Influence " Mexidol " the potency of what you need to know ?

Effect "Mexidol" the potency of what you need to know?

"Mexidol" - universal medical drug complex influence.It helps the body to calm down and become more resistant to stress.This drug is widely used in neurology, psychiatry, and even surgery, so many men are concerned about, "Mexidol" and potency - how safe this union?


composition of the drug and the effect on the potency

Doctors in one voice say that taking this drug has absolutely no effect on the potency both in positive and in the negative direction. The product contains the active substance oksimetiletilpiridin succinate.This ingredient helps to stimulate the respiratory tissues.

Stimulation of the respiratory tract When lack of oxygen in the body (hypoxia) to help the tissues to breathe is very important.Hypoxia occurs on the background of poisoning, vascular spasms."Mexidol" effect on brain cells and protects them from oxygen starvation.Therefore, this prevents preparation of cells dying as a result of ischemia.It helps to remove the symptoms of intoxication.The patient

improves memory, normal speech is produced protection against poisoning processes.

Such reduction is important after a stroke or ischemic attack.The drug has a general positive effect on the human body, soothes, strengthens resistance to stress, strengthens the nerves."Mexidol" is used inside.

Contraindications and side effects

Effect "Mexidol" potency available.This domestic product is good because it has no specific contraindications.Should be discarded by the application only if there idiosyncrasy of the individual components.Also choose a different healing remedy is in poor kidney function.

The most common side effects are manifested at an early stage of the drug in the form of rash accompanied by itching and burning.No adverse effects on sexual function and potency of the drug is not generally provided.In case of overdose possible drowsiness.


Potency is an important function of the body, so it is quite justified concern men who are prescribed certain medications.In the case of "mexidol" nothing to fear.Its members do not belong to any single substance that could be both negative and positive impact on the potency.