Proper preventive maintenance of prostatitis at home

Proper preventive maintenance of prostatitis home

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  • Preventing disease
    • primary disease prevention measures
    • secondary disease prevention measures
    • preventive massage

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland and is the most common disease among men.


Timely prevention of prostatitis can prevent progression of the disease, improve the urogenital system of men and increase the immunity of the whole organism.

causes of inflammation are infectious and non-infectious.The disease may be acute, with vivid manifestations of symptoms, and chronic, accompanied by mild symptoms.Complications in the absence of adequate treatment are cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostate adenoma, impotence, infertility, and prostate cancer.


disease treatment and prevention of prostatitis depend on the cause and severity of the inflammatory process.The main factors influencing the occurrence of the disease are:

inflamed prostate

  • infection which can get into the prostate from
    the bladder, rectum, urethra;
  • stagnation of blood in the pelvis as a result of sedentary lifestyles, sexual abstinence, hypothermia, etc.

In addition, prostate prevention is primary and secondary.

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Primary prevention measures

disease Primary activities help to prevent inflammation of the prostate gland:

  • to maintain an active lifestyle;
  • full and varied diet;
  • limiting alcohol, spicy and salty foods;
  • ordering of sexuality;
  • timely treatment of various inflammatory processes of other pelvic organs and constipation.

also prevention of prostatitis at home consists of special classes in gymnastics, which is particularly needed in sedentary work.It includes the following exercises: cycling leg movements, squats, power muscles of the perineum to the anus retraction.This will strengthen the muscles of the pelvic organs and improve circulation in them.

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secondary disease prevention measures

Ultrasound prostate This group of preventive measures aimed at preventing relapse after successful treatment.The main point here is the regular visits to the doctor, as the re-development of the disease can occur without symptoms.

is mandatory analysis of prostate secretion.Persons older than 40 years carried ultrasound of the prostate and determination of prostate-specific antigen.

At any stage of the drug successfully used for the prevention of prostatitis.Their operating principle is based on the activation of the immune system to fight infections.Also, they can improve the microcirculation of the blood vessels and to remove the swelling.

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preventive massage

One of the most effective means of prevention of prostatitis is a preventive prostate massage.

This procedure is a finger effects on the prostate gland.The mechanical action causes the expansion of blood vessels, improves blood.This allows you to activate the regenerative processes, to prevent congestion, strengthen the muscles of the perineum.

During the massage increases tissue permeability for drugs, which is important not only during treatment, but also to prevent disease.for the prevention of drugs selected by the attending physician and depends on the state of health of the man, his lifestyle.Drug form: tablets, capsules, suppositories or injection - also depends on the individual patient.


Failure to comply with the most basic preventive measures leads to an increase in the number of cases and reduce the age threshold of potential patients. In turn, early warning of the disease affects not only the health, but also on the financial well-being.

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