The review of modern medicines from prostatitis

review of modern medicines from prostatitis

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  • Early detection as a basis for getting rid of the disease
  • General therapy
  • Step one: the fight against "pests»
  • Step two: reduce
  • edema in patient care
  • Specific therapy
  • Hormone therapy for prostate

Early detection as a basis for getting rid of the disease

todaydrugs for the treatment of prostatitis is not the last place in the range of diversity among suggested medications.And it is no wonder: the prostate disease is most common among the pathologies of the reproductive system in men.


Prostatitis - is inflammation of the prostate gland.

Most often inflammation of the organ appears:

  • discomfort in the area of ​​reproductive organs during or outside the act of urination;
  • pain during ejaculation (ejaculation);
  • discomfort in the pelvic area and the external genitalia.

All this leads to a decrease in activity and overall well-being, emotional instability and psychological disorders.If you suffe

r from these symptoms, you should immediately see a specialist.

qualified urologist will conduct appropriate diagnostic methods and help to cope with the illness.

Although it should be noted that the recovery process may take some time, but it is easier to cope with minor dysfunction of the body, you start an irreversible process of fatal consequences, including prostate cancer.

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General therapy

Antibiotics As noted above, prostatitis - inflammation, and as any inflammation, most often it is caused by bacteria, it is not surprising that medicines from prostatitis - is first and foremostantibacterials (antibiotics).

next stage in the fight against the disease is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.They have a positive effect by reducing swelling in the prostate through the impact on microcirculation in the body.The purpose of this area of ​​treatment is to reduce venous stasis in the pelvis.

Another important point in the patient administered with diseases of the reproductive system is to reduce the pain.In most cases (especially in chronic or complicated forms of the disease) is a pain is the primary complaint, so the physician should help the patient cope with the extreme discomfort in the vulva as soon as possible.

final stage - obstacle to the development of complications of treatment and recurrence in the future.

It is appropriate to appoint a drug correction of immunity, vitamin therapy, recommendations for the promotion of health as a whole, which may include:


  • a diet low in fat;
  • moderate exercise;
  • stay in the open air;
  • observance of elementary rules of personal hygiene;
  • avoiding harmful habits (smoking, alcohol);
  • planned medical examination every six months.

By following these simple rules, you can not only avoid complications but also to prolong their sexual activity.

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Step one: the fight against "pests»

antibacterial drugs for prostate experts conventionally divided into three main groups: fluoroquinolones, tetracyclines and macrolides, at least - cephalosporins.

Fluoroquinolones (lefoktsin, abaktal, nolitsin) are considered the most effective in the treatment of diseases of the body by a few of its features:

  • have an effect on the majority of microorganisms causing disorder of the genitourinary system;
  • accumulate in the breast tissue that provides maximum exposure to the bacteria;
  • virtually do not cause immune deficiency after a course of therapy;
  • not cause resistance (resistance of microbes to antibacterial drugs of this class).

Even among outstanding representatives of the group of antimicrobial agents in inflammation of the body are tetracyclines ( "JUnidoks Salyutab") and macrolides ( "Azitral", "Vilprafen").

Azitral Long before the advent of advanced companions, fluoroquinolones, these drugs help to cope with the functions of the prostate gland disorders of bacterial origin.But over time, organisms have become increasingly show resistance to these two classes of drugs.In addition, data from groups of medicines have quite a long list of side effects and contraindications.

It should be noted that any anti-bacterial drug may have spermatotoxic effect, what the patient should be warned in advance.It is undesirable to use antibiotics for at least four months before the alleged conception (full cycle of spermatogenesis).

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Step Two:

reduce swelling of drugs for prostate disease, having a positive effect on the microcirculation, well established in the scheme of modern therapy of prostate diseases.They contribute to the full supply of prostate tissue for drug compounds bloodstream, improving the outflow of secretion from the ducts of the body, increase metabolic processes in cells, which generally helps the body deal with inflammation.

release nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) among this group of drugs.The most frequently used drugs are two forms of this series:

  • rectal suppositories (Diclofenac) - at the expense of the local action of the drug effect is relatively fast, which reduces the multiplicity and duration of admission;
  • drops (trental, Aescusan) - are taken inside.The course lasts twice as long as when using rectal suppositories.Assigned to 15 drops of ingestion 4 times a day.
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in helping patients

Pyrogenalum Medications for the treatment of prostatitis, the main course of action which is immune and removal of pain, are not specific.But still they are able to ease the plight of the patient and reduce the risk of a recurrence of inflammation.

To reduce pain, the doctor may prescribe pain medications orally (by mouth) or rectally (suppositories and micro enema).At the same pills it gives a relatively short-term effect, but it is more convenient to use.

Among the drugs to enhance immunity is often used pirogenal.He at the same time stimulates the overall reactivity of the organism and enhances the inflammatory process that is well in chronic prostatitis, since it is best to treat the acute phase.

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Specific therapy

In recent times more effective drugs are appointed from prostatitis, which have a narrow focus of action in the body.All of them are combined and act in cancer tissues, in parallel a beneficial effect on body cells, increasing in their metabolism and the processes of restoration of functions.

Among them are:


  1. Vitapros - comes in the form of rectal suppositories (candles).Most often prescribed for chronic inflammation of the prostate or after surgery on this organ.
  2. Prostatilen - has two forms of release: rectal suppositories and solutions for injection.A disadvantage of this preparation is the presence of adverse reactions in the form of allergies (in some cases itching and burning shown).
  3. Prostalamin - tableted dosage form.It has no side effects and easy to use.
  4. Prostamol Uno - capsules, appointed in all forms and stages of prostatitis.Has anti-inflammatory, stimulating and antiekssudativnoe (decongestant) effects on breast tissue, but can cause allergic reactions.
  5. Prostanorm - combined preparation for the treatment of prostatitis.Relieves swelling, inflammation, pain in the pelvic area and the vulva, normalizes urination.It has a bacteriostatic effect on the streptococci and staphylococci.Available in the form of injection solutions and tablets.

Combination drugs are easy to use, but do not forget about the standard scheme of therapy for prostate inflammation.It is best to consult a specialist about taking these drugs.


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Hormone therapy for prostate

Increasingly lately prescribers of male sex hormones in the general scheme of treatment of prostate inflammation.But it is important to remember that they should be taken with great care, and to ensure the appointment of their necessity for the patient.

Patients suffering from this disease, long enough to notice a decline in their quality of sexual life.In addition, these patients experience depression and apathy on the background of his sexual inadequacy.hormone therapy to help cope with sexual dysfunction and improve the overall condition of the person.

Whatever drugs or recommend you to a urologist for recovery, we should not forget that the key element in the treatment of any disease is strict adherence to the instructions, and doctor's appointments, early diagnosis and care of their health.


And regardless of the likelihood of relapse, do not neglect prevention.Prevention is better than cure.