Apparatus for treatment of prostatitis " Mavit "

Apparatus for treatment of prostatitis "Mavit"

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  • Physiotherapy in diseases of the prostate
  • The principle of
  • device features the use and contraindications

recently, medical device has been used successfully for the treatment of prostate and other "Mavit" prostate diseases.Use this device in a stationary, ambulatory and at home under the supervision of the attending physician.

Treatment of prostatitis

According to medical statistics, a growing number of men have problems with the organs of the urogenital system.

Prostate disease is becoming more common, despite the considerable diversity of all kinds of drugs and methods.

Physiotherapy at "Mavit SFM-01" of prostate diseases

therapeutic effect of the device is based on thermal radiation, magnetic field pulses and vibration massage.It is through an integrated approach medical devices for the treatment of prostatitis and other diseases have a large physiotherapy force.

Показатели эакулят после использования препарата "Мавит" Their use is becoming increasingly in demand among physicians

and popularity among patients.

device for prostate massage consists of an applicator that is inserted into the rectum, and the power supply.During operation of the applicator surface is heated to 38-42 ° C.Furthermore, the operating element is a source of magnetic field and mechanical vibration.

Device "Mavit" is so simple that the patient will be able to use it without assistance.

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device operating principle in the treatment of prostatitis is the main objective of treatment is to eliminate the inflammation.To increase the effectiveness of medicines in medical practice are often used physiotherapy techniques.

The most common ones are:

Аппарат "Мавит"

  1. heat.Improves blood circulation, stimulates the immune system in the surrounding tissues.
  2. micro massage.It leads to the recovery of muscle tone of the pelvic organs, eliminates congestion in iron and promotes the development of a secret.
  3. Magnetic.The electromagnetic field has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-edematous effect.

apparatus for treating "Mavit" prostate has all the above characteristics.Combined therapy allows for a shorter period to achieve full recovery.A therapeutic effect is maintained for a longer time.

Some individual procedures (eg, finger massage of the prostate) can cause in men rather unpleasant sensation, not only physical but also moral.Using "Mavit" device to avoid such discomfort and efficiently go through the entire course of treatment.

deciding to buy a machine to massage the prostate, the patient will see its advantages over conventional methods: safety, reliability, comfort, absence of adverse reactions, the rapid achievement of therapeutic effect.

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Features of use and contraindications

Adenoma Indications for use "Mavit" devices are: chronic prostatitis, uretroprostatit, prostatovezikulit, prostate adenoma on the background of chronic process, violation of copulative function.

Application of the device for the prevention of prostate diseases and stagnation in it.Not only does it prevent the development of the disease, but will improve the operation of the entire male urogenital system.

before using the appliance you must always consult with a physician.Hardware treatment of prostatitis has some contraindications:

  • acute form of prostatitis;
  • exacerbation of chronic forms of the disease;
  • malignant tumors in the rectum and prostate;
  • acute inflammatory diseases of the rectum;
  • prostate tuberculosis.

Positive feedback of patients and surveillance specialists confirm the effectiveness of the use of the device for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.


Thanks to this unit in men decreases pain, improves the function of the pelvic organs, normalize erections.This is beneficial to the overall health of the patient and their quality of life.