What is circumcision and who shows such a procedure ?

What is circumcision and who shows such a procedure?

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  • Distribution of circumcision in the world
  • positive and negative effects of circumcision
  • Modern technology circumcision
    • surgeries circumcision

Male boom in circumcision of the penis is growing rapidly now.In domestic environment the stronger sex, along with politics and football there is an active interest in what is circumcision, as it is useful, if subjected to such a procedure is dangerous, how and where to make a plastic penis.

Circumcision in children

Sociologists state that today circumcision do not only because of medical conditions or cultural-historical and religious reasons (Jews, Muslims), but also guided by demands of hygiene and fashion.

Besides the titular domestic religion - Orthodox Christianity - though does not contain any indication of his canons for compulsory removal of the foreskin, but not strictly prohibits this procedure.By the way, Jesus Christ was circumcised in infancy, according to Jewish trad

ition.However, in the Christian doctrine of initiation rite (belonging to the church) was baptized, and the apostle Paul explained to the believers: "Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God."

So that man brought up in the Christian faith, you should not worry about a possible sinful thoughts about how to circumcise or not to do.But to understand the issue completely to see all that is useful and dangerous circumcision, is required.

Distribution of circumcision in the world

Cutting with laser Virtually every six representatives of the male population of our planet is not from hearsay, but from personal experience we know what it is and how it's performed similar operation on the penis.And every year more and more young males, regardless of religion or nationality passing through the hands of surgeons who perform circumcision procedure (removal of the foreskin completely) or plastic of the foreskin (partial circumcision).

For anatomical references: the foreskin - it's the wrinkle skin that covers the head of the penis.Its outer and inner surface of the foreskin called leaflets.These sheets limit the space referred to as the prepuce.A circumcision - is excision (removal) of the foreskin of the penis surgically.

After cutting the head of the penis is always naked - and during erection, and at rest.

circumcision procedure those who think that the interference with the natural anatomy of the penis is too dangerous, you just need to look through the history books.After removal of the foreskin practiced since antiquity times on different continents among the many different peoples of the most primitive tools.

Thus, surviving Egyptian fresco, dating from the III millennium BC, this rite of passage has been portrayed 14-year-old boy into a man with the help of cutting off the foreskin primitive knife!This initiation of adolescents was extended in Ethiopia and other African tribes existed in Australian aboriginal religion, the peoples of the Middle East.

It is also worth remembering that a religious act as circumcision for centuries and hitherto practiced by Jews (in Judaism circumcision produce on the 8th day of life the boy) and Muslims (13-year or every other odd year life).In the nineteenth and early twentieth English-speaking countries such as the UK, Canada, USA, it was believed that circumcision can prevent masturbation, and this procedure was carried out among the population virtually without exception.In the second half of the twentieth century in the United States after the establishment of medical science that circumcised men hardly threatens the diagnosis of cancer of the penis, and the promotion of this fact by President John F. Kennedy by example 80% of citizens of all ages have undergone this procedure.

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positive and negative effects of circumcision

Call a doctor Of course, those who decided to do a complete circumcision or plastic member, it must be remembered that, as with any surgery, they should be carried out only by qualified personnel in a specialisthospital.In the case of non-compliance with the procedure and techniques of aseptic technique (often related to religious ritual circumcision) measures can cause serious complications, including death:

  • bleeding;
  • adhesions;
  • fistula;
  • member bends due to the lack of skin, or a retraction into the body;
  • complete loss of sensation or painful sexual intercourse;
  • thrombosis;
  • gangrene.

especially often suffer immature boys and teenagers.Therefore, even the representatives of Judaism and Islam due precaution is better to do circumcision in specialized clinics.

The circulation of the penis Those who do not belong to religious groups who practice this custom and skeptical believe that circumcision - it's just a throwback, you need to take into account a lot of positive things that gives this delicate operation.After all, medicine, answering the question of whether circumcision should be no religious motives, shows that:

  1. removal of the foreskin reduces susceptibility to infection with sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, syphilis, warts genital, genital herpes), as the skin onthe head of the penis becomes more coarse and less susceptible to microcracks.Uncircumcised men are more likely to become infected and more because the foreskin smegma collected (grease) and in the biological environment of developing bacteria, viruses accumulate.
  2. Full circumcision makes it possible to virtually eliminate the risk of cancer of the penis.And among women living with a circumcised man, there is much less likelihood of cervical cancer without transmission of HPV during sexual intercourse.
  3. to circumcise or not to do - not even discussed in pathologies.It is mandatory that the operation is prescribed because of phimosis (not open when the head of the penis), paraphimosis (when the head is restrained too narrow ring of flesh).Assign this procedure and chronic inflammation of the glans penis.
  4. It is also believed that the full circumcision in childhood reduces the possibility of children genitourinary disorders such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, and others.
  5. With circumcision prevents premature ejaculation, as the head of the penis circumcision makes less sensitive to mechanical stimuli.
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Modern technology circumcision

cutting machinery Today, there are a number of different cutting techniques in the world. example:

  1. Pulling the foreskin special plastic clips.Due to lack of blood supply flesh just dies.
  2. Application patterns, matched individually to the anatomical features of the patient.It eliminates the risk of insufficient cutting flesh and cutting particles penis head.
  3. double incision technique, incised in which the inner and outer sheets of the foreskin is removed and skin strip formed between them.
  4. German plastic, which is applied when a member has to look like the uncircumcised.Prepuce incision in 4 places and sutured across.In this way, the flesh is removed in small amounts.

The infant circumcision is performed without anesthesia, teenagers up to 14 years - under general anesthesia, and for adult men use a local anesthetic.

With the first 2 methods listed in the list, you can only get circumcised in foreign clinics.Where to get circumcised in our country - it depends on your preferences and financial possibilities of the patient.

Private clinic State Hospital by referral from a urologist give a guarantee of free service and the use of painkillers domestic production.But in most of these institutions to remove the foreskin will be using a scalpel and scissors, to cut the amount of skin to determine the eye and lie down in the hospital will have 3-7 days.So perform circumcision or not using the national medical services - to solve each individually.

Of course, if the question is, where do the surgery in a more comfortable and less traumatic, the answer would be - private medical centers and clinics.In them, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, using the most modern anesthetics, bioresorbable thread for stitches, microsurgical technique and radiosurgical instruments held electrocoagulation vessels to minimize blood loss.

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surgeries circumcision

Cost varies in different private clinics with a large amplitude, from 7 thousand to 50 thousand rubles...As for the operation itself, there is nothing wrong in it.Preparations need the minimum: a pre-pass tests (urine, blood, the absence of sexually transmitted diseases) and shaved pubis and groin.The enema is not necessary.

At the beginning of the procedure member disinfected, at the base of a tourniquet is applied thin and injected anesthetic.This injection is the only painful moment, then any pain the patient no longer feels.Then the foreskin is pulled strongly, locking clips and remove.

duration of the operation depends on the experience and filigree work of the surgeon.On average, it takes 15 minutes to an hour.At the end of the operation after 2 hours the surgeon makes an examination, and if not there are no complications and bleeding, resolves to leave the clinic.


Provided strict implementation of the recommendations of the urologist in the postoperative period of maximum 3 weeks after cutting the patient already can not afford a full sex life.