Features men's health after 45 years and older

Features men's health after 45 years and older

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  • Physiological parameters in men after 45
  • Life after 45 or older
    • Bad habits
    • How to monitor weight?
    • Consultations have andrologist
    • Changes
    • nervous system How to care for your skin?

age from 45 years for men is a turning point.The body's cells are not so well restored health gradually deteriorated, there are a variety of disorders.But such a process can be slowed down, to preserve the health and excellent appearance as long as possible.

Intimate Health after 45 years

doctors and specialists have been specifically designed recommendations to maintain excellent health.It is important to pay special attention to diet, give up bad habits, do not forget about physical moderate loads.It is necessary to observe the regime of the day, watch your weight, and skin condition.

Physiological parameters in men after 45

To determine the general condition of man after 45 years, experts are a few important parameters:

  1. Weight depends entirely on growth.For example, when a small growth of 150-158 cm weight should be at the level of 58-62 kg, but for the growth of 175-180 cm weight already would be 83-87 kg.For tall men in this age group with an increase of 185-190 cm ideal weight should be at around 91-98 kg.
  2. At rest the pulse of the men should be equal to 70-76 beats per minute, but after various physical activities he may accelerate by about 80%, but in any case should not exceed 150 beats.The formula for calculating the pulse is as follows: the maximum rate = 220 - number of years.
  3. blood pressure in 45 years should be at a level of 125/80, but to the 55 years value can change dramatically and make 135/85.

for women in old age, it is important not to forget that sport is still needed.On the active and intensive loads are not talking, but the moderates are quite possible and even recommended.This may be a morning jog, aerobics before going to work, even training in the gym, but only on the individual program under the supervision of a trainer.It is impossible to comply with a sedentary lifestyle, as it worsens the general condition, leads to a drastic weight gain.

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Life after 45 or older

Life after 45 or older sexual life is important for everyone, not just for men.But at the age of 45 years have seen some disorders and disorders that are caused by age and other factors.However, this process can be slowed down, if you pay attention to your health.

Overall, after 45 years there has been such a change:

  1. psychological and physiological changes that affect the quality of sexual life
  2. Poor health due to ill health causes decrease in sexual activity.This problem such as diabetes, depression, stress and others.
  3. deficit of time often leaves no longer possible for privacy.But this has a negative effect on sexual activity, which is gradually reduced to nothing.
  4. sexual life quality in men of this age varies greatly.Sexual intercourse does not seem so important, come first pats and hugs.As a result, there are problems with erection.
  5. sexual life becomes a regular but rare, but most of the men she is still not satisfied, which greatly affects the mental state, satisfaction with the quality of life, communicating with others.
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Bad habits

After 45 years of bad habits it is best to give up altogether.

Smoking and alcohol, and so have a negative impact on overall health, and after they become extremely dangerous for 40 years.

Bad habits Health men then turn requires careful attention.Smoking and alcohol are the cause of reducing the potency, interferes with the normal activity of the brain, t. E. Worsens memory, reduced attention.Condition the skin, hair, teeth become progressively worse.These bad habits can become a cause of deterioration of the heart, weight gain, increase the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

But there is one more thing - alcohol and smoking reduce life expectancy by an average of 4 minutes per cigarette or a glass of spirits.More than 30% of all strokes are caused by the inability of it to give up alcohol and tobacco use.

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How to monitor weight?

A visit to a nutritionist After 30-35 years, it is important to start to monitor the weight, and this applies to men more than women.At this age, to control weight gain is not so difficult, but if you start to ignore all recommendations, then upon reaching 45 years of age can begin serious problems.If you do not follow some of the recommendations, the overweight lead to many diseases, problems with the cardiovascular system.

That is why, after 45 years, you must be attentive to such recommendations:

  1. instead of animal fat is best to begin to use vegetable oil.Solid fats only promote weight gain, but olive oil, for example, if they contain all necessary substances has no such negative effect.
  2. in the diet is important to include vegetables, fresh is best, perfect and steamed.Schedule
  3. power necessary to make so that the meals have been frequent, but their amount should be small.
  4. necessary to restrain appetite, food should satisfy him, but overeating is simply unacceptable.
  5. recommended to not forget about physical exercises that will keep fit.
  6. At night there is not much better, limiting fruit or vegetable salads, soft drinks such as fat-free yogurt, unsweetened tea.
  7. from the diet is recommended to exclude a large number of fried, starchy foods, sweet.It is best to be stewed and baked food, dishes, steamed.
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Consultations have andrologist

Consultations have andrologist in men after 45 years often have problems related to the genitourinary system.Many experts recommend at that age begin to turn to andrology, which will appoint a survey will give the necessary recommendations for the treatment or prevention of many diseases, disorders.

This survey will address a number of issues related to male infertility, contraception, if necessary.Andrologist It will help to cope with such diseases, which are often observed just after 40-45 years:

  • urethritis;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system (acute or chronic);
  • sexual dysfunction;
  • looming problems of aging;
  • problems with obesity.

Experts advise to take such surveys about 2 times a year.This will identify impending problems immediately begin treatment.

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Changes nervous system

Changes in the nervous system Men who have reached the age of 45 years, often there are some problems with the hormonal and nervous system.Sexual activity is inhibited, there may be serious problems with erection, often at this age may be a partial or complete impotence.The reasons for this are stress, fatigue, lack of proper rest.This is the reason that the testosterone level drops sharply.

It is in this age of stress, depression, fatigue and so on lead to the fact that there are nervous system preserve the health experts recommend to observe the regime of the day.Requires normal sleep 8 hours a day.It is important to create a diet that will include dairy products, foods with a high content of B vitamins, cabbage, beans, apples, liver, tomatoes and so on.Overvoltage and stress should be avoided, it is best to learn a couple of exercises in meditation to help relax the nervous system result in a full order.It is important not to forget the sports activities, but at this age they should be normalized, it is best to consult a professional trainer about what loads are permissible on the basis of overall health.

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How to care for your skin?

Skin care Every man should, after 45 years, more than good care of your skin and, because it is during this period are highly visible age-related changes. cells begin to strongly and dramatically slow down your update, t. E. Changes for the most part become irreversible. skin becomes very dry, covered with wrinkles, fades.

At this age, the skin becomes flabby double chin already clearly visible, there are bags under the eyes and wrinkles deepen.If you do not slow down the process of aging of the skin processes will become irreversible, and the state will rapidly deteriorate.To move this process, it is necessary to begin the most thorough care for him, including a proper diet, avoiding harmful habits.It is important to get enough sleep, try to avoid unrest and stress.

Experts advise to start taking Siberian ginseng, Chinese magnolia vine, ginseng tincture.To cosmetic care, you can use glycolic, salicylic acid, retinol-based drugs, which provide rejuvenation of the skin, remove all dead skin cells, promoting their rapid rejuvenation.It is important to start using cosmetics that contain specific antioxidants that help the body to effectively fight the signs of aging.


Male body after the age of 45 years requires more careful care.Particular attention should be paid to health, general body care.What is important is avoiding harmful habits, attention to sexual life, mental health.Only in this case you can be sure that the excellent health and well-being, good looks remain still for many years.