The use of testosterone replacement therapy

The use of testosterone replacement therapy

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  • Why does testosterone deficiency?
  • When beginning to treat drug testosterone
  • How to conduct therapy with testosterone
  • therapy hypogonadism
  • replacement therapy in the elderly
    • Side effects of substitution therapy
    • therapy results

Severe androgen deficiency may develop in men for different reasons and at any age.

High levels of testosterone

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is indicated for the restoration of the endocrine system of the male body and quality of life.

The decrease in serum testosterone levels adversely affect the operation of the various organs and systems of the body man.The process of testosterone decline is slow and begins to develop after 30 years.For forty years, many men acquire excess weight, they begin to grow and the stomach is reduced sexual desire.Testosterone deficiency in men leads to the development of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Testosterone replacement therapy allows men suffering f

rom deficiency of the male hormone, to avoid negative consequences.

The only way to learn about the lack of male hormone in the blood serum is a measurement of its level in the blood.To determine the exact number of his taking several samples.Blood on the analysis of rent from 8 to 9 am, when testosterone levels are at the highest level.When properly selected doses after long-term use of androgen hormone health of men who have symptoms of testosterone deficiency, improve.They reduced their weight, they have normal pressure, returning libido and potency.

Why does testosterone deficiency?

testosterone deficiency Reduced testosterone levels does not always happen in a natural way over the years.There may be different reasons for reducing its production by endocrine glands.By the lack of male hormone can cause testicular injury.The reason for getting genetic diseases and the development of cancer tumors.Excess iron in the body suppresses the production of testosterone by the endocrine system.Dysfunction of the pituitary gland, and receive a variety of hormones can cause growing deficit.Chronic diseases associated with alcoholism, nicotine addiction, and taking drugs, lead to premature aging of the body and reduce the production of androgen hormones.

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When people start to treat

testosterone preparations All men who have androgen deficiency symptoms and elderly after 50 years recommended diagnostic testing for hormone levels in blood serum.Indications tests give accurate information about the development of hormones in the body.Substitution therapy is indicated for symptomatic androgen deficiency, assays, confirming the lack of testosterone in the blood and in the absence of malignant tumors in the prostate.Laboratory diagnosis should rule out or confirm the presence of prostate cancer.When testosterone deficiency increases the likelihood of developing carcinoma of the male organ.Men with a history of a cancer, testosterone administration is contraindicated drugs.Therapy will worsen the patient's condition.After gathering all the necessary information prescribed testosterone preparations.

Decreased sex drive symptoms of androgen deficiency syndrome is:

  1. Decreased sex drive.
  2. breakdown.
  3. Reduced endurance and performance.
  4. Decrease growth.
  5. Prolonged depression.
  6. Increased irritability.
  7. Erectile dysfunction.
  8. need for after-dinner sleep.
  9. Increased fat mass on the body.
  10. growth of the mammary glands.
  11. Anemia.
  12. Osteoporosis.
  13. Increased cholesterol.

If there are 3 or more symptom history, you should see a doctor for an examination.

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How to conduct therapy with testosterone

The replacement of testosterone drug therapy should be conducted only on prescription and under constant medical supervision.The uncontrolled use of hormonal drugs leads to habituation of the body, which reduces the natural production of testosterone organs of the endocrine system.The most common form of hormonal treatment was intramuscular administration of drugs containing the hormone.Further injections

other kinds of medicinal administration of hormonal agents in humans.Preparations containing testosterone, manufacturers produce a tablet form, gels and patches.

androgen deficiency pharmacological companies offer to use crystalline implants that are injected under the skin by making an incision in the abdomen.This preparation, dissolving, provides uniform release of testosterone for about six months.Set it is removed and the implant surgically.

replacement therapy using a variety of formulations containing testosterone goes for life.The effectiveness of treatment can be seen after the body has accumulated the required concentration of testosterone and there will relieve symptoms of androgen deficiency.If you take testosterone under medical supervision, the therapy will be safe.It allows men of any age with androgen deficiency to maintain health, leading an active lifestyle.

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therapy hypogonadism

Male hypogonadism - a functional failure of the testes.The development of the disease is accompanied by low levels of testosterone in the blood serum and the characteristic clinical manifestations.

The causes of the disease may be testicular trauma or disorders of the hypothalamic-pituitary system.Pathology may be genetically determined.Treatment of the disease involves the mandatory application of testosterone replacement therapy.

Signs of hypogonadism often begin their development in boys during childhood.When developing the disease is not treated, the teenager will delay the development of secondary sexual characteristics.Grown men suffering from hypogonadism, have a lack of development of muscles, highly trained voice, a small scrotum and testicles.

hormonal therapy They have a small penis, a rare body hair pubic hair and armpits.There may be breast growth and body composition eunuchoid.

Hormone replacement therapy in this disease is recommended in adolescence and continues for life, because androgen deficiency will be accompanied by a man suffering from hypogonadism, all his life.

There are various techniques to remove testosterone deficiency in this disease, which doctors use during treatment.

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replacement therapy in the elderly

Hormone replacement therapy in older men carried out to improve the quality of life.More and more men stepped 40-year milestone, want to look young and strong.They are not reconciled to old age and agree to the substitution therapy, if there are indications for use.

main purpose of getting a reduction of symptoms of age-related androgen deficiency.So men recommend wearing patches, intramuscular injections, gels and capsules for sewing.


Studies have shown that such treatment leads to a reduction in blood cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.

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Side effects of substitution therapy

replacement therapy testosterone therapy drugs can lead to side effects.On the skin, which becomes oily, acne develops.It should be carefully observed for the treatment of hygiene.Using lotions with the addition of alcohol, hard brushes for body gel for oily skin can help eliminate acne development.

may be a delay of fluids in the body due to the delay urination, increase in testicular size.All these things point to a surplus of hormones.Therapy testosterone preparations on time will be canceled, if a doctor detects the development of side effects.With the normalization of testosterone treatment is continued, but the doctor reduces the dosage of the drug.

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Therapy Results In conducting testosterone replacement therapy improves the condition developing in different somatic diseases.Reducing signs of male hormone deficiency occurs in men of all ages.A month after the start of replacement therapy increases the resistance to stress, increase endurance during exercise and reducing cholesterol levels which is required to produce testosterone.Substitution therapy has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.It reduces the elderly patients of heart failure symptoms, normalizes blood pressure, reduces the number of angina attacks.Numerous studies have shown that testosterone therapy improves myocardial contractile function accelerates the recovery after a heart attack.


replacement therapy hormonal therapy helps many men to cope with inferiority complexes, to find the joy of fatherhood, to suspend the onset of old age.If you have any symptoms of deficiency of the male hormone in the body, should consult a doctor-andrologist for consultation and treatment.