The hormone testosterone makes men men

hormone testosterone makes a man a man

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  • Low testosterone levels: diagnosis and consequences
  • reasons for the low levels of the hormone in the male body
  • Symptoms shortagemale hormone
  • If testosterone in excess
  • androgen deficiency (age low) testosterone
  • Increase testosterone levels through proper diet
  • basic dogma of male health

Whattestosterone is known to anyone who considers himself to the male sex.It is a hormone responsible for the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics.It should be noted that this hormone is present in the female body, but in much smaller quantities.

Athlete , raising testosterone

considering such a thing as hormone levels, you must take into account that the total score is the sum of the amount of bound and free hormone.The percentage is as follows: 2% - testosterone in the unbound state, 44% - related globulin, 54% - related to albumin and other proteins.

Low testosterone levels: diagnosis and consequences

Free testosterone determines the intensity of the development of secondary characteristics, and sex drive.He is who fall below acceptable standards, leading to a number of variations, which include dropping torpedoes and impotence, bone and muscle degradation, disturbance of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, the development of heart disease.

Mental disorders testosterone in the body entrusted very important functions:

  • formation of mental and behavioral signs of male pattern;
  • regulation of the production of seminal fluid;
  • enhancement of sexual desire;
  • increase in skin thickness;
  • increase protein synthesis;
  • increase in metabolic rate;
  • strengthening the pelvic bone;
  • accumulation of calcium in the bones;
  • increase in the number of red blood cells;
  • increased activity of sweat glands.

Determine the availability of a sufficient hormonal possible by their appearance: narrow hips and broad shoulders will surely say that before you a man with sufficient levels of the hormone.If you make a digression, the testosterone - this is what makes a man a man.

diagnose testosterone level can be at home, making an amendment to the relative method.Bend the fingers of his left hand so that they form a right angle with the palm.Take a good look at the length of the fingers: if the ring visually longer than the index, we can say that heredity was transmitted to you the lowered hormones.Otherwise, you can talk about normal and elevated levels of the male hormone.

hormone levels determined and speed of erection.Look at pornographic film, try to treat it like a normal movie, or perform physical effects on the penis.Sufficient level of testosterone in adolescents provoke a response after 4-5 minutes, the young men under the age of 20 years - 4-7 minutes, men in the age range from 30 to 40 years - 11 minutes older than 40 years - 20-25 minutes.

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reasons for the low level of the hormone in the male body

Identifying the causes of low testosterone levels Often low testosterone has genetic roots and age.After overcoming the age threshold of 30 years, hormone levels annually reduced by 1-2%, and after 50 - completely stops and falls into the category of passive.

Alcohol abuse and smoking - the worst enemies of the hormonal system.Several studies have shown that young people with drug dependence have testosterone levels similar to the elderly aged 65 years.

Insufficient hormone production is directly related to stressful situations in life, family problems, a lack of male emotions and exhaustion of the nervous system.Do not forget about the way of life, which in the case of prolonged abstinence, lack of exercise, obesity, office mode or living in ecologically unfavorable place a very negative impact on male hormonal background.

Causes of decreased hormone level may be lurking in health problems.When blood pressure increase the body tries to get rid of excess voltage and reduces the production of the hormone.A similar result can be obtained by shortness of breath and an increased number of respiratory movements, including the excessive heart rate.If laboratory diagnosed by high levels of bilirubin, should think about testosterone.The thing is that bilirubin reduces the production of enzymes, which are designed to rid the body of the female hormones, as a result they are delayed.

kidney disease contributed to a sharp reduction in the hormone may:

  • kidney disease;
  • excess body fat;
  • sugar level of more than 7 units;
  • osteoporosis;
  • leukocytes above 4000 levels;
  • fever testicles;
  • elevated cholesterol.

reduce testosterone levels and the power of a number of drugs.To those include painkillers (morphine, codeine), anti-depressants, antipsihotropnye older drugs (haloperidol and chlorpromazine).To those who asked for help from traditional medicine, it is necessary to be careful with herbs that increase libido.When uncontrolled reception they can give the opposite effect.

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Symptoms of lack of male hormone

Low testosterone levels in men Low levels of the male hormone leads to an increase in the female, so has much in common manifestation.Externally, the lack of male hormone seen a decrease in muscle mass, decrease in stamina and strength, psychological instability, accompanied by frequent changes of mood.

Lack of testosterone is not limited to only the external manifestations, it triggers irreversible processes within the body.Constant companions become dizzy, faint and dizzy, hot flushes, shortness of breath and sweating.Sexual

failures that occur in a given period, further reduce testosterone levels.Do not be surprised that in an organized and sustainable man becomes depressed, a feeling of depression, forgetfulness and confusion, inability to concentrate the attention.Fatigue and burnout - the result of sleep disorders for which testosterone is also responsible.

Ignoring the need for action in the future lead to a deterioration of physical activity, injuries and osteoporosis, because of the level of the male hormone depends on the thickness and elasticity of cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

often neglected forms of hormonal deficiency provokes pressure surges that lead to stroke or heart attack.

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If testosterone in excess

A survey at the doctor hormone excess occurs in adolescence and is considered the norm.However, later in life it can lead to the growth of hair all over the body, acne and more serious consequences, such as testicular atrophy.

reduce testosterone levels, you can use a special diet, which involves the rejection of meat and inclusion in the diet of soy and bean products.High testosterone levels will help to overcome the beer, which contains estrogens of plant origin, fatty meat, which can convert the male testosterone in female estrogen, excess salt and sugar, however, note that the source of glucose, the body needs, should be fruits and vegetables, and notsodas.

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androgen deficiency (age low) testosterone

Under this concept realize reduction in male hormone associated with the natural aging of the body.Description recurrent changes leads to the conclusion that their threshold is the age of 50 years, but in some cases, the first signs of a man faces in 40-45 years.

The disappearance of erection emergence of androgen deficiency is associated with a number of theories:

  • with age in the testes reduces the number of Leydig cells responsible for production of the hormone.Causes associated with decreased blood supply and nutrition of cells, the development of atherosclerosis and apoptosis - "programmed" cell death data;
  • pituitary and the hypothalamus are also susceptible to age-related changes, as a result of impaired regulation of the formation of the male hormone;
  • not forget about the genetic predisposition.

first sign that makes men turn to the andrologist, a reduction or complete disappearance of erections, decreased libido, and a decrease in the frequency of sexual fantasies.Are added to this list and associated unpleasant changes that occur when hormone deficiency in young men.Often to external manifestations include changes in the skin, wrinkles, dryness and laxity, hair loss, breast enlargement.

Diagnostics age-related androgen deficiency is held near the laboratory research of different hormone fractions globulin, blood biochemistry.

Raise testosterone levels during andropause may be the method of replacement therapy medication.Often, doctors prescribe Chorionic gonadotropin stimulation therapy, the effect of which is aimed at strengthening its own synthesis of male hormones.Description of the preparation allows to use different methods: transdermal, subcutaneous, oral and injectable.

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Increase testosterone levels through proper diet

Proper nutrition We are what we eat. "Our body, each of its system and the hormone testosterone in particular, confirms this.No major changes in its level can be achieved through proper diet.Once a day, be sure to eat meat, which is not only a source of zinc, but also cholesterol - the source of testosterone.Similar actions have egg yolks.

high zinc content, the building material for the synthesis of the hormone is in shrimp, crabs, anchovies, trout and oysters.A real fount of useful substances for the male body are nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

In the role of a source of minerals may make zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and celery.Last, among other things, it contains androsterone.What is it?It is a hormone that enhances the secondary sexual characteristics.Parsley, cilantro and spinach also increase testosterone levels.

instructions and recipes for the preparation of tea based on ginger, golden root, ginseng allows them to be used as a beverage to restore men's health.In the category of cereals should give preference to fiber-rich cereals: buckwheat, oats, barley, rice, which increase blood flow to the pelvic organs.Diversify the diet can be dates, prunes, pomegranate, raspberry, cherry.


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basic dogma of male health

Sexual life Low levels of testosterone in the treatment of direct hormonal therapy may be associated with a number of side effects, the most dangerousinhibition of which is already low self hormone production.

If the occurrence of the problem is devoid of a physical nature, a good result can give the improvement of psychological climate.Try to set realistic goals.Success in this situation - the trigger to generate the hormone.

Watch your nervous system, avoid mental exhaustion, which triggers the release of adrenaline and cortisol.These substances in high concentrations can completely stop the production of androgen.


testosterone level is largely determined by the quality of sexual life. Abstinence - a direct path to stagnation and impotence.The load for the reproductive system is just as important as exercise for the musculoskeletal system.