What to do with a broken penis

What to do with a broken penis

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  • How to cure a fracture?

men's health threatened by many factors, but most of all each representative of the stronger sex are worried about his penis.The penis can simply rub, pinch, bruise and sprain.Consultation with a doctor at the turn of the penis

But the worst thing that can happen in the life of men - a penile fracture.

causes of penile fracture

In clinical practice, this phenomenon is quite rare, but it still has a place.Dangers of fracture penis is exposed in a state of erection, that is, the maximum excitation voltage.

X-rays of the penis course, to receive such an injury is easiest in bed during sexual intercourse with a partner.The most risky position in this case - pose "rider", that is when the woman is on top.

Because of wrong or awkward her movements can occur fracture sexual partner member.While experimenting with others, not the most comfortable position for sex can lead to the same result.Cases of when the penis was broken from hitting th

e thigh and crotch.

Another factor contributing to the emergence of the disease, - having sex in a non-designated places, such as in a car.Fracture of the penis can occur due to excessive masturbation, or even active during sleep.There are times when there is a fracture of the penis due to its strong compression, in order to remove an erection.

There are also reasons not related to sexual activities.For example, such a nuisance may occur during an accident, then the consequences will be much more severe than in other cases.

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Like any other fracture, fracture of the penis can not be confused with something else.When torn tissues of the penis, there is a crunch to be heard and the partner, and the partner.Then the following symptoms: erection instantly disappears, and the man at this point feels a sharp pain.Because of hematoma formed at the site of tissue rupture, the penis swells strongly and is painted in a dark purple color.


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How to cure a fracture?

At the turn of a member of the first thing you need to make to the site of tissue break the ice, and then to apply a pressure bandage.

Surgery for penis fracture After that, you must immediately contact the nearest clinic or urology department into surgery, where experts will immediately begin conducting transactions penis.Treatment is as follows: the doctor will sew the damaged tissue (protein shell, the corpora cavernosa and urethra).

After this operation for a long time need to tight bandaging of the penis.

fracture can not be left without attention of the penis, because the principle is not going to work "will take place itself." As with any fracture, in its place will form a scar, because of which will penis curvature.

Another of the negative consequences will be the deterioration of its blood supply, so a man will often have problems with erection, therefore, sexual acts are simply not possible.Upon excitation of the penis will continually arise pains.

But do not lose heart, even in such a seemingly dire situation, there is a way.Today, plastic surgery has sufficient forces to help the man to remove scar from the fracture and straighten the penis.If the fracture were damaged nerves, you may develop impotence.


Therefore, if there were suspicions on the disease, do not postpone visit to the doctor.Changes in the male body can occur very quickly, if you leave this issue for a couple of years, then it is unlikely that it will help restore a normal sex life.