What kraurosis penis and how it manifests itself ?

What kraurosis penis and how it manifests itself?

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  • kraurosis penis: triggers
  • Basic Penis symptoms
  • main ways of treating kraurosis

kraurosis penisor, as it is called, wrinkling - a urological disease in men, which is most common in elderly people and is very rare in young people who are not sexually active.This illness is not dangerous, but extremely unpleasant.Especially for young men who have a family or want to have it.

Disease kraurosis penis

kraurosis penis: triggers

Very often precedes such kraurosis maybe lichen that occurs after the age of fifty years.Another common factor is the presence of any type of lichen on the genitals, the occurrence of which is characteristic and quite young guys.

Ringworm is a primary cause of the disease.

particularly dangerous ringworm on the penis.Detected with the naked eye it immediately, only a small number of people are ready to immediately consult a doctor because of their modesty.Many people comfort themselves with the fact that it

does not deprive not kraurosis and temporary irritation or allergy, which soon will pass by itself.

Ringworm on the genitals in men Nevertheless, delay in the treatment of lichen and, accordingly, following it kraurosis can cause serious skin lesions.And when you consider that on the penis, especially on his head, the skin is quite delicate and soft, that is affected, it's very fast and did not immediately restored.In severe cases, recovery may not occur at all.Avoiding a full treatment of zoster can cause pain during urination and more discomfort during sex.It can also easily catch it and partner.

Additional factors that activate the development of the disease are increased blood sugar, genital herpes, as well as sclerotic impaired memory and involution of organs from elderly.From this we can conclude that if kraurosis penis due to old age appears, the more it looks like wrinkles.

also provoke the development of young people can kraurosis urological intervention surgeons poisoning hazardous chemicals, and another disease may be due to persistent inflammation of the skin of the penis, the glans and foreskin.

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Basic Penis symptoms

course of the disease in its initial stage is characterized by the fact that there is no apparent reason for concern. slight wrinkling of the skin around the head and foreskin few people surprised and causes worry.

Usually confusion appears on the second stage of the disease, when wrinkled skin begins to droop and close a urethra.

Call a doctor This is followed by a third stage kraurosis.During her urination becomes difficult.Sometimes a man is manifested in the frequent urge to the bathroom.And urine is released in small portions and often that causes discomfort.In addition, on the penis skin defects appear in the form of redness and bumps that are beginning to even slightly hurt in many cases.

The final step is to defeat the penis kraurosis cystic accumulations.And if time does not begin to explore these nodules and untreated, it can even lead to cancer.And the appearance of cancer is also not excluded.

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main ways of treating kraurosis

If you have time to see a doctor, the treatment will be carried out much more quickly, easily and painlessly.First of all, give advice urologist and dermatologist, after which the patient is required to be sent to the oncology department at the inspection and commissioning tests.

If Oncology okay and nodules appear not yet started (first or second stage kraurosis), then kraurosis treated with hormonal therapy.But if confirmed by the threat of cancer or cystic tumors, the patient is assigned to radiation.This can be carried out even surgery in severe cases.


If doctors have revealed exactly what this disease is not dangerous, as appeared in the result of the general aging of the body, can only be assigned certain vitamins and ointments.In this embodiment, the event or the use of chemical exposure or hormones can not give results at all, or only worsen the general condition and so weakened and the organism aging men.

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