The conservative ( medical ) treatment of prostatitis

conservative (medical) treatment of prostatitis

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  • Small, but removed
    • Two important functions
  • Why violated prostate function
  • can I skip prostatitis
  • Complex therapy

Inflammation of the prostate leads to the urologist every third man after the age of 30 years.With age, the percentage of cases increases.

Prostate adenoma

Drug treatment of prostatitis is the traditional, and its effectiveness is directly proportional to the degree of severity of the disease.

Small, but removed

difficult to imagine that such a small body such as the prostate, can bring a man to such an amount of suffering.After all, the value of the gland is only 2-4 cm and weighs about 20 grams!

androgen-dependent prostate gland that is developing, growing and operating under the influence of steroid hormones.Located prostate groin, just below the bladder, between it and the rectum, clasping the initial part of the urethra, which are derived from two special gland duct.

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Two important functions

The prostate gland is not a vital organ, but its functions are of great importance for the male body. It is therefore particularly important to carry out comprehensive treatment of prostatitis, both in acute and in chronic form.

sperm Motility first and main function of the prostate is a special liquid products - prostate secretion, which has an ideal composition for the normal functioning and movement of sperm towards the egg.

addition to glandular tissue in the body and has muscle fibers.They perform a second function, carry out the movement of sperm into the urethra, and then cut, blocking it, blocking the mixing of sperm and urine.Thus, the sperm remains an alkaline environment, and the sperm are able to conceive.

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Why violated function of the prostate

Prostatitis is a bacterial and non-bacterial.The first form is caused by harmful microorganisms, which attack the gland.Among them may be E. coli, stafilokkk, Klebsiella and others.Medications for the treatment of prostatitis in this form are selected based sown pathogen.

non-bacterial prostatitis occurs mostly due to stagnation of blood in the pelvis.This contributes to a sedentary job, alcohol abuse and smoking, low physical activity, exposure to cold, untreated infections, including sexually transmitted diseases, as well as irregular sexual life.

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Can I skip

prostatitis The acute form is unlikely to pass unnoticed because it is characterized by severe pain and pronounced dysuria.Often begins violation of general condition, fever.

Chronic prostatitis is much rarer, its symptoms are usually mild, and often a man turns to the doctor a few years after the first complaint, the functions significantly violated and treatment of prostatitis medicine is inevitable.

need to pay attention to the following symptoms:

Pain in the groin

  • pain (in the groin, scrotum, penis and surrounding areas);
  • violations of a sexual nature (premature ejaculation, poor quality erection, pain during intercourse);
  • complaints with urination (burning, pain, cramps, increased urinary urgency).

When such complaints should not delay visit to the doctor, because prostatitis diagnosis is quite simple and the earlier start adequate treatment, the faster the recovery will come and resume functions.

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Complex therapy

treatment each patient is strictly individual in matters of specific drugs and dosages, but it is based on the generally accepted scheme.Physiotherapy, massage therapy and herbal medicine closer look at in another article, but now look at the main drugs used in the prostate:

Antibiotics are an integral part of the treatment of prostatitis.In the case of the infectious agent in bakposeve conducted a special analysis on sensitivity to antibiotics, which makes it possible to assign the optimal drug.

Candles for the treatment of prostatitis Antibacterial drugs relieve inflammation, completely destroying the pathogen.Treatment of chronic prostatitis can last up to 8 weeks.In non-bacterial form of the appointment of well justified, as after the use of such medications there is a significant improvement in patient well-being.

Alpha-blockers.Long-term use of these drugs has an effect on the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates the tone of smooth muscles of the urethra and bladder.Thus, we achieve the maximum improvement in function and decrease complaints of dysuria.

NSAIDs.These drugs are used in the form of suppositories or tablets and used to relieve pain.

immunomodulators.These drugs though and increase the cost of treatment of prostatitis, but effectively enhance the regenerative processes in the prostate gland at the stage of recovery.Furthermore, they increase the overall immunity and that can improve resistance to future infections.

Hormonal drugs are used to reduce the level of androgens by increasing estrogen in the blood.Thus, the necessary balance is restored and reduces inflammation.


Antidepressants are necessary in some cases to reduce the level of anxiety and the elimination of neurotic conditions associated with complaints of the prostate.