Aphrodisiacs to enhance male potency

Aphrodisiacs to enhance male potency

Ever since ancient times believed that a man so young, how strong his potency.Surprisingly, the old man can be in 25 years.Despite the controversial nature of this assertion, it is true.After all, men's potency is directly related to the health of the whole organism man with his internal organs, energy.Moreover, according to the ancient doctrine, it is the energy that circulates in the body of a man, and depends on its potency.Circulates well, a lot of it - a good potency.Energy is small, it stagnates - weak potency.

Figure 1. Ginseng

Since ancient times, known substances called aphrodisiacs.These substances when used skillfully able to create a miracle.

They return the lost potency, strength and youth.It would be wrong to consider aphrodisiacs to male potency only as a means to enhance sexual activity.It is not so: such substances, especially the grass, are able to raise the general tone of the body, rejuvenate it, affect the internal organs most beneficial.Aphrodisiacs are

used in the form of tinctures and decoctions, oils, food.Pharmacological industry and releases them in the form of tablets, capsules, drops.

most common herbal substances that affect the potency

  1. Ginseng.Also called "root of life".Improves overall body tone.Great effect on the urogenital male (Fig. 1).Similarly, the action has Siberian ginseng and lemongrass.
  2. Garlic.This plant is not only treats colds, but also increases the amount of semen.Promotes rapid sexual excitation (Fig. 2).
  3. Licorice.Known since childhood as a remedy for colds and coughs.But the root of this plant is used in the general loss of strength.Remarkably increases the potency (Fig. 3).

Figure 2. Garlic In addition to these there are a huge number of herbal aphrodisiacs.People know about them for a long time.These herbs widely used in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine.

Aphrodisiacs food.

Any grilled meat with herbs and spices is an aphrodisiac.Miraculously affects the potency of honey with nuts.Do not forget about seafood, especially oysters, raw chicken and eggs.But keep in mind that overeating is not conducive to a good potency.

essential oils as an aphrodisiac.

most often used as a very effective aphrodisiac oils of patchouli and ylang-ylang.Drops of oil can be applied to the bedding, and it is possible to light a special aroma lamp.These lamps are specially designed to distribute the fragrance oils.

Deciding to take herbal substances that increase potency, it is worth remembering that these medicinal herbs, and should consult with a doctor who understands the herbal medicine.


Figure 3. Licorice From pharmacological agents used to increase potency:

  1. Yohimbine.
  2. Impaza.
  3. golden horse.

All they have contraindications.Before you start taking them, you need to consult a doctor.It is said that if there is no acute disorders of potency, you need to try to restore it with food and medicinal herbs, and only then to resort to medication, if necessary.


With skillful use of these herbal tonics are not only able to increase potency, but also to return youth, health, good mood, so their effect is much broader.They excite great, raising the potency, and act on various organs and nervous system.