How can I get rid of impotence ?

How can I get rid of impotence?

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  • Drug and intraurethral therapy
  • vasoactive agents and vacuum-constrictor therapy
  • Surgery
  • Psychotherapeutic treatment

today for the treatment of impotence, ie,inability to perform sexual intercourse, use a variety of treatments.The choice of drug, which will solve the problem depends on what causes impotence caused, it is necessary to restore such function.How to get rid of impotence modern methods?

The problems in intimate life

Drug and intraurethral therapy

Therapies varied, the main thing - to choose the right treatment option.Drug therapy, to get rid of impotence, involves the use of sildenafil, vardenafil, tadalafil and other drugs.The course of treatment usually lasts about a year, and the efficiency is not as high, in addition, a number of the many side effects, which brings a good result even on there.There are also special sexual doping, which is excellent performance, up to 80%, but there is a negative phenomenon.This loss of visual acuity

, color perception subsequent change, redness of the skin of the neck and face.

Treatment with drugs Freedom from impotence by the method of intraurethral therapy is that drugs are injected into the urethra, where along with the blood flow directly into the corpora cavernosa.There already is a reaction which causes an erection.Such a method is very effective, since it allows to directly carry out drug use intercourse, it is not necessary to use injection.

widely used method has not received so far, as the cost of the drug to be administered fairly high.It should be noted also that observed after administration of a strong burning sensation in the urethra, which does not add comfort.In the application of such therapy during intercourse should definitely use condoms to drug did not get on the genitals and mucous partner.

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vasoactive agents and vacuum-constrictor therapy

Diagnostics Getting rid of impotence with the help of vasoactive drugs is that performed microinjection directly into the penis before sexual intercourse takes place.Today, the treatment of erectile dysfunction such method is one of the most common and practiced.He gives a good result, for the treatment of prostaglandin used, or various combinations thereof.This method is safe, its high efficiency.To reduce the side effects due to high concentrations, physicians may assign a specific combination of drugs.Program complex method makes use of vasoactive drugs one of the best for getting rid of impotence.

Impotence can be treated with the use of vacuum-constrictor therapy.What is its essence?In the cavernous bodies of the penis region of negative pressure created by the pump and a vacuum cylinder.This causes the flow of blood, there comes an erection, which is held a certain time with the superimposed compression rings near the base of the penis.Venous outflow is thus limited to, the erection is maintained.

This method makes it possible to prolong sexual intercourse up to 30 minutes, continue to hold the compression ring is simply impossible.

Efficiency equates to 40-50%, but there are numerous drawbacks.Among them, it should be noted:

  1. instrument in the form of a cylinder, and the pump should be used before each sex act, and hide it from your partner does not.
  2. Ejaculation becomes quite painful, due to the action of the ring at the base of the penis.Often this circumstance (pain during ejaculation) is the cause of the psychological barrier.Impotence goes into the category of diseases that must be treated is already completely different specialist.
  3. After use, the device can be observed traces of bleeding on the head of the penis.
  4. There is a very unpleasant sensation, numbness of the penis, there are a number of other rather unpleasant moments associated with the use of this kind of therapy.


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treatment by surgery is used less frequently in recent years.This is due to the fact that getting rid of the problems with the help of drugs gives all the best results, there is no need to interfere in the work of the bodies surgically.Assigned to such treatment in the case of venous insufficiency when venozapiratelny mechanism body broken.The effectiveness of this method is not as high.However, in clinical practice, this treatment is still in use, penile venous surgery - it is not uncommon even in our days.Doctors recommend first pass conventional therapy.It is generally carried out surgical treatment, when the impotence is caused by insufficient arterial blood flow to the penis.Then the doctor performs microvascular arterial bypass grafting, the efficiency is usually close to 30-50%.Appointed surgery patients at a young age in the elderly its effectiveness is very low, often recommend completely different methods.


To restore the rigidity of the penis prosthesis used method.During surgery, implantation of special prostheses.But this freedom from problems is assigned only if all other treatments have not helped.It is carried out after the pre-survey.

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Psychotherapeutic treatment

When psychological impotence treatment is applied in a similar manner.But it is necessary to apply only to experienced professionals, as this problem may be quite deep.The most commonly used three-step technique, which is dedicated to the proper focus sensuality.It consists in the fact that the partners have to learn to understand each other, to pay much attention to the satisfaction of not only himself, but his partner.

first stage of therapy is that the person learns to be satisfied, without having contact with the genitals.This allows internally liberated, to learn to understand patience.The second stage involves the examination of erogenous zones, although contact with the sex organs also occurs.This is especially important for families, which experience large.Sensuality has long receded into the background, but this is exactly what is the cause of impotence is most often. Psychotherapeutic treatments assigned only in the case where the causes of impotence has a physical disorder in an organism.


impotence problem in men today is quite acute, often physical illnesses do not occur.The reason it can be a variety of factors, and that is why the treatment is assigned a different.Today, impotence can be eliminated with the help of drugs, surgery or with the use of special psychotherapeutic treatment.