, chills, fever.Often there is pain in the groin and lower back, are frequent urge to urinate.Sam urinating process is quite painful and is accompanied by a purulent discharge from the urethra.

Antibiotics for prostatitis In therapy of acute condition apply such medicines from prostatitis, antibiotics.The spectrum of action should be fairly wide, as they should penetrate well into the prostate tissue.The most common types are the macrolides, tetracyclines, cephalosporins, penicillins, fluoroquinolones.

choice of drug depends on the kind of microorganisms, and their susceptibility to certain antibiotics row.The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, in the most severe cases of intoxication hospitalization, in case of serious complications possible surgery.

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chronic stage

chronic prostate inflammation develops after suffering without medical intervention, or not fully cured of acute forms of the disease.It is accompanied by symptoms such as a nagging pain in the perineum, genitals or rectum.Maybe burning during urination, poor sleep, irritability.Complications of chronic process may be male infertility, inflammation of other pelvic organs, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Prostate massage treatment on an outpatient basis, but requires a longer time than in the acute form.Medicine for the treatment of chronic form of the disease is selected individually by the physician, and the choice of drug depends on the type of previous treatment and the sensitivity of microorganisms.In addition to antibiotics, analgesics, immunomodulating agents, physical therapy, prostate massage.

At this stage successfully used these drugs for prostate as rectal suppositories (or candles).They effectively remove the gland swelling, improve blood circulation, increase local immunity, inhibit the activity of pathogenic microorganisms.The most popular drugs are "Vitaprost", "Prostatilen".

Quite often there are cases of asymptomatic chronic prostatitis, which is not manifested obvious signs and runs unnoticed in the body for a long time.What medications to take in this case, to advise the attending physician, but the most commonly prescribed anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Preventive measures

Prostaplant After treatment of acute prostatitis is necessary to take medication against the disease and to prevent the recurrence of the chronic form.To do this, fit herbal preparations and immunomodulators such as "Prostanorm", "Prostaplant", "Prostamed", "The Bronze Horseman".As prevention of disease is quite effective prostate massage.

In addition, it is necessary to carry out the correction of their lifestyle, more exercise.The special exercises designed to improve the performance of the prostate and other organs of the urogenital system.It is important to maintain a regular sex life with a steady partner, do not forget about the diet and limiting alcohol consumption.

Treatment of acute and especially chronic inflammation of the prostate gland - this process is quite lengthy and costly material.Sometimes completely cure it is not possible, therapy only helps to reduce the symptoms and improve the patient's overall health.Therefore, the best cure for prostatitis - a timely application of preventive measures.


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New treatments

Modern medicine does not stand still.Periodically, new drugs for various diseases, including prostate inflammation.These include blockers that allow relieve spasms in the sphincter, the bladder and the prostate itself, which contributes to the free exit gland secretions and prevent stagnant processes and the appearance of puffiness.

Sometimes the treatment of inflammation of the prostate used female hormones.They can reduce inflammation and cure it in combination with other drugs.


For effective outcome of treatment of any form of prostatitis prescription drugs should be performed by a urologist, andrologist. After careful examination, receipt of test results and identify comorbidities and complications the doctor will develop an individual medicinal and physiotherapy complex.Only by adhering to all regulations and specialist recommendations will achieve a full recovery of the patient.