Men's health : all about prostatitis

Men's health: all about prostate

prostate is often called the second man's heart. And there are his reasons: the small but functionally important body carries special physiological problems.It is produced by a specific composition for nutrition and protection of spermatozoa.Considerable part takes the prostate in erection and ejaculation.That is why taking care of the health of the body should excite a man at any age.


healthy prostate gland is the formation of a rounded shape of the muscular and glandular tissue.The shape of the prostate is similar to a rounded triangle, the base of which is directed to the bladder, and the top - to the perineum.The base is adjacent to the neck of the bladder and the prostate is located behind the seminal vesicles.Inside the prostate, in the center of seed tubercle urethra connects to semyaizvergayuschimi ducts and ducts of the seminal vesicles.

At the moment of sexual arousal seminal colliculus swells, blocking the urethra, which prevents sperm from entering

the bladder.In addition, the seed mound located residual underdeveloped education - prostatic utricle.This small pocket formed in the embryonic period coalescence of Müllerian duct (in a similar way in the embryo developing female fallopian tubes and uterus).Male utricle function in men is not clear.

prostate functions



prostate is a kind of sphincter formed by muscle tissue.It gives a man the ability to hold urine.In addition, during ejaculation with rhythmic contraction of muscles of the prostate gland secretions are released from the sperm.


is the secret of the development, which is responsible for sperm viability.The secret is formed continuously in the male, but gets only the urethra during sexual arousal and ejaculation.

Secret is about 30% of the volume of semen.Such a high content of secretions due to the fact that the sperm in the vas deferens thick and its amount so small that secretions without ejaculation was not possible.This is the case of semen liquefaction, sperm activity is activated and set the desired pH level.Also in the secret contained acid, indexing hormonal saturation of the organism.


is to develop specific hormone-like substances: prostaglandins and other proteins that affect the function of the prostate.



associated with prostate arrangement which resists the penetration of infection into the bladder through the urethra.The protective effect is achieved through physical effects (sphincter) and thanks to the antibacterial properties of the secretion.