How to prepare a man to conceive a healthy baby ?

Both men prepare to conceive a healthy baby?

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  • Both men plan a healthy baby?
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kids - this is a great happiness.And their birth - a natural need, a consequence of instinct and a reasonable choice.An important stage of the child is now planning.After all, unfavorable environmental conditions, food with chemical additives, stress - this is not the best conditions for the birth of healthy and strong children.

pregnancy Planning

Therefore, we must try to reduce all the negative factors to a minimum at least for a short period to prepare for conception.

And it concerns, of course, not only the expectant mother, but also dad's too.This is a big misconception that the father's role in the gestation and birth of a child is not so great.The genetic material of the fetus is exactly half of his father.As much as it is banal sounds.Yes, and the process of fertilization can not happen because of some problems with spermatogenesis or semen quality.Therefore,

training men to conceive a child should be no less carefully than the expectant mother.

Both men plan a healthy baby?

think about the conception of offspring should begin early, at least three months.And the first thing to do is to go to the doctor.More precisely, it is necessary to visit with several specialists.A visit to the urologist is required: it will need to be checked for the presence of various infections, sexually transmitted diseases.Some of them can occur completely asymptomatic, but be an obstacle for a healthy spermatogenesis.Therefore, make sure their absence is necessary.And when it detects any abnormalities to be treated according to the doctor's recommendations.

can make semen analysis.This survey shows the state of seminal fluid: the quantity and quality of sperm.The analysis will allow her to assume the likelihood of fertilization.If you find any problems, they are usually quite affordable heal.

Avoiding alcohol next specialist to become a therapist.This doctor will check the general condition of the body, referral for blood tests, urine tests, offer to do a cardiogram.In the presence of chronic diseases and the need for ongoing medication should consult with your doctor and choose the least toxic agents or consider the possibility of temporary failure of the preparations.Preparation male fertility involves reducing the impact of harmful substances on the body, including medicines.

with your doctor should be consulted on the subject of taking vitamins.They are in this crucial period are essential.Usually it offered to start drinking folic acid and multivitamin complex.While it may be needed, and any additional drugs to increase fertility.Do not be amiss, and visiting the dentist: often with health problems begin with bad teeth.

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Healthy Lifestyle

speak about how to prepare a man to conceive, and not touch on the bad habits it would be strange.On the dangers of nicotine and alcohol is known to all.This is the problem with the respiratory system and circulatory.But our subject is an issue of influence of these substances on the reproductive function and the future health of the child.The drugs, nicotine, alcohol significantly reduce the number and quality of sperm.This is a logical natural mechanism that limits the proliferation of unhealthy individuals.

Eating fruits Alcohol is eliminated from the body completely after three months.The effects of smoking are observed for longer, but this period will also allow the body to recover at an early stage.Negatively affected offspring and passive smoking expectant mother.So, without hesitation, for the sake of their children and their health should say goodbye to these addictions once and for all.

Expectant parents need more rest.But to prepare for conception, as indicated by the experts, you need not lying on the couch, and doing active leisure activities.Although rapid-cycling is better to abstain.Daily hours of walking - a great opportunity to get some fresh air, move and communicate with your partner.This time can be used to dream about future children about what they are born and how you will deal with together.Many people believe that thoughts are material.Therefore, more positive!

Hardening and sports are good for health of the future father. After all, they not only strengthen the body but also help to improve the functioning of the reproductive organs.However, from hot baths and saunas in the run-up to the conception of the child should be abandoned.And in general, high temperatures are not useful in the testicles.For the same reason you should avoid tight clothing.And the best underwear for reproductive health recognized boxer.

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Meals for dad

Exercises to strengthen the erection question about how to prepare a man to conceive, should not lose sight of the future and the father menu.It should be varied in their composition.Proteins, fats and carbohydrates - all fully be present in the menu.The presence of vitamins and minerals as required.Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals - the basis of healthy human nutrition.It is important to pay attention not only to the energy value of products, but also in their structure.Especially useful for conception:

  1. Beef (contains zinc, which increases sperm production).
  2. Greens (source of folic acid).
  3. oranges, currants, kiwi (rich in vitamin C).
  4. Whole grains (folic acid abundance).
  5. eggs (a variety of vitamins, minerals and protein).
  6. Dairy products (calcium).
  7. Oily fish (a source of omega-3 fatty acids).
  8. Nuts (zinc, vitamins).


important to remember that a varied diet does not mean overeating.Overweight negatively affects the ability to conceive.Therefore, food intake should be both moderate.The big advantage of pastries and sweets you do not get.Therefore, you should try to reduce their use.Also exclude products having in their composition a variety of synthetic additives.No need to settle on dishes from the liver.Harmful prospective parents and coffee.Its use inhibits the processes of reproduction.

special item should consider the relationship between the future parents.It is clear that together you should be comfortable.And mutual desire to have children add understanding.Intimacy, which aim to conceive, get a different character and where cherished pregnancy does not occur from month to month can become a cause of stress.Thereby further decreasing the likelihood of a long-awaited event.The main thing in these situations becomes the ability to relax and not to focus on the problem.And sexual acts should not be daily, a pause of two to three days is desirable to restore the quality of sperm.


Men prepare to conceive a child is not so difficult.It is only important to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle.And it is not only useful for your future children, but also for yourself.Sport, nutrition, recreation, fresh air, positive emotions - that's what makes your family will be a great, healthy and friendly.