How to increase male hormone testosterone : practical advice

How to increase male hormone testosterone: practical advice

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  • diet - an important step towards improving testosterone
    • normalization of its own weight: weight training
    • How to increase testosterone levels: recommended workout
    • What else is necessary to increase male hormones?

Testosterone is an important hormone in the male body.

Many young people suffer from testosterone deficiency.This may contribute to a variety of reasons.The negative impact on the formation of the hormone have bad habits, such as smoking, poor and unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, physical inactivity, lack of sleep.All these factors negatively affect the production of male sex hormones.

Physical inactivity can lead to decreased testosterone Increased testosterone levels in the body is essential, since it reduced the level may affect male potency, that is, to weaken it.A man may begin problems with sexual desire. Reduced testosterone level affects the amount of muscle mass, significantly reducing it: a man there is a loss of vitality and energ

y, depression may occur. In addition to these problems, due to lack of sex hormone disorders can occur in memory, reduced ability to concentrate.

increases testosterone in men in the body is not so difficult.This can be done naturally.Proper nutrition - an important condition to increase levels of the hormone.Without compliance with certain eating regime is impossible to obtain an optimal result.In order to start the process of working the body to produce testosterone, you need to enrich its beneficial nutrients.With food should do the products that will contribute to the synthesis of testosterone.One of the main components is zinc.Without this element of synthesis is impossible.

diet - an important step towards improving testosterone

Diet Typically, the component is available as a part of seafood and legumes.In order to enrich the body with testosterone, it is equally important to take in foods that contain vitamins and calcium.The most important for increasing testosterone vitamins are C, F and B. Vitamin E is able to permanently protect the hormone from the negative effects, in particular by dissolution.The above-mentioned vitamins and calcium are composed of wild rose, black currant, avocado, walnut, and also in citrus fruits.The synthesis of testosterone can not be beneficial to pass without the participation of fats and proteins.Fats are useful, because they contain cholesterol.This component is essential for the synthesis of testosterone.It is found in meat.It is recommended to eat lean meat in the form.It is important to drink as much pure water, but no more than two gallons per day.

Subject diet will improve your health significantly, and the level of testosterone in the body will begin to rise.If you lead an active lifestyle and exercise often, you need to use a liquid in an appropriate amount.Juices, soda, mineral water is recommended to replace the plain filtered water.To summarize, we can conclude that for the male body are very useful seafood, eggs, fruits, lean meats and legumes.

To achieve maximum results, it is important to eliminate from the diet of pastries, confectionery, such as cookies and sweets.The use of these products contributes to the development of insulin in the blood, which prevents the formation of sex hormones in men.The result is a decrease in testosterone.It is also important to exclude from the diet is too fatty food.It is able to be deposited in the body and form overweight.Fizzy drinks contain large amounts of sugar, they are extremely harmful to health.How to increase testosterone levels, in addition to diet?Dosage exercise will help stimulate the male hormones.

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normalization of its own weight: weight training

Normalization of its own weight As a rule, men who have overweight, suffer from low testosterone levels.In looking for a man who is obese, certainly it has a reduced level of sex hormone.The following adverse processes occur in adipose tissue: formed female hormones called estrogens.They are able to suppress testosterone so important.The more overweight men, the less sex hormones it has.

Physical activity a man is able to raise the level of the hormone.In particular, useful weight training.It is important to carry out competent and, most importantly, the dosage studies.If you overdo it, you can get the opposite effect and increase male hormone will not succeed.It is recommended to conduct training duration of 1 hour.Warm up at the beginning of each training session should be 15 minutes.Exercises with weights can be performed for 45 minutes.It is advisable to exercise 3 times a week.Break for rest and recovery of muscles is also required.It is important to train the large muscles: legs, chest and hand muscles.Testosterone levels well help improve squats, deadlifts.Bench rod helps quite well.Projectile weight should correspond to your physical abilities.It is necessary to do 10 repetitions of the exercise, the latter should be carried out with maximum efficiency.Male hormones are stimulated in such a way.

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How to increase testosterone levels: should not the recommended workout

Training duration of training exceed 45-50 minutes, because after already begins to produce another hormone.It is called cortisol.This prevents the hormone testosterone development, so it is important to prevent the development of the body.Up to 50 minutes during exercise it is testosterone is produced.It is necessary to train all departments, in particular, the large muscle groups.You will certainly help squats, dumbbell bench press-ups, lying down, the unit thrust to the stomach in a sitting position, straightening the legs on a special simulator, flexion and extension legs, bench press with dumbbells sitting on bench, lifting dumbbells up.After a workout, it is desirable to drink as much water as your body requires.Do not forget about proper balanced diet.

In order to increase the testosterone level for a long time, it is important to get rid of bad habits.It should be remembered that the use of alcoholic beverages hormone testosterone is converted into estrogen.One of the most dangerous drink for the male body is a beer that contains a large number of substances for the formation of the female hormones.It is possible to drink wine, but not more than two glasses to 10 days.The tea is recommended to drink warm, but not hot.


It is important to observe the optimum sleep.It is necessary to get enough sleep.In the phase of deep sleep produced a considerable amount of sex hormones.In order to have healthy sleep, it is necessary to sleep no more and no less than eight hours in a quiet, dark environment.In sexual contacts should also present a measure of their abuse can lead to a problem with testosterone.It has been proven that simple but beneficial dialogue with women may contribute to the development of the sex hormone.

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What else is necessary to increase male hormones?

follicle-stimulating hormone is also necessary to raise.His low levels can cause male infertility.As a result, it may develop testicular atrophy and absence of sperm.Male follicle stimulating hormone responsible for sexual desire.Low in men is the lack of traction in intimate contact.In order for it to increase, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and do not overdo it with loads.


How to increase testosterone levels in the body?You should try to avoid stressful situations.If you feel depressed psychological state, the body is cortisol production.

Thus, the hanging of male hormone is impossible.Good mood is a fertile ground for the creation of a favorable hormonal background.

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