All of prostatitis : symptoms and treatment

All of prostatoree: symptoms of the disease and its treatment

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Prostatoreya - urethral fluid channel, which is formed in the prostate.Often, the outflow occurs during the act of defecation or after urination.


Prostatoreya arises as to the background of diseases of the prostate gland, and for no reason, because of the peculiarities of body position.

  1. Reduced activity of the prostate leads to stagnation of secretions in the ducts.Pathology called atony of smooth muscle surrounding the prostate ducts leading out, and occurs in disorders in the autonomic nervous system.
  2. mechanical squeezing secretion of the prostate can occur with constipation or spasm of the sphincter of the bladder and is called defecation prostatoreya.
  3. Against chronic prostatitis decreases tone ducts of the prostate gland, because stagnant content comes out at a voltage of the pelvi
    c floor muscles.
  4. Sexual neurasthenia may also provoke a discharge from the prostate gland.


prostate ultrasound disease usually flow from the prostate fluid is not accompanied by pain, but the man brings discomfort associated with wet spots on the sheets and thoughts about the loss of semen.It has prostatoreya symptoms expressed only on the background of an acute inflammatory process, when there are copious purulent discharge from the urethra.As

reduce disease manifestations spontaneous outflow of liquid ceases.Most often men complain of watery (sterile) discharge from the urethra.

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When you need to see a doctor?

Doctors consider the allocation of prostate secretion without ejaculation pathological symptom.Microscopic examination of the fluid sample shows what is prostatoreya nature, non-infectious or contagious.

often against a background of atony in the prostate begins the infection process as microbes easier to penetrate the body through the urethra.Detection of bacteria in the secretions can also confirm the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis and prostate condition the need for further examination: digital examination, TRUS.

In normal prostatic contains lecithin grains.When inflammation appear in it the germs, the white blood cells.For taking a scraping doctor massages the prostate, forcing a secret.

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When you want to be treated?

Vitamin body Although prostatic fluid outflow may be a physiological phenomenon, any prostatoreya provides treatment in the form of strengthening the entire body, improve the functioning of the intestines, the normalization of sexual activity (prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases).

patient in need of prevention atony: strengthening the pelvic floor muscles that support the body's vitamin, taking herbal remedies (tincture of ergot), but only on doctor's advice.

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Complex rehabilitation prostate

prostatorei treatment is treatment of the underlying disease:

  1. To increase breast muscle tone is assigned a digital rectal massage, electrical stimulation of the prostate or receiving testosterone.
  2. Inflammatory processes are treated, depending on the nature of the disease: acute bacterial prostatitis is eliminated with antibiotics, chronic forms - massage and other physical therapy and the use of antibiotics.

Any azoospermatoreya needs treatment, if only because the men in the background highlight secretion from the urethra take his sperm fall into depression, and depression.


Prostatorrhoea (or prostatoreya) translates from Latin as "the expiration of the prostate", and indicates a leak in the pathology of the male prostate, but does not necessarily indicateprostatitis.

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