Why can hurt the bridle of the foreskin

Why can hurt frenulum foreskin

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  • Addressing short frenulum
  • Inflammation arising from non-compliance with hygiene
  • narrowing of the foreskin
  • diagnosis of inflammatory diseases
  • prevention of inflammatory diseases

Bridle - a small fold of skin located below the head of the penis.It connects a foreskin (prepuce) from the head.Men do not pay this much attention to the membrane until it starts to not deliver problems.But bridle inflammation fairly common phenomenon in the modern world.

Driving bridle location

Although the reasons for its rather prosaic:

  • failure to comply with hygiene (resulting in prepuce smegma accumulates - unpleasant mixture of sweat, urine, particles epithelium and sebum);
  • getting under the foreskin of foreign bodies;
  • mechanical tissue damage;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • congenital organ structure (short frenulum).

bridle cause of inflammation of the foreskin may be some medicines or banal allergy.Therefore, if you notice redness of the head of t

he penis, itching and burning - immediately consult a urologist.Only he will be able to determine the source of disease and prescribe the right treatment.

Addressing short frenulum

The problem of short frenulum short frenulum can lead to inflammation, because the tension she is injured, causing quite a lot of pain.Typically, this flaw revealed at the start of sexual activity.Up to this point, such a physical feature of the young men did not bother.This problem is solved with the help of surgery, which is called plasticity frenulum of the penis.Calibration is done under local anesthesia and takes less than 1 hour.The rehabilitation period is usually 1-2 weeks.

course, you can turn to other methods and try, for example, to stretch the bridle with the "miracle" salves and ointments.But too often, these tools lead to even greater problems, and inflammation gets worse.Some men believe that the discomfort is too short fold, is not a reason for seeking medical attention.But it is worth remembering that microfractures may lead to bleeding.In addition, scar tissue is formed at the injury site.Because of this frenulum shortened even more, and the pain intensified.So why suffer if the problem can be solved in a few minutes?After all, the timely holding of plastic eliminates the possible discomfort of a lifetime.

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Inflammation arising from non-compliance with hygiene

Another reason, which leads to inflammation of the foreskin and the frenulum, is a failure to comply with the banal rules of personal hygiene.Dirt can lead to disease, which is called balanoposthitis.It can also develop as a complication of infection (most often sexually transmitted) or other disease.Externally balanopostit manifested by redness and swelling of the foreskin, and inflammation of the lymph nodes located in the groin.

Posthitis When urinating person experiences severe burning and itching, complains that it hurts not only the penis, but also the entire basin.When the first symptoms should see a specialist.The fact that one bridle inflammation of the foreskin is not limited.Advanced disease leads to gangrene and tissue perforation.

In such cases, only the removal of the flesh can save the whole body.At the initial stage balanoposthitis may heal in a few weeks with the help of antiseptic baths.In severe cases, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics.But self-treatment disease is unacceptable!

Diagnosis must be accompanied by laboratory tests.

specialist is obliged to eliminate syphilis and diabetes, which can also be the cause of such problems.Remember that balanoposthitis can lead to more serious illness - phimosis.

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narrowing of the foreskin

phimosis - a narrowing of the opening of the foreskin, which becomes difficult due to exposure of the glans penis.The causes of this anomaly may be several:

  1. body injury as a result of which the scar tissue is formed, and the prepuce and frenulum lose their elasticity.
  2. inflammation of the tissues of different genesis, leading to scarring.
  3. innate (genetic) feature.

Treatment of phimosis used to be that when this disease foreskin wiser to delete.But now with phimosis resort to surgical methods rarely.At the moment, the restriction may be cured as a medication (corticosteroid ointments), and mechanical (tensile foreskin manual) methods.However, any treatment should take place only under the supervision of a specialist!Phimosis may not bring more men and discomfort occur only during erection.

In such cases, the lack of expansion of the foreskin does not interfere with sexual intercourse.But this feature of the structure contributes to the accumulation of smegma, which may develop as a result of inflammatory disease.Therefore, the chronic course of the disease is often wiser to remove the flesh.This operation is called circumcision.

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diagnosis of inflammatory diseases

With accurate diagnosis are important laboratory results.Therefore, if your doctor has prescribed tests and take them all.Otherwise, you can run really terrible disease, treating only the symptoms.When inflammation of the bridle is necessary to conduct the following studies:

  • blood test on sugar content;
  • blood test for the absence of pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • smear glans on bacteriological seeding.

Diagnosis of inflammation Sometimes additionally take more analysis and fluid from the urethra and foreskin bag in order to prevent urinary tract infection.Furthermore, it can be assigned a skin biopsy.Usually they resorted to this analysis in the case where the assigned physician therapy brings positive results.Some experts conducted this study as a preventive measure.

In no case can not be afraid to be tested or of their own choosing to ignore some of them.Remember that without a complete clinical doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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prevention of inflammatory diseases

cause of inflammatory diseases may be sexually transmitted, and fungal infections.Usually, they are passed from partner to partner during unprotected sex.But the itching and discomfort in the genital organs may be indicative of diseases and non-infectious.It is possible that the cause of the inflammation became an allergic reaction to a medicine, eczema, psoriasis and diabetes.To the doctor should contact and the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • burning sensation in the pelvis, penis, and perineum;
  • dryness and flaking of the head;
  • appearance pungent smell;
  • education redness, seals and ulcers.

Personal hygiene personal hygiene can help prevent the onset of unpleasant consequences.Many nations prefer boys to remove part of the foreskin that under it not accumulate smegma.Modern living conditions allow to do without such radical can simply take a daily shower, thoroughly my sexual organ.

ordinary soap or shower gel process doctors do not recommend the foreskin.It makes more sense to choose a soft tool, specifically designed for the intimate zone.For the prevention of inflammation is wearing a bridle spare underwear, not compressing genitals.The seams of trousers in no case should not crash into the crotch, even when you are sitting.Do not wear tight jeans and.

Diabetics must every day to monitor blood sugar levels.A sexual intercourse, especially with a casual partner, must be protected.Remember that any inflammation brings not only discomfort, like itch.The appearance of cracks and sores further leads to a loss of sensitivity of the head.A formation of scar tissue can become a significant obstacle in sex.But if the inflammation has occurred, to self-medicate or hope that all will disappear by itself, is not necessary.


Only the timely treatment can protect your health. the more so at the present development of pharmacology, it usually does not take much time.And the disease disappears without a trace.

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