The absence or weakening of erection

absence or weakening of erection

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  • General medical practice
  • Causes of pathology
  • measures that can be taken home
  • What to Expectthe visit to the doctor?
  • Treatment of patients with absence of erection

In medical practice, lack of erection - a condition that characterizes the absence or lack of erection of the penis.

erectile disfunction

erection process is controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system, but for his work meets the brain, which is closely associated with mood and emotional state man.

If erection is absent and this condition persists for a long time, it begins to be called erectile dysfunction.

General medical practice

The weakening of erection Erection problems are common in adult men.In many cases, over time, the absence of an erection is restored without any treatment.In other cases, it could develop into a permanent problem.If the frequency of men obtain and maintain an erection less than 25% of the total number of sexual acts, it is a problem that requires treatment.

Erection problems can lower self-esteem of men and harm the relations of sexual partners, so the problem must be on time and properly treated under medical supervision.

lack of erection in any case should not be confused with a morning erection, the penis where the reaction is not associated with sexual arousal.The cause of morning erection is often overflow bladder, which stimulates the reflex erection.

should not be confused as the condition of premature ejaculation, impotence and infertility men.All of these conditions are characterized by totally different disorder.The man who can not keep an erection, can produce sperm, which can fertilize the egg.The man who is infertile, usually maintains an erection, but it can not become a father because of problems with the sperm.

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reasons pathology

behind the counter erection answer: the brain, nerves, hormones, and blood vessels.If one link fails, the result can be obtained attenuation erection.

In the absence of an erection causes of this disease include:

Improving erections

  1. presence of any of the following diseases: diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, poor blood flow, depression, disorders of the nervous system, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease.
  2. Medication, including those aimed at the reduction or increase in blood pressure, beta-blockers, heart medications, some peptic ulcer medications, sleeping pills and antidepressants.
  3. Nerve damage after surgery in the prostate.
  4. Use of nicotine, alcohol, drugs.
  5. Bad relations with the sexual partner.
  6. constant presence of feelings of doubt and failure.
  7. spinal cord injury.
  8. Stress, fear, anxiety or anger of various origins.
  9. Unrealistic sexual expectations, which are directed to perform some physical exercises, rather than enjoyment.

Erection problems tend to become more common with age.However, they can affect men of any age.Physical disorders are more common in older men, emotional and nerve - apply to the young men and middle-aged patients.

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measures that can be taken home

Many men reasons for the lack of an erection can be eliminated by lifestyle changes:

  1. Abbreviations number of cigarettes smoked, giving up alcohol and drug use.
  2. Increase time for rest and relaxation with your family.
  3. exercise, eating healthy foods, maintain good blood circulation.Applications
  4. quality safe sex.
  5. confidential conversation with a sexual partner on the subject of sexual relationships and problems.If you find it difficult to start a dialogue with your partner, you should consult a doctor.

to improve erection Products Sexual partners who are not accustomed to discuss with each other the issue of sexual intimacy, tend to have problems with erection. Due to lack of an erection occurs misunderstanding and crumbling strong family relationships.

Consult your doctor should be, if:

  1. problem has a long-term nature, and begins to affect the normal life.
  2. lack of erection began after an injury or surgery.
  3. You were strangers symptoms: back pain, pain in the bladder or changes in urination.

If the lack of erection associated with medication, you should discuss with your doctor the problem.Perhaps the doctor during the treatment will be forced to reduce the dose or to appoint a completely different therapy.You can not change on their own or engage in treatment, as it may aggravate the situation.

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What to expect from the visit to the doctor?

Visiting the doctor will test the patient to the physical condition of the body, as a result of which will determine the blood flow, the nervous system and the penis.Then, to find the cause of the lack of erection, ask medical questions and find out how to maintain an erection before, appeared there earlier problems as long there is a problem if an erection is present during sleep and early morning awakening, whether the patient has an injury, surgery or stress, usesDoes he drink, smoke or not as asleep as he often sexual intercourse, which carries out physical activity in everyday life, whether there is a urinary problems, etc.

Visit to the doctor If you find problems your doctor may prescribe a survey, which will include:

  1. CBC.
  2. Determination of hormone levels.
  3. ultrasound of the penis.
  4. psychometric testing.
  5. monitoring penile rigidity.
  6. Urinalysis.
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Treatment of patients with absence of erection

treatment can be administered on the basis of the obtained results of the survey and will eliminate the causes of the disease.To date, no cure erection is possible by several methods:

  1. injection into the penis.
  2. drugs that are introduced into the urethra.
  3. Using medication that is taken by mouth.
  4. surgery.
  5. With the vacuum technique.
  6. By arranging physiotherapy.

Following the appointment of treatment be sure to talk with your doctor to find out the side effects of therapy.Very often, drugs such as sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil ( "Levitra") or tadalafil ( "Cialis"), known inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5), only work when you are sexually excited, and can cause side effects: muscle pain, heart attacks, drop in blood pressure, changes in respiratory rhythm.


use PDE5 inhibitors can be with great caution in the presence of the following diseases:

  1. arrhythmias and frequent heart attacks.
  2. severe heart disease such as angina pectoris.
  3. severe heart failure.
  4. uncontrolled high blood pressure.
  5. uncontrolled diabetes.
  6. very low blood pressure.

Patients who have these diseases can benefit from other treatment options:

  1. testosterone replacement therapy, which involves the local penile treatment gels and ointments, as well as the use of injections into the muscle, with low levels of testosterone in the blood.
  2. group of medicines alprostadil.The drugs are introduced into the penis or the urethra and improve blood flow to the penis.This method almost always works better than other medicines that are taken inside.
  3. vacuum therapy, which provides the use of a special vacuum device that affects the tissues of the penis and increases blood flow to it.The technique allows to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.
  4. In the most difficult cases, your doctor may suggest men to use silicone implants.


Today, many herbs and supplements that can be purchased in pharmacies, can help with sexual activity.However, none of these drugs will not have an effective treatment of erectile dysfunction and may not always be safe.Therefore, any treatment should be used only after consultation with your doctor, so as not to aggravate the disease.