How is the treatment of azoospermia ?

How is the treatment of azoospermia?

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  • Azoospermia: its essence, types
  • Treatment of disease with the help of classical medicine
  • Azoospermia: the treatment of traditional methods

For a long time among the majority of people, it was assumed that the inability of a couple conceiving a child always blame the woman.Many people believe that a man can not be a priori futile.But in reality it is not so.And the man and woman may be infertile equally!

Azoospermia in men

But for some reason, it may be fruitless representative of the stronger sex?For example, due to azoospermia.What is the essence of this disease?And whether the absence of sperm amenable to treatment?Answers to these and many other questions should know every man, and women, too.

Azoospermia: its essence, types

Azoospermia - is a male sexual disorder in which there are no sperm in the sperm.

Dead spermatazoidov They are either not at all or not such that would be able to fertilize the female egg.All this points to the fact that men do

not have fertility and women from it can not become pregnant.

For many people, this diagnosis is really becoming a great shock and surprise as the man himself can not in any way notice at azoospermia.This deviation is detected only during the corresponding analysis, and as a man he can assess the quality of their sperm?Especially considering the fact that in the view of it looks the same as usual.And it stands out as well as usual.In addition, men are no abnormalities observed in terms of sexual power.Its potency is as strong and sturdy.Therefore, it is important to periodically conduct routine research, testing, semen analysis.

By the way, not to be confused with azoospermia aspermia.The latter disease is characterized by the fact that the man is completely absent ejaculate, whereas with azoospermia no spermatozoa in the seminal fluid.

A study of male seminal fluid Varies eksekretornaya (obstructive) and secretory azoospermia, or non-obstructive.Obstructive azoospermia is characterized by a man difficulty observed in cross-spermovyvodyaschih channels.It is because of these channels comes from the testicles to the seminal fluid penis.When obstructive form of different congenital and acquired azoospermia.Congenital abnormalities associated with hypoplasia of the channels or other disorders associated with the development of male reproductive system.When acquired form is usually previously had some inflammation or infection.Also it could be some kind of surgery if the injury.Externally, the genitals themselves look quite normal, no abnormalities unnoticed.

nonobstructive azoospermia When a man can not produce sperm.Seminal fluid is, but in the study it under a microscope, you will notice that there are no moving cells.All other descriptions coincide with the obstructive form.There is a variant of congenital and acquired.Add to be only that the sperm could gulf and because of the course of chemotherapy, when a man fighting with tumors in his body.

How to treat azoospermia?What methods can be used for therapy?And will it help in the treatment of folk remedies?This was on.

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disease Treatment with traditional medicine

Operation There is good news!Doctors say that azoospermia successfully and very effectively treated in 90% of all cases.It gives a positive outlook for many men.Especially for those who would like to conceive a child, dreams of fatherhood.The success of therapy, evidenced by the numerous reviews.

The treatment itself will depend directly on what was the basis of the disease, which was the cause.First, you need to consult a doctor.He will produce a primary inspection of the entire reproductive system, check whether there are any abnormalities in testicular development and other things.It is also necessary to pass the seminal fluid for examination.May need any other study.So, it may take even a biopsy.

If the problem has something to do with the vas deferens, the specialist will assign the operation to help correct them or somehow expand them.In short, given the reason for the emergence of problems with the sperm is treated quite successfully.

If the problem occurred due to inflammation of the testicles, and other infections of the reproductive system, it should start with the elimination of diseases themselves.Once they are cured, azoospermia leave immediately.

If you have psychological causes (and this also happens) to the emergence of this disease need to apply directly to a psychiatrist.To fight is necessary from a psychological cause, after the removal of which will leave and problems with seminal fluid in men.

the treatment can even be identified by the fact that azoospermia was temporary.This is due to stress, strong psychological shock, the weakening of immunity, in the presence of other serious diseases in non-reproductive system, as well as in many situations.

it possible to produce azoospermia treatment folk remedies?And whether it will be effective compared to the classical therapy?

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Azoospermia: the treatment of traditional methods

Pomegranate juice Immediately worth mention that the absence of sperm must first of all be treated using traditional medicine.People the medicine should be used in conjunction with the main therapy.It is through this comprehensive approach can achieve the greatest success in the treatment.What is advised in folk medicine for the recovery of sperm?

example, sperm good effect treatment pomegranate juice.Daily need to eat a pomegranate and drink his glass of pomegranate juice.This fruit is extremely useful for men: for semen, and potency.

Good help with azoospermia and hawthorn.They must be brewed with boiling water, give infusion, and then take one tablespoon 3 times a day.Here are just a hawthorn need to be cautious to those men who suffer from low blood pressure.

Honey - is another excellent remedy for this disease.It is there as often as possible, to restore the proper amount of sperm in the ejaculate.

Brew possible and seeds of wormwood, which is also a positive effect on the quality of semen.1 teaspoon of seeds necessary to brew 1 cup of boiling water, and then drink it throughout the day in equal doses.The same can be done with seeds of plantain.


With all of these methods, you can successfully get rid of azoospermia.It is also important to see a doctor in time.