How to increase sperm production ?

How to increase sperm production?

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  • What could hinder the development of normal sperm
  • possible to increase sperm production?
  • few words about the benefits of abstinence
  • Traditional methods of increasing the number of sperm

What is semen, how it looks and what is its purpose, know all adults.However, not all are thinking that the "juice of life" consists not only of sperm.


component of this white turbid liquid with a specific smell are:

  1. secrets that produce eggs and their appendages.
  2. derivative Cowper's glands.
  3. Secrets urethral glands.

If due to some reasons imbalance occurs between these components, sperm becomes inactive or completely unviable.Sometimes violation of semen composition may lead to a complete male infertility.

reproduktivnay system number of sperm released is largely dependent on the physiology of man, his heredity, physical and emotional state.Normally during ejaculation average man pouring 2-10 mL of semen diluted prostatic secretions (mucus, which h

ighlights the prostate).

sperm Education - subtle and complex process.At any stage may fail, which will:

  • to a decrease in sperm count - oligozoospermia;
  • to an increase in the number of dead sperm in the ejaculate - nekrospermii;
  • to polyspermy - too many sperm poured out with low fertilizing ability;
  • to the complete absence of sperm in the ejaculate - azoospermia.

In addition to these diseases in men can be observed aspermia in which the sperm during the male orgasm does not stand out at all.Usually the reason aspermia are scars that have appeared on the site of an injury or severe psychological disorders.Sometimes there is the other extreme - spermatorrhoea when sperm from the urethra is released continuously.It does not depend on sexual arousal and does not affect the reception of an orgasm, but delivers some discomfort.

Stress Sometimes the sperm changes its color.The appearance of blood in it stains the ejaculate in a reddish color and can speak about violations in the prostate gland.Pus in the ejaculate gives the last yellow.

Good to know: all these deviations are not necessarily chronic diseases.Temporary disorder can occur on the background of stress or medication.

Interesting fact: from prisoners sentenced to death or another kind of death, semen in the survey could not find any sperm.

What could hinder the development of normal sperm


Nervous tension Briefs today is not by chance called "mirror of evolution."Childbearing is largely dependent on this garment.Many men in the pursuit of fashion as possible try to vividly depict his male pride.Too tight, tight pants:

  • blood circulation in the genital organs, which can lead to complete impotence;
  • cause overheating of the fertility system that dramatically reduces the ability to bear children;
  • reduce sperm production in 10 times.


Constant tension increases the likelihood of "misfire" at the most inopportune moment.

Intimate life

If sexual intercourse occurs too often (although for each male rate is determined by the body's own), sperm count may be reduced.


Frequent colds, chronic or acute diseases may temporarily interfere with the normal development of sperm.That is why it is important, even during seasonal diseases do not try to overcome them on their feet and stay at home and fully treated.

obesity Obesity

Fatty foods, overeating, lack of exercise leads to the fact that all the internal organs of men (including those responsible for the sperm) are covered by a layer of fat and can not function normally.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse

Comments are superfluous.Perhaps in this case, increasing the risk of infertility is a positive tone.

Damaged sperm alcohol or drugs may lead to a defective fetus.

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possible to increase sperm production?

course.Increased sperm levels will take time and patience, but if you want any man, not suffering from serious diseases, congenital, acquired or genetic defects, can independently increase the high quality of sperm.

  • rejection of habits that undermine health;

To improve the quality and quantity of ejaculate should avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs.In addition to general harm that they cause all the internal organs, these harmful substances disturb the functioning of the liver.Instead of male hormones, it starts to produce estrogen (female hormone).As a result, reduces the number of sperm, decreased sperm count itself.Studies have convincingly demonstrated that even two glasses of beer or wine a day dramatically reduces the quality of semen emitted.The conclusion is simple: if you want to increase the viability of sperm, throw all bad habits.

  • The struggle with bad habits exercise;

How to strengthen the ability to fertilize?

Pay more attention to physical stress.Permanent seat at the table as close cowards violate circulation.Exercise not only improves the overall tone, but also increases the amount of testosterone and sperm in general.But be careful:

  1. set of exercises recommended to be chosen so that the load experiencing different muscle groups.
  2. can not overwork: excessive load does not increase, and reduces the amount of "juice of life."
  3. impossible to drink supplements: they have a lot of substances such as estrogen.And estrogen in excess harmful to men's health.Steroids are often the reason that man is not able to extend their family.
  • proper nutrition.

To increase the production of sperm, it is recommended to limit your appetite.Best products - are those in which a lot of proteins, but little fat.How to increase potency?Yes (but slightly and evenly) all products, except rolls and cakes, sugar, fatty foods.Eliminate from your diet is only soy, fructose and corn syrup: they contain excessive amounts of estrogen, reducing male fertility.Interesting fact: if you take the sperm of men, not drinking cola, 100%, then the lovers of this drink its amount will be only 30%.

proper nutrition A few recommendations.

  1. To increase the capacity for procreation, avoid overheating or overcooling of the testicles.sperm production is highly dependent on their temperature.
  2. Lose weight.Normal weight - this is a normal blood circulation, normal testosterone and a lot of high-quality sperm.
  3. Rub in body oils.They also improve blood supply.
  4. Avoid stress.The hormones that are released when nerve overload, blocking the cells, which produce testosterone.Stress can stop sperm production completely.
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few words about the benefits of abstinence

conversations often go to some male quarters that prolonged abstinence leads to a stagnation of the sperm, the emergence of diseases of the prostate, complete sterility.This is not true.Modern medicine categorically rejects the concept of sperm stagnation.The sperm in the body of the stronger sex are produced daily.Nature arranged a body of men so that the excess juice pours life or during nocturnal pollutions or through masturbation.Someone's going to get rid of excess weekly, someone once every few months.Number of sex acts to produce irrelevant.abstinence

If for some reason the number of sperm is insufficient or there's little mobile and capable of fertilization of sperm, the sperm so, on the contrary, you need to keep.Increased sperm production is possible.Improve their ability to bear children is a gentleman, giving up masturbation, and reducing to a minimum the number of sexual acts.Stored sperm will make the sperm more fertile, and the remaining unspent secrets glands increase the amount of fluid released during orgasm.If, however, together with abstinence to practice all the other ways to increase sperm count, increase the amount of impregnating liquid will quickly enough.

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Traditional methods of increasing the number of sperm

  1. How to increase the amount of semen?On the night of folk healers recommend to eat a head of onion salt-free bread.The number of sperm actually increase, but the smell ...
  2. Increase in the number of ejaculate may be drinking two glasses a day brewed oregano (a spoonful of boiled water to 200 mg).
  3. Three times a day, you can take on a third cup of infusion lungwort.More productive herb works if adding it to soups and salads.
  4. Good help increase the quantity and quality of sperm tablespoon of anise, a thermos with hot milk.This infusion is recommended to do in the evening and take in the morning without getting up from bed.
  5. enhanced production of sperm can help two spoons of colza, brewed as a tea, if you drink it every day.


It is worth noting that even herbal infusions can harm health.Therefore, before taking them it is better to consult a specialist.