A variety of medical devices for the treatment of prostatitis

A variety of medical devices for the treatment of prostatitis

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  • transrectal device
  • Noninvasive Device

Prostatitis - the disease, which may facea man of any age.This disease requires mandatory comprehensive treatment combining medication and physical therapy techniques.

Device for the treatment and massage

If it is impossible to visit daily physiotherapy in hospital procedures can be carried out independently at home, using medical devices for the treatment of prostatitis.

transrectal device

Device "Mavit" - physical therapy device for the treatment of prostatitis and other prostate diseases.There is also a modification of this device, which is set the sleep timer, which facilitates the use of the device.The device is used transrectal.

therapeutic effect when using the device is achieved by the action on the prostate gland of heat radiation, magnetic fields and vibrations.Thanks to this combined effect improves blood circulation in the prostate, prostate secretion outflow and reducing its swe


Already after the first treatment, patients reported recovery of normal urination, decrease in pain and improvement in erectile function.

Прибор "Маэстро" Apparatus for treatment of prostatitis "Maestro", as opposed to the apparatus "Mavit" carries prostate massage alternating vacuum and not by means of vibration.In addition to the effects of the vacuum, this device also has a therapeutic effect pulsed magnetic field.Just as "Mavit", this device is used transrectal.

Another of devices for the treatment of prostatitis is a device to "forgive".Local exposure apparatus on the prostate gland is performed by thermal radiation, electromagnetic field and mechanical vibration.The operating principle of this device is similar to the device "Mavit".As a result, the treatment improves blood circulation in the prostate, reduces swelling and pain.

Apparatus for treatment of prostatitis, the effect of which is carried out by means of transrectal access are targeted on the prostate gland.Clinical studies have shown that the local physical therapy action increases the effectiveness of drug treatment of prostatitis, contributes to faster get rid of the symptoms of the disease and achieving remission.

The principle of operation of such devices is largely similar, so the indications and contraindications for their equal treatment.Contraindicated treatment devices in acute prostatitis, prostate cancer, prostate tuberculosis.Because access is through the rectum, it is contraindicated the use of devices in acute inflammatory diseases of the anus and cancer of the rectum.

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Noninvasive Device

Аппарат "Милта" There are also devices for the treatment of prostatitis, the effect of which is carried out by means of infrared, laser and LED radiation in combination with the influence of the magnetic field.Due to this physical therapy action reduces pain, relieves spasms of blood vessels, swelling and inflammation of the prostate tissue.

For home treatment devices will approach "Milt-F-5-01", "Rikta" and its modifications.

Unlike devices for the treatment of which requires transrectal access, treatment quantum devices is carried out by external percutaneous exposure to a particular area of ​​the body.Therefore, treatment of prostatitis such a device does not cause patients discomfort, unpleasant emotional experiences and is completely safe.

Devices of this type are not only easy to use, and require minimal maintenance.Unlike with transrectal access devices, laser devices have no contact with the infected contents of the rectum, because they do not require thorough disinfection after each therapy session.

also for the treatment of prostatitis include noncontact low-frequency power devices resonance effects, such as "Deta-Rhythm".The action of the device is based on the restoration of the normal frequency of electromagnetic waves in the damaged tissues of the prostate.The device emits a frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz, which is physiological for the human body.

procedures performed by this device, do not require transrectal access and do not cause the patient discomfort.


should be noted that devices for prostate treatment can be used only in consultation with a urologist .Self-medication, as well as self-test, unacceptable.If you decide to use the device for self-treatment of prostatitis, a physician will help you choose the instrument that is most appropriate in the specific case of the disease, and explain how to use it properly.