Features of action of Viagra

Features of action of Viagra

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  • Effect on organism of the man
  • Side effects and characteristics of the drug

Now many of you know,what is the effect of Viagra.However, there are many nuances that it is desirable to understand when taking this drug.How Viagra works and what features of its application?


Effect on male body

used Viagra to overcome erectile dysfunction.

It is a disease in which a man is unable to have intercourse due to lack of a good erection.Many factors may cause such violation:

  • The negative effect of smoking on potency excessive drinking.Moderate doses do not have a negative effect on the explicit condition of the body.A frequent use of alcohol in large quantities can be very bad impact on the quality of sex life;
  • smoking.This bad habit is one of the main causes of impotence.Particularly fraught with the use of low-quality tobacco.Very harmful cigarettes with different fillings and flavors;
  • constant stress.This factor is very clearly affect the sexual life of men.Hectic lifes
    tyle and constant nervous tension very often result in side effects - loss of erection.Various disorders of the nervous system can affect even physically strong and healthy man.
  • chronic fatigue.The modern fast paced life often has a negative impact on men's health.Many are forced to work too hard and a little rest.Disrupted daily routine and diet.A healthy sleep and regular meals regularly - required elements to maintain the health of the men;
  • age-related changes.With age, men reduced testosterone and other substances that are responsible for sexual desire.In order to perform a sexual act, many need more stimulation.

All of the above leads to the fact that many men lose their ability to experience pleasure from sexual intercourse.And he comes to the aid of Viagra.This drug increases blood flow to the penis and there is a healthy erection.The substance sildenafil causes muscle relaxation, through which the blood flows to the genitals.

Effects of Viagra

Action on drugs markedly after about 30-60 minutes after ingestion.The average duration of drug action time - 4-5 hours.Sometimes it takes a longer period of time, depending on body weight, etc. of liquid drunkDosage chosen doctor.One tablet is 25, 50 and 100 mg of sildenafil.

Viagra has no negative effect on hormones. Experts also found no obvious signs of action of Viagra on women.In some cases, changes were seen associated with increased excitability, but it is not officially confirmed.There is a myth about the positive effect of Viagra on male reproductive function.However, this is not true.The probability of fertilization is not increased by taking this drug.

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Side effects and characteristics of the drug

If you take any medicines that contain nitrates, it is not necessary to use this tool.Viagra increases the nitrate action, possible complications - very low blood pressure.

Do not abuse alcohol while taking the drug.Alcohol can neutralize the effect of the medicine.A glass of wine or champagne in this case is not critical.But the more serious dose may lead to the fact that even after administration of the drug is a weak erection or short.

With extreme caution should be taken Viagra for people older than 50 years.In this age of increased likelihood of various cardiovascular diseases.Therefore, before taking Viagra you need to undergo a thorough examination and to consult a doctor.In addition, should pay attention to the dosage of the drug for the purchase.It is best to take the tablets dosage of 25 mg or 50 mg.100 mg can cause a negative reaction of the organism.


While the drug may experience different side effects: dizziness, redness of the skin, heart palpitations, headache and nasal congestion.If you notice such symptoms is not recommended to continue to use the drug.

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