The hormone prolactin in males

hormone prolactin in men

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  • main function of prolactin in the male
  • Diseases affecting hormone levels
  • How dependent prolactin from testosterone
  • Treating high prolactin
  • elevated prolactin treatment herbs

When we hear about the prolactin in men, few understand what it was about.For the normal life of both male and female body needs a certain amount of vitamins.The same applies to the hormones - products of the endocrine glands.One of the major differences between vitamins and hormones that vitamins in our body penetrate from plants and hormones produced by the endocrine glands.In 1930, British scientist, specialist phytomorphology John Henry Corner was opened prolactin, which was synthesized from extracts of pituitary glands of cows.This hormone causes the timely launch of the breast, because it got its name.

Effect of prolactin on the male external signs

Not everybody knows what a prolactin.Consider this concept, which is one of the most important men in my life, and examine how it affects the hea

lth and male external signs.

main function of prolactin in the male

Prolactin - a hormone that is responsible for the anterior pituitary.It has a feature that depends on the time of day.Its concentration in the body is maximal early in the morning, and then gradually decreases throughout the day and in the evening reaches a minimum.

The male body prolactin is a must, since it is responsible for many of the functions that affect the health and activity.

Reduced potency

Prolactin plays an important role in a man's body and is responsible for the concentration of sex hormones and sperm, oversees sexual activity is involved in immune processes.As a consequence, the influence of this hormone is indispensable.Quite often with a decrease of male power by men begin to look for the cause, not where needed.In fact, it is often the case in the male hormone, in his normal body.You must first pass the hormonal blood tests for hormone prolactin rate of each person is different.

There is a feature of this hormone have maximum emission during the night, so the blood sample must pass in the morning, no sooner than 2 hours after recovery.Be sure to keep in mind that prolactin levels may rise as a result of physical and emotional stress, the operations on the chest, after a stint in the sauna and after taking alcoholic drinks.In order to eliminate the negative impact of these factors on the result of the analysis, on the day preceding the date of the hormonal analysis, it is strongly recommended not to use the sauna, not sunbathing, eliminate physical exertion (including sexual intercourse), do not be nervous, do not smoke for at least 1 hour oreat eve fat food.

Sometimes it happens that a low level of prolactin in the blood are normal in men.In this case treatment is not required.But if after the analysis on hormones have found that you have the level of prolactin and other hormones (eg, thyroid hormone) is lowered, it is necessary an additional examination to rule out pituitary disease.Along with this disease to reduce prolactin affect prolonged use of drugs with a range of action as that of dopamine.

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Diseases affecting hormone levels

Men condition in which there is an increased level of prolactin in the blood, is the medical name for hyperprolactinemia.After the establishment of such a diagnosis in men need to think about the reasons for its occurrence.Please note that the male hormones can be influenced by various factors, such as poor sleep, physical activity, stress, intake of protein foods, and others. If you increase the level associated with them, the increase of the hormone is temporary and does not affect the hormonal balance in generalorganism.If you have provided all the recommendations before putting analysis on prolactin levels, it should be concluded that the increase in hormone levels influence the disease.With the constant improvement of the level of this hormone may exist in the male body a number of different diseases.

main influence can have such a disease, like dysfunction, it is a tumor of the pituitary.This disease causes two fatal consequences, leading to the outer ugliness.Prolactin levels in the male body is disturbed, it results in an overall increase in giant or acromegaly.Such a relationship was established by Carl Benda.He also found a method of getting rid of this severe disease, one of the manifestations of which are severe headaches.

Stress salvation only effective in diseases of the pituitary gland is considered the operation, during which the surgeon penetrates through the patient's nose to the increased pituitary gland and removes the tumor.This surgery was first produced in 1908 by Viennese surgeon Julius Hoheneggom.

Effect on increase in prolactin levels in men, and have liver disease (cirrhosis), stress, hypothalamic disease, vitamin deficiencies B6, autoimmune diseases, renal failure, hypothyroidism, damage to the rib cage.Representatives of the stronger sex is necessary to monitor the level of prolactin in your body, because elevated levels of prolactin can lead primarily to infertility and affect male characteristics.If the hormone is not OK, then there are sleep disturbances, depression, decreased vitality, there is a high probability of occurrence of obesity.

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How dependent on testosterone, prolactin

Male testosterone hormone level depends on the amount of estrogen in the male body.When increasing its amount in the body is increased estrogen levels.These two hormones are directly dependent on testosterone (male sex hormone).When the rate of prolactin and estrogen the body begins to reduce production of the hormone testosterone.The higher the concentration of male hormone, the better monitor the level of prolactin and estrogen, preventing them from rising above normal.When testosterone is not normal, lowered, and the hormone prolactin, on the contrary, increased in the male body transformation occur.Consider the danger bears a decrease in testosterone levels in the male body.

First of all, as a result, men are disappearing outward signs of reduced volume and strength of muscles, because testosterone is directly responsible for their growth.If low testosterone is observed reduced muscle mass, which can not but affect the health of the male body.And if not increase prolactin, then no exercise will not help return these external qualities.

Loss of sex drive Testosterone is responsible for sex drive, along with his fall there is a weakening of male power and sexual desire.The result is a constant irritability, nervousness, stress.Increase deposits of excess fat, because with the lack of testosterone slows down the metabolism.

decreases hair.The hair on the body and face - a male sex characteristics.First, their growth slows, and then completely stopped.Gynecomastia - is a disease that leads to breast growth.It is particularly pronounced with reduced testosterone in the male body for a long time.Therefore, it is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible, as soon as you have determined an increase of the hormone prolactin.Otherwise the consequences could be fatal.

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Treating high prolactin

Treating high prolactin The first step is to eliminate the reasons for the increase of the hormone, and then bring it back to normal.With all the diseases of the male body, associated with changes in hormone levels, in no case do not self-medicate.If doctors identified the existence of the above diseases, which are due to increased prolactin levels, it is necessary to start with their treatment.To date, bringing the hormone back to normal by using special medicines that eliminate the effects of the disease.If drug treatment is ineffective, then resort to surgery.It all depends on the disease, which is caused by increase in prolactin.For example, the surgical technique is indicated for men with adenoma (tumor) of the pituitary.

can lead to normal prolactin levels with the help of herbs.But we must remember that this method is not as bystrodeystvenny as medical or surgical.In addition, it requires strict adherence to the treatment regimen.

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elevated prolactin treatment herbs

Plants and vegetables contain special hormones called phytohormones.Such herbs like calamus, cow parsnip, lovage, celery, Thlaspi, winter cress, help to develop in the body of male sex hormones.In herbal medicine using plants with progestogenic activity, which stimulate the male body to allocate the appropriate hormone.With increased prolactin appointed herbs with progestogenic effect.They slow down the production of the pituitary gland is quite important in the life of the male body hormone prolactin.Please note that prolactin levels may increase hypothyroidism (a disease caused by prolonged lack of thyroid hormones).In this case, for the full treatment should be added to such plants, which normalize thyroid function.


Herbal not bring the proper result and do not give men power, if his conduct is irregular and unstable.It is important to have patience, desire and dedication to achieving results. Healthy lifestyle - is the prevention of diseases that increase prolactin .Watch out for your health!