What if a man lost erection

What if a man lost erection

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  • Organic causes reducing erection
  • Psychological factors
  • Hormonal disorders and some other factors
  • treatment of male impotence

Reduced potency in men - a phenomenon quite frequent today.Sexual life is one of the most important components.Good and lasting erection - is the key to a happy and long relationship.It is difficult to find a man aged 50-60 years, who would have felt confident sexually, and was pleased with its potency.At this age, due to the aging of the body there is a gradual decline in sexual function, and it is quite normal.But if this happens to a young man or a young man, this fact points to some irregularities in health.

Erection problems

What if the erection begins to disappear and not appear?The unequivocal answer to this question can be given.There needs an individual approach that includes examination and history taking.Why erection disappears?

Causes of this disease can be organic diseases of internal organs, trauma, str

ess, strong fatigue, bad sexual relations in the past, that can reduce libido in men.

Often erection disappears when lost interest in his partner.The reason for this could be the monotony in sex, poor self-care on the part of women and so on.Let us consider in detail from what disappears erection, possible causes, treatment of the disease, psychological support for men with a decrease in potency.

Organic causes of erectile reduce

Reception at the doctor If you lost an erection, this may be a sign of an illness.This could include diseases of the cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis, hypertension), endocrine disorders (diabetes), hormonal failure, alcohol and other harmful substances, sexually transmitted diseases, radiation and electromagnetic radiation, and more.The most important are diseases of the internal organs.If the erection is lost, it can be a consequence of the defeat of the prostate gland.Adenoma and prostatitis can cause deterioration of erection and its complete disappearance.

In the event that an erection falls rapidly, you need to pay attention to the condition of the urinary system.The etiological factor is often inflammation of the bladder or urinary tract.Inflammation of the testes - yet another reason why rapidly lost erection.One should not forget about the diseases of the cardiovascular system.Why erection disappears in atherosclerosis?It's pretty simple.

The fact is that the erection is due to a good blood flow to the penis, resulting in its member space quickly filled with blood.Atherosclerosis reduces vascular lumen, thereby reducing the volume of blood flow, which leads to a reduction in erection.Contributing factors in this case are obesity, lack of exercise, a genetic predisposition.

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Psychological factors

Psychological factor reducing erection disappears and the very desire to have sex in the future case of poor erection.It is necessary to approach the issue from a psychological point of view.According to statistics, adult men are more likely to suffer from impotence because of the physiological changes in the body.Young person is more prone to psychological factors.

The most significant of these are stress, depression, long-term, experienced in childhood trauma, poor sexual education in the family, a bad sexual experience with girls.In the future, it will be difficult to overcome such a man your own and start a full sex life.In this situation, it is recommended to seek professional help.He tells the possible ways to solve this problem.

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Hormonal disorders and some other factors

Bad habits poor erection is often observed in patients with impaired production of hormones, why erections and reduced. One of the most important hormones involved in maintaining an erection and sexual desire is testosterone. is produced it in the male gonads (testes).In inflammatory processes, malignancy synthesis it can be broken.Normal erection is largely determined by this hormone.In addition to testosterone, there are other active substances that play an important role in the lives of men.

These include prolactin and estrogen.Prolactin is produced in the female body.In men, it circulates in the blood, but only in small amounts.From prolactin testosterone dependent.If prolactin is produced too much, it inhibits testosterone production.If any of the last generation develops a disease called hypogonadism.Erection gradually disappears.

important that estrogens also inhibit the synthesis of the primary male hormone responsible for the erection and sexual function.If the erection has fallen, it is a chance to see a doctor.Erections may decrease and disappear at various harmful factors: smoking, alcohol use, drug use, strong psychotropic substances (tranquilizers, antipsychotics).Potency and disappears after the surgery bad injuries.

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treatment of male impotence

If erection falls, it is necessary to take urgent measures.Firstly, you need to consult a doctor.Secondly, currently there are many drugs that help to improve the potency and enhance an erection.One of the most effective means is "Alikaps".It increases sexual desire in both men and promotes a speedy recovery.Third, eliminate disease symptoms - this is only part of the story.If falls sexual function, it first needed to eliminate the cause of the disease.If this is atherosclerosis, the appointed anti-sclerotic agents.


When hormonal disorders it is advisable to normalize the level of testosterone in the blood.In rare cases, resort to such methods of treatment like prosthetics, acupuncture.If you lost an erection is very important therapy.Thus, if a man lost sexual desire and erection, there is no need to despair.It is recommended to consult a specialist and comprehensive examination.Thanks to modern medicine, in most cases, such a pathology is easily treated.

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