How to recognize the hormonal failure in men ?

How to recognize the hormonal failure in men?

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  • reasons for problems in the hormonal background
  • Signs of hormonal disorders
  • Diagnosing the Problem and Solution

What is hormonefailure?All of the processes occurring in the body that are directly related to the work and functioning of the endocrine system.

Any changes in hormonal background are reflected in the human development.

The study of lymph nodes in men endocrine system has a significant effect on the nervous system, regulates the functioning of the organs.

Originally, the term "hormonal failure" was used in relation to the female sex, but at the moment this phrase applies to the men to refer to disruption of the endocrine system, which is why there are failures in men.Despite the different physiological structure of the male and female, the symptoms of this disease are similar, there are some similar signs and symptoms.

reasons for problems in the hormonal background

Androgens are produced in the gonads Most often, this problem affects men over the age of extincti

on of reproductive function, but at the same time, this disease occurs in young, nubile period.It is during these periods of life the vulnerability of the endocrine system reaches its maximum value.In the normal development and functioning of the body's hormones affect men, important of which is testosterone.But at the same time in the male body has female hormones - estrogen.

hormonal background may slightly vary not only with age, but also during the day.This change does not harm health, but affects the sex drive, mood, degree of fatigue.If these fluctuations occur frequently, it can be as large amounts of testosterone or estrogen, or the lack of them, it's time to think about the imbalance of hormones.

male sex hormones called androgens, are produced in the testicles, in the gonads.the hormone ensures the development of the men, including muscle growth.In boys, this hormone has an impact on the development of secondary sexual characteristics.

Reduced sexual function in men with hormonal failure But in addition to male hormones, the man, as though it may sound paradoxical, need female hormones, which we discussed earlier.Estrogens affect libido, sexual desire and men decreases not only an excess of hormone, but also in its disadvantage.In addition, estrogens provide normal exchange of calcium in the bones involved in the maturation of sperm.

Most of the female hormone is produced due to testosterone changes in the liver and its further transformation.A small portion is formed in the gonads.The work of the sex glands is regulated by the hypothalamic-pituitary system.Violations in the work or testicular lesions form a hormonal failure.

Among the main factors leading to changes in hormonal levels are the following reasons:

  1. lack of sleep, heavy work schedule (eg night shifts).
  2. Stressful situations or depression.
  3. Malfunction of the endocrine and sexual glands.
  4. Heredity.
  5. Alcohol.
  6. Bad ecology.
  7. chronic or infectious diseases.
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Signs of hormonal disorders

Irritability and fatigue when hormonal failure in men symptoms of hormonal failure will occur, depending on the age, the causes of violations and the general state of the organism .In men, as in women, delay may occur signs of sexual development or conversely acceleration.This applies to boys who have similar sexual development is affected by changes in the hypothalamic-pituitary system.In this case, the secondary sexual characteristics may occur in 7 years.At the same time, boys can be enhanced growth, which ceases with the transition into adolescence.

There is a delay in sexual development, which is characterized by the body behind in its development of more than 2 years.The reasons can serve as the central nervous system damage resulting from infections, injuries and diseases of the endocrine system, or severe chronic disease.

As for the older period, that is, men of reproductive age, they have symptoms such as a change in the breast, disruptions of the nervous system, obesity, disturbances in the sexual sphere, and decreased sex drive.The reasons for these changes can be both internal (serious illnesses, intoxication or diseases of the endocrine and nervous system) and external (smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, especially beer, stress and overeating) factors.

should also be said about men who have attained the age of withering reproductive functions.Under normal circumstances, this function decreases with age, but the process is gradual.But this phenomenon is accompanied by a number of pathologic formations, which lead to so-called climacteric syndrome.

Symptoms of this syndrome are irritability, fatigue, panic attacks, a tendency to depression;suffer cognitive and creative abilities that come into disrepair.At the same time, there are physiological changes, which include a rapid decline in sexual function, accompanied with the problems of the genitourinary system.

addition to the above features, in this age appear the same symptoms, as in the previous stage of age: breast augmentation, rapid weight gain, the cessation of hair growth on the face.In addition, developing skin flabby and osteporoz, frequent pain in bones and joints, muscle weakness occurs.

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Diagnosing the Problem and Solution

Full medical examination men As soon as the first signs emerged of disorders of the body, should conduct a full medical examination.It is necessary to pass all the tests that will check your hormone levels.After that you need to carry out a study of internal organs, as they could also suffer because of hormonal imbalance.

In addition, if the cause hormonal failure in men has become a chronic disease or infection, you should take her medication.The same applies to hormone producing tumors, cirrhosis of the liver, disturbances in the central nervous system, gynecomastia and other diseases.It requires differential diagnosis.

Treatment of hormonal failure should be carried out after eliminating other diseases that provoke change in hormones.If a tumor, it can only be eliminated by surgery.

If possible, eliminate the cause of the failure is assigned etiological treatment.If the cause can not be eliminated, it is primarily prescribed hormone therapy.If you have problems in men of reproductive age are guided by the appointment of hormonal drugs.However, it is appropriate in the event that violations do not cause serious pathologies.

To avoid potential problems, a lot of attention is paid to preventive actions.Of great importance is the observance of certain rules: the rejection of alcohol and tobacco products, adherence to daily routine, normalized physical activity and good nutrition.It is necessary to safeguard yourself from stressful situations.


Thus, no one is immune from this problem.Age, stress and problems at work, fatigue - all of which can cause for a campaign to the doctor.But to avoid this, you need to kind to yourself to protect your body from shocks and not to aggravate the situation addictions, treatment, and then simply do not need.

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