What can be caused by a lack of erection in men ?

What can be caused by a lack of erection in men?

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  • etiology of disorders of potency
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Impotence and cardiovascular system
  • Impotence and harmfulsubstance
  • medication
  • Folk remedies to increase potency
  • conclusion, conclusions, recommendations

currently, many men suffer from impotence.Normal erection - is the key to a happy family life.The reasons for this disease can be varied.For males it is perceived as a huge problem, because the decrease in potency is an integral component of health.Very often weak erection does not occur by itself, but is a consequence of diseases of internal organs, mental disorders.Today, a similar problem can be seen very often.Normally with age there is a gradual decrease in potency.At the age of 50 or 60 years, not every man can boast of an active sex life.


great interest is the lack of sexual function in young age.In this case, the majority of young people do not know what to do and how

to fix it.Now in connection with the active development of medicine, there are many treatments and medications that will help to get rid of sexual dysfunction and improve erection.Let us consider in more detail how to manifest lack of erection, what are the etiology and treatment of this illness.


potency disorders As mentioned above, the causes of impotence in men can be very diverse.These include organic diseases of the male reproductive system, hormone imbalance, vascular pathology, endocrine disorders, stress, use of harmful substances and more.A special place is the psychological factor.These primarily include psychological trauma, resulting in young and teenage years.

discomfort It may be the wrong sex education for teen parents, and long-term abstinence from sex, and a sense of shame.

In adults, young men with erection problems can arise with little experience in romantic relationships, a sense of fear of infection with sexually transmitted infections, and so on.Doctors believe that a grown man can he cope with this problem.Help psychologist is not required.As for younger men, they often are not able to help themselves and resort to professional help.The right mental attitude, the prevention of stress can not only prevent decrease in erectile dysfunction, but also help get rid of this disease.This reduction is called a psychogenic erection.Unlike other species, in this case the reduction in potency develops instantly.The most common cause - the development of a man's depression and stress.

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Hormonal disorders

Lack of erection may be associated with impaired production of certain hormones in the human body.

Most importantly decrease testes produce testosterone, high blood prolactin and estrogen increase.

male impotence case of violation of testosterone formation develops a disease called hypogonadism.Testosterone - one of the main male sex hormone responsible for sexual desire and sexual function.

Equally important is for men and hormone prolactin.Many people know that he is being held in a woman's body.In males it is also produced, but in smaller amounts.With an increase in blood testosterone production is hampered, resulting in decreased libido and erection.The etiology of this imbalance is different.The main reasons for the high content of prolactin in the body refers hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid function), sarcoidosis, pituitary adenoma (benign tumors), as well as the use of some medicinal preparations such as tranquilizers.

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Lack of erection can be caused by certain diseases of the endocrine system.Among them, an important place is occupied by diabetes.Contributing factors are lack of exercise, obesity.Type 2 diabetes contributes to the early development of impotence in men.On average, these men erection disturbed about 10-15 years earlier than healthy.In some cases, diabetes can adversely affect the muscular system, including muscles and those that are involved in the erection.As a result of this reduced muscle tone corpus cavernosum, and the man is experiencing great difficulties during intercourse.

addition to diseases of the endocrine system, special attention should be paid to the pathology of the nervous system, since it is involved in coordinating the activities of all systems and organs.There is such a thing as spinal impotence.It develops when the spinal cord lesion.The cause may be trauma, certain viral diseases.Especially dangerous is surgery on the pelvic organs (surgery for the removal of tumors, excision of tissue in prostate hyperplasia).Often, this gives rise to complications such as damage to the pelvic nerves involved in male sexual function.

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Impotence and cardiovascular system

Healing herbs Lower erection can and diseases of the circulatory system.The most important are hypertension and atherosclerosis.When high blood pressure is disturbed elasticity of arteries, including those that feed the penis.As a result, high pressure vessels and damaged wall (endothelium) which promotes the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques.In hypertension, reduced amount of nitrogen oxide, which promotes the expansion of arteries and improving blood circulation.

When smoking, use of alcohol, unhealthy diet develop atherosclerosis very rapidly.Affected both coronary vessels and peripheral.The pathological process affects the arteries and sex.Atherosclerotic plaques reduce the lumen of blood vessels, thereby reducing blood flow to the penis.It is known that an erection occurs due to filling of the penis with blood.If this does not occur for any reason, it comes decreased potency.Scientists have found a direct relationship between the coronary blood vessels and decrease erection.

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Impotence and harmful substances

Even if a person is healthy, the reduction of erection can occur for other reasons.Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the reduction in potency may be due to the use of drugs that affect the nervous system.

Men These include tranquilizers, antidepressants, antipsychotics.Another problem - it is alcohol.It is known that alcohol can cause physical and psychological dependence, thus inhibiting the central and peripheral nervous system.All this reduces the erection.In addition, alcohol provokes the development of testicular atrophy and reduced testosterone hormone levels in the blood.Testosterone helps maintain sex drive and the production of nitric oxide.

If alcohol works through the nervous system and hormones that smoking contributes to dysfunction of the cardiovascular system.Smoking - a risk factor for atherosclerosis and hypertension.To reduce the potency can and anabolic steroids, which are regularly receiving high doses promotes hormonal imbalance.Therefore, athletes recommended to use these supplements only after consulting a specialist.


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to normalize erections and establish sex life, it is recommended first of all to cure the underlying disease that caused the declinepotency.When it comes to atherosclerosis, the prescribed anti-sclerotic agents.At high pressure, appropriate use of antihypertensive drugs.

Problems with potency great importance is the normalization of hormonal levels, since most often the cause of sexual dysfunction is a hormonal failure and reducing the level of testosterone in the bloodstream.

addition, use this method of treatment is psychotherapy.Some doctors make it a mainstay of treatment for erectile dysfunction, but it is not correct.Almost always rooted for impotence organic disorders, and therefore requires more radical methods of struggle.In the case the erection is attained in connection with a reduction in libido, it is advisable to use preparations which increase libido and erection enhancers."Alikaps" can be attributed to them.When vascular impotence recommended special injection.Additional therapies include the use of vacuum, prosthetic penis.When the first signs of declining potency is an urgent need to consult a sexologist, andrologist or urologist, who will appoint an appropriate treatment and identify the cause of the pathology.


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Folk remedies to increase potency

To eliminate male impotence can be successfully applied, and traditional medicines.Their advantage is that they are harmless to the human body.These herbs can be used for prevention.The most effective means are as follows: decoction parsnip seed, ginseng root, grass motherwort, mugwort.A method of preparing tincture of ginseng root is quite simple.You will need 20 drops of medicine to drink before a meal.Frequency of reception is 3 times a day.Duration of treatment may be about 3-5 months.It is best to use the tincture in the fall or winter, but not in the spring.

good result on the basis of the tincture of wormwood and vodka.It should take 2-3 tablespoons of seeds of bitter gourd and mix them with vodka.The volume of vodka shall be 0.5 liters.It is recommended to press the resulting mixture is 3 weeks, and then use the inside of 1 tablespoon before meals 3 times a day.


Not less frequently used herb Leonurus.In this case it takes about 20 Leonurus juice droplets which is mixed with milk or tea cup.Use inside 3 times a day for half an hour before eating.

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conclusion, conclusions, recommendations

Thus, lack of sexual function in men - is a serious problem, which not only prevents live fully, but also has a negative impact on the human psychic sphere. This disease can occur in the young, and in adulthood.In normal potency in men may persist up to 55-60 years, but it does not happen so often.In most cases it is the cause of hormonal failure (testosterone deficiency or excess prolactin), vascular pathology, diseases of nervous system and psychiatric disorders.A special place in the etiology of impotence in men takes alcohol in large quantities, smoking, intake of anabolic steroids.


At the first signs of the disease as soon as possible you need to seek help from a doctor.There are a large number of diagnostic tests and samples can detect the degree of sexual dysfunction and the cause of their appearance.From this will largely depend on the tactics of the doctor for the treatment.An important place in the treatment of impotence is psychotherapy, especially if the patient had any mental health trauma at a young age.The therapy involves the treatment of the underlying disease, leading to the pathology.A good result can give infusions and decoctions used as a traditional medicine.Treatment can last for several months, so it is best to prevent such disorders of sexual function.It is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have a proper sexual education.