What is the prostate and why it should be treated ?

What is the prostate and why it should be treated?

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  • acute infectious inflammation of the prostate
  • chronic infectious inflammation
  • chronic noninfectious inflammation of the prostate
  • disease diagnosis
  • Treatment of prostatitis
  • Complications of the disease
  • Prevention

Prostatitis - the generalized name of inflammatory processes in the prostate tissue. The disease is one of the most common among males of all ages around the world.


There are plenty of printing medical literature to help explain what is prostatitis in men, what are the methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention measures currently exist for this disease.

Prostatitis - the disease, which in any case can not be ignored, so every man must know his symptoms and if they occur consult a urologist.

a mistake to believe that the inflammation of the prostate can be caused only by an infectious process.Most often, a doctor treated patients with all the characteristic symptoms of the di

sease, in which the results of diagnosis can not identify the source or an infectious agent.

acute infectious inflammation of the prostate

inflamed prostate This form of the disease is very rare and, unfortunately, the most difficult.The cause of acute inflammation in the prostate tissues is infection.

Disease begins acutely, with the development of pronounced intoxication syndrome, pain in the perineum.Patients concerned about the weakening of the urine stream, up to urinary retention, feeling of fullness of the bladder, painful persistent urge to urinate, and the urine may appear admixture of blood.

Acute infectious prostatitis in men requires immediate treatment because of its complications can lead to serious complications, up to sepsis.

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chronic infectious inflammation

This form of the disease also develops as a result of infection in the prostate gland, but the symptoms develop much more slowly, so they often are overlooked.

man disturb frequent urination, especially at night, discomfort during urination, weakening of the urine stream, pain in the perineum, the appearance of blood in the urine or semen, painful ejaculation.

Unfortunately, this form of the disease difficult to treat, so the therapy is usually a long and includes several antibacterial drugs.

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chronic noninfectious inflammation of the prostate

Chronic noninfectious prostatitis - is the most common form of the disease.

disease has similar symptoms to the infectious form, but the results of urine and prostate juice analyzes they lack the bacteria.Often the causes of the inflammatory process and remain outstanding.However, there are several factors that may increase the risk of developing the disease:


  • increased or, on the contrary, decreased sexual activity;
  • stress;
  • excessive exercise;
  • occupational hazards (sedentary work and professional activities related to the impact of vibration on the body).
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disease In order to understand what the prostate and how to treat it, you need to see a specialist.The doctor on the basis of survey data and laboratory and instrumental studies establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

First urologist performs a digital rectal prostate study, evaluating its size and consistency.During this manipulation the doctor may perform a prostate massage and take her juice for analysis.

Also doctor prescribes urine and blood and prostate ultrasound, which is usually performed transrectal method (introduction of the ultrasonic probe through the rectum).These methods of examination helps the doctor to find out all about prostatitis each individual patient and to appoint an individual course of treatment.

worth noting that you can do the ultrasound and transabdominal method, but this method does not allow the examination to determine the state of the prostate tissue and is only screening.

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treatment of prostatitis treatment

tactics chosen doctor depending on the individual tolerability, the immune system and how the disease started.

Preparations from prostatitis Prostatitis - the disease complex, requiring careful selection of medication and auxiliary treatment.

It is based on antibiotic therapy.The drug is prescribed in view of sensitivity to them disease agents, if it is detected in the biological material provided for the tests.

One antibiotic therapy is not enough to cure prostatitis.Increases the effectiveness of treatment the use of such dosage forms of drugs such as candles (suppositories) and microclysters.Substances in their composition, have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerating effect.

also used for the treatment of physiotherapy (laser therapy, magnetic therapy, LOD-therapy), prostate massage and comprehensive strengthening of the immune system.

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Complications of the disease

Prostatitis, in the absence of proper treatment, can lead to several serious complications:

  • erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation;
  • infertility;
  • impaired urination, urinary retention;
  • prostate abscess;
  • inflammatory diseases of the seminal vesicles, testicles, testicular appendages.

Some doctors regard adenoma and prostate cancer as a complication of this disease.

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Massage of the prostate Many men might never know what kind of disease prostatitis by taking certain preventive measures.

First we need to improve the overall immune status, as increased susceptibility to infections, exacerbation of chronic infectious diseases can cause disease.It is recommended to avoid hypothermia and stressful situations.

special note of STIs (sexually transmitted infections through), which are often the cause of the acute form of the disease.Therefore, we recommend the use of barrier methods of contraception during sexual intercourse.

Prostatitis often occurs in men, whose professional activity is associated with reduced mobility (drivers, programmers, and others.), With the result that there is poor circulation in the pelvic organs.In such cases, we recommend keeping a regular sex life.

Quitting smoking, alcohol and receiving narcotic drugs also plays an important role in the prevention of this unpleasant disease.

regularly attending urologist for the purpose of routine inspection, you can never know what the prostate and for many years to maintain men's health.


Of course it is better not to know what it looks like prostatitis and never suffer the symptoms of it, but if you are still faced with this disease, it is notbe ashamed of referring to specialists.Do not forget that early detection of the disease - the key to successful treatment.