Urethritis Prostatitis and its treatment

uretroprostatit and its treatment

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  • Predisposing factors
  • symptoms
  • Timely diagnosis
  • Treatment uretroprostatita

the most common diseases of the genitourinary system in men is uretroprostatit.


This disease is common especially in young (under 50 years) representatives of a strong half of mankind.It starts from the disease urethritis - inflammation in the urethra.

Ways getting an infection in the prostate:

  • through the lymphatic vessels;
  • on channels that connect the urethra and prostate.

Predisposing factors

Sedentary lifestyle

  1. high likelihood uretroprostatita men who do not have regular sexual intercourse, when there is the fact of prolonged sexual abstinence or when regular sexual arousal occurs without an act of ejaculation (ejaculation).
  2. sedentary lifestyle of modern men plays an important role in the development uretroprostatita: increasing congestion in the veins of the pelvis, which contributes to the development of inflammatory diseases.
  3. Significant role played by the presence of foci of infection in the urogenital system (cystitis, pyelonephritis), chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis.It is from these chronic foci by hematogenous infection can enter the urethra and prostate.
  4. insufficient production of male sex hormones and promotes uretroprostatita.
  5. Disorders of autonomic regulation.
  6. Failures in overall immune system of men provoke breach of the protective function of the prostate and contribute to the development uretroprostatita.
  7. hypothermia.
  8. physical overload of the male body.

uretroprostatita Often the cause may be Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Proteus, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma.

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Symptoms of the disease are often the first symptoms of urethritis little worried man.Discomfort when urinating, a small amount of mucopurulent secretions emitted from the urethra may even be unnoticed by the patient.Sometimes it goes unnoticed and the bonding of the skin and mucous secret foreskin.

urethritis subacute onset of infection giving time to penetrate into the prostate tissue.With the spread of infection from the urethra, in violation of the protective barrier of the prostate inflammation occurs in the tissues of the prostate, prostatitis, urethritis developed in stages.Only then, when the bright development of symptoms, the patient seeks help.

Chills and temperature Chills, fever, aches throughout the body - signs of general intoxication of the organism, and that concerned patients uretroprostatita.These symptoms develop strongly, but the patient may erroneously be confused with the presence of starting acute respiratory viral disease.

parallel, there is pain in the perineum, inguinal area.Pains are drawing the character, may irradirovat (give) to the lower part of the abdomen, lower back, hip.

Urging to urinate frequently and too painful.

urination process is accompanied by cutting pains and brings the feeling of complete emptying of the bladder.Difficulty in urination can lead to acute urinary retention.And then unconditionally patient will need a qualified medical or surgical care.

man because of the above symptoms become very irritable.Suffering and the sexual sphere of life: reduced sex drive, ejaculation occurs either early or late sexual intercourse painful.

All of the above psychological aspects of uretroprostatita contribute to the formation of impotence and infertility in men.

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Timely diagnosis

In identifying uretroprostatita use the following procedures.

During a visit to the clinic doctor collects comprehensive history of the disease, it determines the factors predisposing to disease and makes recommendations about preventing further their impact on the man's body.Then the doctor goes to the common methods of diagnosis of the disease.

Appointed general clinical blood and urine tests, blood chemistry, blood test for HIV and RW.

The special methods of examination and diagnosis uretroprostatita include:

Ultrasound prostate

  1. rectal examination of the prostate, during which the doctor determines the amount, structure of the gland.
  2. Ultrasound prostate research.Frequent and most informative is a transrectal ultrasound.This method allows you to accurately determine the size of the prostate, urinary bladder, to evaluate the degree of stagnation in the venous line with the pelvis.
  3. sperm analysis (semen).It allows you to determine the extent of involvement of reproductive sex organs in the inflammatory process by the presence of sperm.
  4. smears from the urethra.It held secret fence and is determined by the microorganism that caused inflammation.For a more accurate diagnosis using PCR (polymerase chain reaction), ELISA and IFA.
  5. Microscopic examination of prostate secretions that stood out after prostatic massage.This method allows to determine the signs of inflammation in the prostate: leukocytosis (more than 10 leukocytes in sight), reducing the number of lecithin granules and the presence of pathological microorganisms.
  6. Uroflowmetry (urination research) helps pinpoint the affected area of ​​the urethra.

parallel should be carefully evaluated and sexual partner.In identifying her pathological microorganisms in the treatment and she needs.


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Treatment uretroprostatita

uretroprostatit diagnosed, you must immediately begin to treat the disease!Techniques and formulations chosen doctor specifically for the patient.You always have to take into account the severity of the disease and the nature of the pathogen, which provoked an inflammatory process.

Antibiotics It should be considered when choosing a method of treatment of a feature not always microorganism that cause urethritis, causing uretroprostatit in the future.

treatment should begin with a complete change in their traditional way of life, the termination of the predisposing factors.

During treatment the patient is recommended to adjust the mode of work and rest, to gradually increase physical activity.Enrich diet with fresh food, rich in vitamins, fruits and vegetables.Follow safe sexual relations.

uretroprostatita Complex treatment consists of:

  1. antibiotic therapy.Apply, depending on the agent, beta-lactam antibiotics, aminoglycosides, macrolides.The course of treatment 8-14 days.
  2. prostate massage.
  3. of alpha- and beta-blockers, muscle relaxants.
  4. Physiotherapy techniques that improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.Used electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves microclysters with drugs.
  5. Valuable immunocorrection using medication prescribed by immunologist.

Surgical treatment of chronic uretroprostatita not even proven and used in our time is extremely rare.


always patient should strictly adhere to the plan of medical actions appointed doctor, do not self-medicate.And deciding to treat themselves, without constant supervision of the doctor, it is necessary to remember that the effects of acute uretroprostatita can be severe chronic uretroprostatit, infertility, impotence, or generalization of a bacterial inflammation (sepsis).

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