What is the prostate in men and why is it necessary ?

What is the prostate in men and why is it necessary?

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  • Structure and the main
    purpose of the prostate
    • Main Zone "of the second man's heart»
    • Anatomy prostate
  • Main prostate function
    • essence of the barrier function of the "second man's heart»
    • secretory gland function and its role in the sexual activity of men

prostate - is the most important organ of the male reproductive system that performs multiple functions.It affects not only the proper functioning of the urinary system, but also the sexual performance of boys.


slightest failures in the body can lead to impotence, prostatitis, adenoma, cancer, other serious and difficult to treat diseases, as well as to determine the psychological problems that cause prolonged depression and loss of interest in life.

To understand the main purpose of the prostate gland in the male body, you need to get acquainted with its anatomy and learn the basic functions assigned to the body.

Structure and the main purpose of the prostate

Prostate - is unpaired exocrine gland of male sexual system, anatomical location which defines its basic functions.It has a certain form, it increases with age, and partly changes its appearance.

His natural size men's prostate reaches approximately to twenty years.After forty-five years, many men it starts to grow again, causing benign prostatic hyperplasia.This phenomenon is so common in medical practice that many experts are inclined to think to consider it an essential feature of the elderly similar to wrinkles, gray hair, reduced water content in tissues.

Who is the most important organ of male sexual system?

Excellent erection Prostate presented glandular and muscular tissue.The glandular tissue is a source of hormones and prostatic juice, muscle tissue is responsible for the regulation of the urethral lumen.

body volume depends on the male physique.On average, the size of the prostate gland are as follows: width - 3.5 cm, length - 3 cm, thickness - about 2 cm Its weight does not exceed '20

prostate resembles in form a large walnut or chestnut..Its narrower pole located around the initial part of the urethra, and wider - adjacent to the bottom of the bladder neck and covers it.

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Main Zone "of the second man's heart»

prostate in men in the process of embryonic development evolves from a variety of tissues, so is several zones.Important from the point of view of medicine are considered two: central and peripheral.

central zone of the prostate gland - an area surrounding the urethra.Fabrics made it susceptible to the growth, so it is often it is diagnosed benign prostatic hyperplasia.

prostate peripheral zone - the zone, which is developing more than 70% of the cancer cells.It is available digital rectal examination and is considered the most vulnerable.

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Anatomy prostate

Massage and prostate study prostate anatomy is quite complicated: the body is made up of spongy tissue, smooth muscle and tiny ducts to the outside of it is covered by dense connective tissue, on the inside (thin membrane) - capsule.Within the prostate are located 30-50 lobules connected to the urethra via the excretory ducts.

The prostate is located between the rectum and the pubic brush surrounds the bladder neck and covers the upper portion of the urethra, and the connections between it and the missing urethra.

anatomical location of the prostate leads to difficult access to it, as a result of the complexity of its diagnostics appear at deviations.

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main function of the prostate

prostate functions are multifaceted.The body is responsible not only for the stability of sexual performance and support sperm fertility, but also prevents the pelting of semen into the bladder and is responsible for the quality of urination.Those.from its functioning depends condition as the urinary and reproductive system.There are barrier and secretory function of the prostate gland.About them - in more detail.

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essence of the barrier function of the "second man's heart»

Active sperm prostate is separating "checkpoint", separating the process of ejaculation of urination: the muscular part of the body prevents the throw into the bladder seminal fluid, and is thus, his involuntary sphincter.In addition, she is responsible for the quality of urination, urine holds and provides its normal flow at the appropriate time.

prostate gland also protects men from genital tract infections.It prevents the penetration of falling out of the urinary canal microorganisms into the upper urinary tract, protecting them against various infectious nature of the disease.

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secretory gland function and its role in the sexual activity of men

secretory function of the prostate is performed and the glandular part is:

  • development of prostatic juice responsible for the quality of sperm;
  • development of biologically active substances - prostaglandins involved in blood supply to the pelvic organs and is responsible for normal erection;
  • synthesis of male sex hormones: testosterone, enzymes, vitamins, immunoglobulins, citric acid, and prostate-specific antigen.

Prostate innervation by advanced system creates a pleasant sensation during intercourse.The secret, produced by it, liquefaction of the ejaculate and normal sperm activity.


So, what is the prostate in men?This is the most important organ, on which depends the full sexual intercourse, stable erection, urination quality and productivity of functional abilities of men.