Correctly pass spermogrammu

correctly pass spermogrammu

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  • Why men are afraid to take the semen analysis?
  • Studies of male infertility
  • Preparing for spermogramme
  • collection material at home

equally infertility is a female and a male.More informative and conclusively ascertain the essence of male infertility, identify diseases male reproductive system and to establish the level of fertility in males, t. E. To understand what is the willingness to participate in sperm fertilization doctors allows semen.


This method is used in medicine to study the seminal fluid, gives an accurate assessment of its fertilizing function.Spermogrammu rent - which means to hand over sperm on laboratory analysis to check all the parameters of the seminal fluid is not separately and in combination.The analysis reveals the following factors:

  • color, volume, viscosity, sperm Ph-level;
  • motile sperm and slabopodvizhnyh;
  • full of semen at the cellular level.

This semen is the most important source of corre

ct diagnosis of male infertility and urological diseases in modern medicine.

also rent spermogrammu sperm donors in ECO Bank and men who wish to freeze their sperm for assisted reproductive technologies.

Why men are afraid to take the semen analysis?

survey process couples infertility begins with a survey of male reproductive function.This is done because, firstly, the examination of men faster than women, and less costly.Secondly, according to statistics, male infertility prevails over the feminine in some regions of the country, 40:60.

semen analysis But not all men are willing to come immediately with his second half to see a doctor and pass the semen analysis.Despite the fact that the process of collecting semen intimate, carried it through masturbation (self-satisfaction), spend it better in the clinical setting, and many men confuse this factor is the lack of a relaxed home environment in seclusion with his beloved.

However, this is not the fears of masturbation in the clinic and in the results that can be disastrous for a man.Possible bad result sperm before his surrender may sow in the minds of men the thought of their impotency in the work plan of the reproductive function.Such thought provoking stress, which to a large extent can influence the results of the study.

In other cases, some men already know about the problem of poor performance of his sperm and thus are afraid to disappoint the young wife of the problems associated with the reproductive system disease and infertility, not to look in her eyes, unable to continue the race.

Therefore, an important part of the pre-consent to hand over the man spermogrammu, advocates of women's behavior.It should be understood that for a man all this can cause discomfort and even humiliation, so do not push persuasion with increased tone in his voice, ridicule or reproach, and easy to bring all the arguments that will help the husband to cope with uncertainty and fear.

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Studies of male infertility

poor sperm revealed pathology, diagnosis and treatment of male infertility are engaged andrologist.Standard research includes:

  • spermogrammu;
  • research on STD infection;
  • ultrasound of the prostate gland.

Semen analysis pass, as mentioned above, the method of masturbation, which was recognized by the World Health Organization, the most effective.In order to carry out liquefaction of the ejaculate, sperm are optimally assembled in the laboratory or clinic faster.But some laboratory practice and home collection, if a man is able to deliver the semen within half an hour.

fence material for research on sexually transmitted diseases in men only clinically in the office of the physician or specialized laboratories.For this is taken swab of the urethra.Through ultrasound of the prostate, anus introduced a special sensor, which allows high-precision determine the presence of disease in the male.

As tests for sexually transmitted infections, and ultrasound of the prostate gland should be performed pre-treatment, which, contraindications and some ultrasound can more accurately find out from your doctor.


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Preparing for spermogramme

It is worth remembering that not always possible to pass spermogrammu the first time.In order to analyze the result is effective immediately, following the collection of the best rules to consider:

  1. Abstinence from sexual intercourse for a week (minimum 4 days) before you donate sperm.
  2. If there are diseases of the genitourinary system, such as prostatitis, urethritis, orchitis, vesicles, etc., It is better to take the semen analysis, when passed 2 weeks after treatment with these diseases, and more.
  3. exclude completely the consumption of any alcoholic beverages, even beer.
  4. Limit the consumption of cigarettes.
  5. refrain from taking any antibiotics and drugs.If the drug is still taken according to instructions, then, after consultation with the doctor, it is better to stop taking them for 3 days prior to the date of semen.
  6. Limit consumption of strong coffee, tea, smoked pepper.
  7. Avoid washing in baths, steam rooms for 10 days.Wash taking unheated shower, so as not to overheat the groin.
  8. More traffic, fewer negative thoughts and emotions, but in the last 24 hours before the delivery of the analysis to eliminate physical exertion and nervous strain.


Important! Emotional balance is desirable to keep the whole period of preparation for the delivery of sperm, becausethis is a significant aspect of a successful outcome analysis.If a patient has recently suffered acute inflammatory and infectious diseases, in which there was a fever, a fever, it is recommended to postpone the delivery of semen for a week.

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Collect material in

home men Alternatively you can collect semen for study at home.If the medical centers and clinics after collecting its semen immediately take experts to study, and you quietly go home to wait for the results of semen, the home should be guided by the following rules.

The collected semen can not be cool, so its transportation to the laboratory should take no more than 1 hour in time.For these purposes, provided with a special sterile container free container in which you can without harming the semen to transport sperm.Excluded

to sperm exposed to direct light, the sun's rays, we can not allow its full exposure.For the sperm it is very important to keep all the selected volume of semen, because the loss of part of it could compromise the integrity of the study.


matter where the patient decides to donate sperm to semen analysis, it should be noted that the seminal fluid for setting the correct and accurate diagnosis can take up to 3 timeswith an interval of 7 to 20 days.If the figures will differ greatly in the values, then performed an additional fee of sperm.Therefore, it is important to follow all the recommendations to deliver spermogrammu correctly the first time.

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