Ointments for impotence : fast effect , local action

Ointments impotence: fast effect, local action

About this pathology is rarely spoken aloud, even though every third man at least once in his life faced with the problem of impotence.Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction.Therefore, men are trying by all means to deal with an unpleasant illness.Effective methods are popular, as well as an ointment for impotence.


Ointments for potency

doctors a South American drug companies have come to the conclusion that the distribution of "Viagra" as a remedy for impotence does not eliminate all problems.It is, of course, causes an erection, but it has its drawbacks.For example, reduced sensory component of sexual intercourse, intimate process becomes greater mechanical than spiritual.

why doctors attended to the creation of an ointment to increase potency.It was developed tool called MED2002. Ointment was created as a preparation having an action like "Viagra", but without its side effects. ointment is applied to the penis and has a local impact.

Using ointment does not require re-lubrication during sexual intercourse.In its composition includes glyceryl trinitrate (GTN), which is a vasodilator.The potency once it was a side effect, that doctors decided to finally use the benefit.Until 1500 men with impotence are volunteers and participate in clinical trials.

cream potency

Мазь "Акридерм" для потенции on sale you can find a variety of creams for potency, which have an immediate effect and eliminate the problems.For example, a cream-stimulator has a dual action and also provide erection, and prolong sexual intercourse.

Generally, many creams from impotence, in addition to direct effects, give extra.For example, it has vasodilating properties, which helps the penis to become erect.Also, the cream is a company of herbal remedies, because it consists of plant oils that have a stimulating effect on the man.

honey as an effective ointment

traditional methods are suitable can be very useful to increase the potency.While artificially created ointment in clinical trials, honey is available to everyone.This product, being a rich source of minerals and vitamins, providing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates potency.It is used in all forms of impotence.

To enhance the potency of honey to be applied to the skin of the penis.The layer thickness should be approximately four millimeters.Top layer of honey is put in a canvas bag and a half times wider than the penis during erection.You should leave at night, honey, during which time he will suck and will start to operate.The course of treatment consists of ten treatments.

Why lost potency

Alcohol and potency Causes of erectile dysfunction:

  1. addicting drugs.
  2. use of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Fatigue and general weakness.
  4. Diabetes, obesity, prostatitis.
  5. Psychoemotional disorder.

When the first signs of impotence should not immediately start self ointments, decoctions, or other people's health facilities.It is best to promptly address to the sexologist and to establish the causes of the disease, identify a professional opinion on the need of medication.


Prevention of impotence is to follow a healthy lifestyle, get rid of bad habits, especially smoking.It is also important for men time to treat all diseases of internal organs.Then the ointment and tools that improve the potency, are simply not needed.

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